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    Are you using Grammarly Premium?

    Grammarly is a tool to check our English writing. We can download it free and use it to have basic checks while writing English. However, there is a Grammarly Premium which helps for Advanced checking of our English. For that, one has to pay about 1350 rupees per month or 3500 rupees per quarter or 8000 rupees per annum.

    Are you using Grammarly?
    Are you using basic Grammarly or Grammarly premium?
    If you are using Grammarly premium, is it worth paying for it?
    Let us share our Grammarly experience.
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    I am not using Grammarly premium. I have only Grammarly free version. I am not planning for Grammarly premium. I have the free version of Grammarly and I am using it regularly. It will guide us properly. But some times it is also giving wrong suggestions.
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    I am not using Grammarly premium.Using only the free version.
    I do not earn much nor earn regularly from content posting and hence not worth for me to invest in premium edition.
    SuN, are you using Grammarly? If so are you using Grammarly Premium? What is your experience?

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    Grammarly is used to correct spell errors but the words presented should be selected by us and rechecked so that it may not have an impact on the meaning of the whole sentence. Our motto to present an idea may be diverted, if unnoticed through grammarly.
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    I learned only simple English with simple words and simple sentences, and good grammar to some extent. My vocabulary is limited. Since I do not write tough or hard English, I don't need an advanced tool to correct my English. The English writing skill I possess is quite sufficient for my survival on this good earth.

    I have checked my English with Grammarly Ordinary and found it satisfactory with 95% accuracy. That's enough for me to survive at ISC or elsewhere.

    If the Grammarly Premium was for a few hundred rupees, I would have gone for it. But the premium costs an elephant rate which I cannot think of and pay off.

    There could be some rich ISCian who can afford to pay for Grammarly premium to enhance and enrich their writing skills.

    Note: Grammarly has approved this response by showing no error in Red. But it says" Go Premium 4". That means, there are four areas to correct. I do not know what are the mistakes.

    Venkiteswaran, Can you point out any mistake in this response? I won't mind.

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    I am also using the free version as it is sufficient for my requirement and frankly speaking I cannot afford the premium one. Grammarly premium would in my opinion find out the deeper grammatical problems in our sentence composition and syntax. If I know some good English, it does not mean that it is the end of it and that is the error free passage jotted down by me. It could be, but if someone starts examining it from the high school and higher secondary English grammar book then errors would be found. But these errors are of advanced and literary nature and are not very important in our day to day blog writing or forum participations in many internet sites. ISC being an educational and knowledge dissemination site, we are concerned here for syntax and correctness but I have seen in many sites where there is no control on the English syntax and grammar and people are preferring the flow of writing more than its correctness. If someone wants to find out the correctness of one's English in an advanced way then any good grammar book (like High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren & Martin) will suffice for the purpose. I also take help of it sometimes when I get doubt (which I get most of the times!) on some of the sentences in my composition. In some of the internet browsers when you type in a box like we do at ISC forum response submission, it would give a red line or broken green line below the words or phrases which appear to it grammatically or spelling wise or syntax wise wrong. This helps us in correcting them before going for a Grammarly routine check. When I use Safari, I get these signals and am benefitted to correct them at that juncture itself.
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