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    In future elections will not have rallies

    After the pandemic experience across the world many countries would be going for elections to elect their head of the government and even in India some states are going to polls soon. As the virus has not gone and it is creating more problems for the people and the governments. surely there would not be elections rally and meetings. Since social distancing and wearing mask has become the necessity even in future, such meetings would be futile and only less or no attendance can be expected. In that case what would be options before the political parties to reach to the voters.?
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    Meetings will be less. But the candidate can go from house to house and ask for their blessings in the form of votes to him in the election. The election commissioner may give permission to have a meeting with a maximum of 50 persons in big areas so that distance can be maintained and entry should be through a pass only. The person organising the meeting should issue passes for 50 people and they should only be allowed. It may be a good point in a way as the election expenses will come down. Now political parties spend more money on the meetings. Now that meetings will not be there. He need not arrange transport, drinks and food to the people who are attending and also he need not pay money to them to attend the meeting. More individual interactions, advertisement through TV, Radio and video programmes. One way it is most encouraging. The SEO can use his time more innovatively in conducting the elections and the better candidate may get more votes and may win easily. If it really happens we should take it as a good development because of Corona.
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    Yes we may soon see very less public meetings and gatherings due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. India is
    known for huge election gatherings of public by political parties and meetings in order to attract voters with the promises , in which majority of public only attends due to offer of money or some valuables. But as per present situation we cant see such gatherings for long time and it is indeed a good change as all these meetings aren't any kind of beneficial for public and we may see digital cum video mode of meetings by leaders and parties.

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    Where there is a will there is a way. It is a proverb. Political leaders are very wise persons. Recently, in Bihar, virtual rally was conducted by the ruling party all over India. As there are so many intelligent persons in all political parties. There are separate routes for every political party. Meanwhile, people have to think which political party has much intelligence to pour up the assurances to them. It seems to be humourous. But, it is true. Some political parties which are ruling in the states have to think about the strategy about how to manipulate the people about their desires after this crisis. Actually, this crisis does halt its effect on human beings. Even though, thoughts of political parties are in the method of post-COVID-19.
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    I totally agree with kncharyulu in post #699218 above.
    You just cannot beat our politician' ingenuity when it comes for canvassing and trying to convince the people their side view. They innovate, improvise and even import new and new ideas.
    Usually it is the left parties who are experts in this. But since 2014 elections BJP scored a little above all, using social media to their favour. So much so that all parties started taking help of Prashant Kishore.
    We don't know what will be the circumstances when the next elections are around. The parties may adopt and adapt for that also. Who knows they will use robots and drones too.
    Ordinary people have started showing less interest in political meetings, political rallies etc. So now they are all done using event management. Probably a party may order for t=hundred or thousand s of robots to be attending political meeting and rallies. Once people get impressed parties know how to convert it to votes. The good old methods still work in the underground or as undercurrents.

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    Here I quote the reaction of West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Benarji about these expensive rallies.

    "What BJP can afford, we cannot. It is very expensive," .

    "Yesterday, you have seen. I have seen on social media, I don't know if it's correct or not. More than 70,000 LEDs worked. Big, big LEDs...,"

    "They (the BJP) are getting one lakh, two lakh people… spending crores and crores of rupees. We are video conferencing with 20 leaders. There is a great deal of difference between the two,".

    I think only rich political parties will be able to survive in future but what I've observed is that general masses is losing interest in political rallies. It's said that a large amount is spent on audience and Rs 300 to 500 are given to each of them for coming into rally. It's merely a rumour or fact is uncertain.

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    People have become a bit educated and know about the party and its functioning. Even though they try their best to convince or serve people during elections, they know that they will never return once the election is over. Now attending rallies, many people just attend for the sake of money. Many offer 500-1000 rupees for attending the rally and they attend only for it. If you ask them who is conducting the rally? what is the agenda? whom do you support? One may get completely different answers.

    Now about conducting rallies during the election, there is still ample time with them to come up with some new and eye-catching ways to lure the common man. Many political parties have their own news or TV channels which they can use to be in the limelight. The parties will surely use the social media platform, making videos, slogans, songs, clips, etc which will favor the party or the candidate. The richer the party, the more they will try to spend in the advertisement, media and to be in view of the public.

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    We in our office now a days have very few meetings. Most of us try to have them on phones or do them by maintaining the social distance.

    Where we used to sit 12 persons on the table now we have made it only for 6 people at a time. Everything is changing. Our working style is also changing. We have made a sensor operated tap for the workers for drinking water and many such arrangements have been made so that there is minimal touch of people.

    Even the rallies can be done provided the people maintain the social distancing rule and understand that they will risk their and others life if they don't follow the guidelines.


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