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    Campaign about Boycotting Chinese goods from 10th June 2020

    I read in the newspaper that The Confederation of All India Traders(C.A.I.T.) is launching a nationwide campaign to Boycott Chinese goods from 10th June 2020. After looking into the tension being built at the borders and between India and China, the firm step is considered to promote Indian goods. CAIT is not only motivating traders to stop selling Chinese goods but also urging buyers or consumers to buy native or local products and help our country. This will also help to fructify the call of our PM Narendra Modi of "Make in India" and "Vocal for Local".

    There were other threads related to the same topic posted by other members Should Indian boycott the Chinese goods? dated 07 Oct 2016 by Kailash Kumar, Are we in a position to say no to chinese products? dated 22 Mar 2019 by Neeru Bhatt and Why India does not manufacture cheap utility things like China dated 19 Nov 2019 by Venkiteswaran.

    After going through the threads, I am still having doubts that I would put in front of our members for your valuable comments or answers.
    - We know that China produces a variety of products from electronics, instrumentations, computer software, hardware and peripherals, toys, clothing, utilities, creams, soaps, fancy items, fertilizers, chemicals, drugs, etc. Are we ready to compensate for that quantity?
    - We know that we import a variety of Chinese products at a cheaper cost, can we make the same at a better or affordable price keeping in mind the type of consumers?
    - Are the latest technology and infrastructure ready to recoup for the huge production or manufacturing of goods and services?
    - What and how can we help in the campaign about the boycotting of Chinese goods?
    - Should we help "Make in India" or "Made in India" as make in India can be like foreign companies having their plant here and taking the profit to their country but made in India will help our people and the economy as the money will roll in our market or within the country?
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    It is tough to boycott goods from China as we all know in the whole world only China can make plenty of goods that too under poor man affordable prices . Boycotting of China goods means poor cant afford to have products in prices capable of their earnings and they have to pay huge amounts which cant be bear by them. Instead of boycotting all goods we should encourage local products and manufactures to produce more goods and have to run a campaign be local buy local to bring awareness among all Indians.
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    Yes. I have also seen this. yesterday I have gone to a shop to purchase a soapbox. Chinese product is Rs.30/- and the other product is Rs.35/-. I purchased the costly one with the only intention of not purchasing a China product. Local articles are to be encouraged. In the present situation, it is our responsibility to encourage local products so that our financial position may improve. If necessary we may spend a little to purchase them. The article Go vocal about local explained about the importance of purchasing local products.
    No doubt the production capacities India is having may not be sufficient. But if we encourage local products many new producers may come to manufacturing and we may create employment potential and many people may get jobs.
    So I feel we should participate in the above campaign and see that China products may not be encouraged.

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    There was a time when we used to export a product at a very less price when the same product was sold at higher price in the domestic market. That time we needed foreign exchange and we had to resort to selling at lower prices. The exporters were then given some kind of incentive and subsidy.

    Now we cannot do such things, as exporting a product at far less a price than its actual manufacturing cost by giving subsidy is considered as dumping.

    Then how China is able to sell at lower prices? China is an authoritarian single party rule nation. It is not a fully fledged democracy like India or US. Using its iron fist Chin makes productivity more and labour cost less. Moreover, they have technological up gradation and innovation. May Chinese products are made violating copyrights. This is especially seen in mobile phones etc.

    China had planned and succeeded in keeping the giants like Google, FB, Amazon, etc out of their markets and innovating their own versions, but tearing into all other country markets. So it is clear that only if foreign products are kept out only local products can develop.
    As there is very little that the government can do it is for the people of this country to voluntarily boycott Chinese products. Then our local manufacturers and researchers and innovators will feel confident and hopeful to produce in this country itself. Technology up gradation and mass production can bring price down. For Chinese products just not only their price but durability is also very less.

    Before Made in India takes its prominent place let us have at least make in India. That has many advantages especially in the area of production of strategically important items and defence products. Our government will have control over the companies and our people will get job. Moreover as it is locally produced by the local price can be competitive too.

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    The day when India pitched for make in India and made in India and recently PM Modi called for vocal for local, that amply sent signals across the country and the world that India is not going to allow any other company goods to be sold in India and that includes products of China. For the past of few years India has banned the crackers from China and even holi colors from that country. And now every product manufactured and supported by China should be banned so that dragon country should be made weak economically. Already the US has tamed China to vast extent and the way the companies functioning that country were asked to go proves that entire world is grouping against the China. Unable to digest the US is acting as the first partner of India, China has resorted to border disputes and now that is also settled thanks to Modi's overtures with Australia. So China is isolated.
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    The campaign is good and maybe in the right direction but it's hard to sustain. All these campaigns to boycott Chinese products have some emotions attached to it. Because of the present COVID-19 pandemic, some countries are pointing fingers to China and the recent escalation at the borders has made the boycott call even stronger. Since there are a lot of restrictions in place, the business is not running as usual and when it will become normal people will start forgetting this boycott call gradually. There are reasons for that.
    1. You will not get a cheaper one than the Chinese products which are quite suitable for an economy like us.
    2. Those who have already stockpiled Chinese goods before lockdown what they will do? Is the government ready to compensate them?
    3. From where the huge varieties of products will come from other than China?
    4. As long as we are not becoming capable to manufacture a huge range of products, like the Chinese ones, it will not be possible to boycott those products completely. Mind it, our PM and many others have made an appeal but they have not banned those products. They couldn't afford to ban those products because still now we are not in a position to be on par with them.


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    But it is not easy to boycott Chinese products because they are cheap and easily available in the market. Although because of the recent tension on the border between us and China their products should definitely be banned. Why should they be benefitted by us when they are our enemy?

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    We may campaign against Chinese products and say No to Chinese products, but we won't succeed. People prefer cheap and best products, and China is meeting our requirements. As rightly asked by a member, what would we do with the products stocked and piled up before lockdown? Can we send them back to China? We lack the technology to manufacture goods like China. Any Make in India or Made in India product would be costly.
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    Discrimination of products is one of the major task as we have got our selves involved and are in a state of mind that goods from China are cheaper than Indian goods.
    They produce a variety of products starting from a child's toy to almost all the house hold electronic equipments and electrical appliances. There are no Indian families without at least one or two China based products at their homes.

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    Chinese products have a deep penetration in our markets and though now the people are becoming aware of the need to not purchase these items and go for the local ones but still a large population is totally unaware and unaffected by these movements. They simply go in the market and buy whatever is available cheapest there. The lower middle class and poor class who buy a little but their population is so much that their cumulative buying becomes a big figure and until this chain is broken, it is difficult to achieve the motto of buying only local items.
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    It is rightly pointed out that the penetration of Chinese goods in the market is very huge and even the stock up piles cannot be discarded, thrown, refunded or returned. When we talk about banning any products of a country, we have to make a deep study of it keeping in mind the alternatives, penetration, replacements, quality, quantity and the economy. Just getting up in the middle of the night as making an announcement won't work.

    The first part should be from the government, then our industries and later the people of the country. If the government bans the Chinese products, it won't be available in the market, Our industries will try to manufacture that in-demand product to cater in the market, the people will buy only what is available. Only asking people to refrain from buying without the first two-step is just a melodrama in front of the people.

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    I appreciate to this campaign against chinese product. But it would not be easy to boycott Chinese product because our infrastructure and technology are not as so as to make cheap product easily. Indian economy is not as strong as china. Here most of the people prefer to buy cheap product. Because they can't afford more. In this situation, only making an announcement to boycott chinese product won't be fruitful. Definitely we should avoid Chinese product because of spreading pandemic covid-19. Indian product has been more costly than chinese product since long time. At present situation, it is very difficult to depend only in local product. It may be successful only when govt come forward for it. Govt should strictly ban on buying chinese product and develop technology for making chinese like product.

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    When the trading companies which import Chinese products will stop purchasing Chinese products then obviously Indian firms will take over the market but definitely local buyers will have extra burden on their pockets because local firms will find it difficult to produce the same product at par the rate of Chinese firms.

    Similarly Chinese firms which import Indian products will also stop purchasing Indian products. Obviously China will incur more loss than India because India imports more quantity of Chinese products than China does from India.

    As a result both the countries will have to find new buyers in the international market.

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    I have no natural discrimination towards Indian products but China is a powerhouse in terms of manufacture. They are the largest producer of many food products and their economy is second only to the US.
    For people who think they can actively replace Chinese products in every field I have but one question. What happened to Freedom 251 phone? We often equate Chinese products with cheapness. But Chinese products vary in quality. Tiktok, Paytm, Camscanner, Share it, etc apps are very useful in day to day life and are valuable. Except Tiktok maybe. Its annoying.
    I never understood the need to boycott a product from China. People are targeting to abolish apps and businesses from China but trading is an important thing. And Play store or any other app store is an individual centered place to showcase their "art". Making an app is an art and we must respect the artists irrespective of nations. Be it Chinese or Pakistani.

    Make in India or Make local is definitely attractive on surface but slowly abolishing trade relations with China isn't going to do any good as it a tech giant. If goods from China help us in day to day life they must remain.
    If we are to remove a tech giant or an industrial behemoth from our nation we have to have alternatives before. We need to patronise the industries for local makers first and then go for boycotting.

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    I too had the same question in my mind about what action can be taken in due course about banning the Chinese products. If we check previous posts from our members, we had some same questions in our minds which include even the government but were we able to find an alternative for these products. No! How can we suddenly stop products that are bought by nearly 50-70% of the country? Many cannot afford branded or even local products due to their cost. Aditya Mohan(#699393), what happened to the so-called Freedom 251 phone? Many people had booked the phone but no one got it even when it was marketed with our PM and by the government saying it a resolution but it never saw the light and what about the amount collected in that name? What action did the government do to that company?

    Before making an announcement or amendment, do we check for the solution or alternative of is this the trend that political party used to be in the limelight. can we literally ban Chinese products as a question in a thread raised by Jeet Singh dated 13 Jan 2018 Can we totally discard the Chinese product?

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    No doubt it is a big challenge to completely ignore and boycott the Chinese goods mainly because of their low prices. The lower class would never mind the quality if something is available cheap.
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    I would say that the boycott call is more political than emotional. The call can at the most evoke some emotional criticism against China and its products and nothing more than that. I am sure that most of those who are sharing this boycott message on social media would be doing so using their mobiles made in China. So much for the seriousness of the so-called protest. If we consider the reality on the ground, we will have to accede to the fact that the spread of Chinese goods is so varied (right from plastic baskets to sophisticated electronic gadgets) and vast that it is almost impossible to do away with our reliance on such goods. Let me wind up by just making a point that the RBI has very recently given license to the Bank of China to begin its operations in India!
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