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    Imagine the world of Bollywood and Tollywood after lockdown

    Bollywood and Tollywood film makers always come out with something new and original. After lockdown also they are certainly going to come up with the subject we are facing these days.
    Just like the ad industry has start focusing on 'the germs issue' for each and every product whether it is a soap, a lotion, moisturizer or be it anything.
    Similarly the industry would be coming up with comedy, thrilling and suspense stories of lockdown.

    What do you think the scripts would be like? Share a small plot here. Also you need to suggest a title of the plot .
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    Yes. There are good writers and directors and they can create a movie on any subject. Their imagination and thought process is very novel and they create extraordinary storylines. A small story can be made into an interesting movie of 150 minutes duration and see that people will like it.
    A boy will fall in love with a girl. They will be enjoying their lives happily by going to parks and movies and many other places. All of a sudden Coronavirus started spreading and the Indian government declared a lockout. These two are not able to meet and they are spending their time chatting over the phone or making video calls.
    All of a sudden it was found that the boy got positive in Corona testing. The news made the girl helpless. She wanted to go to him but her parents are not allowing her. So from the house itself, she started praying God started fasting. The boy was getting treated and he was responding properly. After 15 days he got discharged from the hospital and the girl is happy. Now the way is cleared for their reunion.
    This is one thing came to my mind. But there may be many novel ideas with other members.

    always confident

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    Indeed a good soft plot shared by you Dr. Srinivasa showing the power of love and blessings of god.
    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Bollywood, Tollywood and many regional movie people would be contemplating and working one pre shooting matters for shooting movies related to Covid situation. They may be now engaged in finalising scripts, signing actors and contracting other people in this regard.
    Covvid suffering lockdown, related deaths, losses, recoveries, the life of doctors and other health workers- al would prompt creative minds to come with various ideas and stories to turn into movies.
    Once there is maximum relaxation, such movies will be on floor or even on the screens.

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    There are some films which is still not complete for the show. These films may get a twist in their scripts and climax depicting the lives of people from normal to abnormal stages engraving the facts visible in daily life.

    A few serials which were stopped are going to start with social distancing. The script writing has a great role to play with the dialogues given to the actors and actresses.

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    For the movie makers of Hindi and Telugu Industry, the lock down and the ordeals faced by the people would be sure shot movie masala for future films. In fact some directors asked the cameraman to shoot such scenes of lock down as we experienced in the recent past so that reality can be shown on the big screen. Already Ramgopal Verma has taken the subject of lock down and making a movie. One thing is sure the film fraternity should not show the difficulties of the people who underwent ordeal, instead show the unpreparedness of state and central govt which took the action of lock down without even giving time for breather to the people. The way the poor suffered the days, the way the unemployed gone without food, the way the migrants suffered by walking on foot would surely be shown with great details.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood and many regional movie industries have already made or in the process of making a movie on the present pandemic and situations. I happen to watch a 2020 Bollywood movie named "Verdict" that had the same concept of a lockdown or say isolation. The movie was shot using 3-4 characters and their voice. The plot is of a businessman being kidnapped and put in an isolated room. When he gets up, he doesn't know where he is and why he was kidnapped. Sitting in his isolation, he goes on the flashback on his life and his way he led his life, his family, friends, relatives, etc. The story was short but meaningful without any known character.

    My plot would be a sweet love story within the family.
    The father is about to reach home from foreign country where he works but due to lockdown, he is unable to go. He is only able to communicate with his family through messages or calls(voice and video). He was happy as he just had his 2nd baby and was returning to meet him. The story revolves around the family members of how the hero parents is waiting to see their son after a year, the wife and children waiting patiently to be with him, the elder daughter longing to play with her hero, genie and protector, her father and how the father is longing to meet everyone and to take his son in his arm and to be with his daughter, wife and parents. The story rotates around the family their love and their longing to meet after a long time and the tears falling by question by his daughter and lod parents, etc.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    After the hiatus created by this pandemic the film industry would try to revive with newer plots and presentations and naturally the theme of this pandemic would also be adopted by some of the movie makers. After such calamities generally the revival takes place in every sphere of life and film making is no exception. There are already many movies which had been made on this theme and some of them were very popular also. I remember one of the movies where the infection started from the monkey biting to a child and then it spreads through the world in a quick progression and the whole scientific world is engaged in searching and inventing a vaccine for the same. In the end the vaccine was made and humanity was saved.
    Knowledge is power.

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