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    Are images and videos of Gods copyright free?

    I am talking about the liberal use of montages from devotional TV serials by news channels. News channels often run the videos of TV series such as Har Har Mahadev or Mahabharat or Ramayan etc..; in background while making their special segments. Do they get copyright claimed for using these properties?

    Are News channels exempt from copyright strikes? Is there an exemption in terms of devotional property?
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    News channels must also take permission from the copyright owner of the movie or serial. They are not exempted and they can't use the information without informing the concerned person. But the images of Gods and temples that are released by the temples are free and they don't charge any money for that I think. People are shooting in the temples after obtaining the permission of the executive committee. Then there is no problem.
    The movies or serials will be purchased by a channel and they only can show those serials or movies but not other channels. Exclusive rights will be taken from the producer or distributor and they only will show those serials or movies.
    Ramayan and Mahabharat were produced by Ramanand Sagar and he has given the rights to DD. That is why those serials will be aired by DD only. For a particular period, these rights will be given and after that again the rights are to be renewed.

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    When we talk about copyrights, the normal thing is that any work that is done by a person is copyrighted unless and until he is not bothered and put on his free will. We know that the " any religious image/ figure of God or videos on religious script" is purely the "original work" of people say artiest, actors, cameramen, or any other involved in it.

    As the pictures, statues or images of God is either the property of the religious place like Temple, Churches, Mosques, etc as these are clicked or made as per their understanding, knowledge, study or source. Some images clicked or made may be as per order or with permission of the caretaker thus it is either their original work or work done on hire. As both these category fall under remuneration, and thus falls under copyright status.

    But when we talk about copyright of a picture of image of God, there are hundreds or thousands of pictures/images of Krishna, Ram, Sita, Hanuman, Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, etc on the internet already uploaded or available that is published everday. Some have copyrights while some are free thus one needs to choose the appropriate one.

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    Images available in public domain are free and out of copyright and can be used by any person. There are many sites which collect these free images and then supplies them as free of cost to the visitors there in order to popularise their site for the premium images which are copyrighted by the writer or creator. One can find out about this more by clicking here.
    Using anything copyrighted without paying the requisite fee or cost is illegal and if a complaint or enquiry is there the user would be punished. There had been cases in the western world where people had to pay penalties for doing such illegal copying acts. At the same time a large number of religious images pertaining to God and saints is available in public domain and easily available free for use from the various sites which have just deposited it there for the use of prospective surfers. I am also getting images from such free sites as and when required and there is no problem on that account. I think the media channels might be considering these aspects before showing or projecting an image to the viewers.

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    No one charges for the images of God. There are thousands of God's images pertaining to all religions. They are free to download. I do not think anyone will come up with copyright violation. If they do, God would punish them in one way or other. They too fear God. But for serials and other documents relating to God, it has the copyright.
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    I think the serials and TV videos of religious footage are the copyright of the producer and owner of those creation. If the news channels are depicting them in their background screen then they must have taken the permission in this regard. It is a courtesy thing and the owners of those footage would happily give that permission as it is an indirect way of their advertisement only. So I think that it is a win-win situation for both the parties.
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    What I feel that most of the devotional serials or the serials based on epics are made for the Doordarshan and there were no private channels that time and DD has made a kill in earnings those days and now during this lock down also same serials are rerun and with new sponsors. So DD has already got huge money and the original video is with DD only. May be being the national broad caster and having using their images and videos with courtesy word put on the screen, DD has been going soft on the usage of such images and videos which are duly copy righted. And what the DD feels that the more use of its visuals and images by other television, the need for such serials always increase and thus the DD is getting popular and the TRP ratings of the DD has increased as even I have started watching the mythological serials on DD now.
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