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    Keeping things unaddressed for sometime may give rise to depression

    For the last few days, you are suffering from heartburn and taking up some antacids during that moment for instant relief. Or, it may be the nagging headache for which also you are taking some medications for instant relief. Or, take the case of a household appliance that you seldom use, lying defunct for which you do not have the time to call the technician. In the family, it may be one complicated issue that one of the family members is facing which require your attention. You are so busy with something that you begin to think that these are natural and will be 'resolved' automatically on time. You may also think that those are not so important and can be addressed later when you get some 'free time'. Yes, we all are busy with our own work and do not have time for many such things. These things are not limited to our health or matters related to a household only but can be found in our workplaces too. It's necessary to prioritize things and attend to the most important ones at first but there are many who neglect things which are in the lower order of the priority list. It's a tendency of many to keep things under wraps without addressing it on time. While it may make things complicated which are left unaddressed for some time it may also give rise to the level of our depression. Since in our daily lives we keep a lot of issues unaddressed do you think this may be the primary reason for our depression?
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    True. If we don't address the problem in time and keep them pending for long may result in difficulties and as more and more difficulties crop up we may get depressed. Many times it happens. Some items may not be working and we may neglect to get it repaired. But all of a sudden one day we may get the requirement of that item and we will suddenly get into depression knowing it was to be repaired but we did not get it done. Many of us might have faced this situation sometimes.
    I have a minor problem of health and I contacted the Doctor two years back. He said that minor surgery is to be carried out. He said that you don't have any problem now we will wait for some time. I have forgotten that problem. But all of a sudden when I was in my native place the problem increased and I can't go anywhere out. I contacted the doctor over the phone and he suggested a tablet so that temporarily the problem may get cured. I used that. But for two-three days I was under tremendous depression.

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    Delaying and postponing can cause serious issues and loss later. As the proverb explains, s small tear in a cloth should be stitched then and there. If not the tear will become bigger and bigger and you will not be able to use the cloth as it will be totally damaged or it may need many stitching later.
    Similarly if you face a light health issue, it is to get it cured by visiting a doctor and taking medicines. If delayed a problem that would have got cured by taking simple medicine may lead to a serious surgery.
    Some of our day to day problems have easy solutions if we attend to them immediately and on time. Otherwise they can cause to more damages and even can affect our physical and mental well being

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    Many of us can relate to the title that says, "Keeping things unaddressed for some time may give rise to depression". It is very true and it is not only depression but many fatal can also happen. Just imagine that we are getting earthing in one room but we put the matter to a later stage but suddenly there is rain and the wall becomes damp and our small child goes to that room and gets shocked. Can we imagine our kid, taken to the hospital for our small or on-time negligence?

    Our parents complain of hearing or sight problem but due to our busy schedule, we keep on postponing it. Suddenly, our parents are not able to see anything and we rush them to the hospital and come to know that they need urgent surgery and the same common speech from the doctor, " Had you brought them earlier, we could have saved their one eyes sight." Will we be able to forgive yourself for this?

    When in school or college, we keep on postponing everyday study and keep it for the last moment or till the exam scheduled is put-upon the notice board. During our study leaves, we are busy collecting notes, assignments and even the syllabus for the semester. Sometimes, even covering the full portion becomes difficult and it is reflected in our result. After looking at the exam paper or result, we often think that had we studied it earlier, we could have scored far better.

    Each and everything has its importance and completing it on time saves us time, money, energy, load and tension. Some have the habit of completing it on the same day, some in a couple of days, some in a week, some in that same month and some only when it is required. The stress or depression due to unaddressed things id different for different individuals and their way of handling that situation also varies.

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    I am totally against the delaying tactic or postponing the things. There is a proverb that stitch in time to save nine and that holds good for everything. During the course of life we may keep some things in pending mode and even forget to address the same. For example after reading the post one wooden cot which was broken from the middle is lying to be attended and none of us is having time to make it right. It will help immensely to sit and sleep once repaired. Since a patch has to be done in the middle by the carpenter and for small works the carpenters are taking it light and more over during this lock down no such people are available. Now after seeing the post I want to make that repair immediately and see that the wooden cot lying in the side would be made to be used. And I shall take action this coming Sunday.
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    Many people ignore and delay the jobs in hand. The reason could be laziness or unwillingness to take up that responsibility. In any case the task is delayed and then it goes in the background as some other important issues crop up. If more such tasks are ignored and delayed then after some times it becomes a mess and unmanageable as so many important issues start sitting on our head. It is natural that such a situation would bring stress and sometimes a feeling of depression also in us. Though there are umpteen reasons for stress and depression in our lives but yes, this one can also be one of them.
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