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    Why are there difficulties in obtaining marksheets and certificates?

    We often come across a query in our Ask Expert section in which a distressed student seeks guidance for obtaining a marksheet or a transfer certificate or even the all-important Degree certificate. A student's family may suddenly move from one city to another or due to a prolonged illness the student was unable to collect the originals. There seem to be hurdles for those who also seek duplicates, having lost the originals. Why do school and college authorities make it difficult for such students to obtain their academic-related documents? Can't they be more considerate and helpful? Surely they should realize that such documents are not just for admission to the next phase of education, but will also be required later when applying for a job.

    Have you ever faced this scenario either for yourself or for one of your kids or siblings?
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    Obtaining them in time is not a problem. The school where we study or the college where we study will see that the marks sheets will be given the candidate. The board will send them to concerned schools and they will give to the concerned students. So this will be very easy. But the mistakes that are in the certificates will not be checked immediately by the students and they will notice it only after a long time. There the problem comes.
    When we complete our degree we will get the provisional immediately and we will run the show with that. But after the convocation is over we have to obtain our original degree certificate. Many people will not apply in time. That will also cause some problem. The procedures laid down for getting a second original certificate and correcting the mistakes after a long time is difficult.
    My son name was wrongly typed in SSC certificate. We noticed it immediately and got it corrected through the school he studied without any problem.

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    A very good post by Vandana madam. Madam, I am related to this field so I want to provide my response in this thread. Generally, there are some formalities to issue second or duplicate copies of documents like mark sheets, T. C., etc. T.C. is issued by the school principal and the first T.C. is issued only on the basis of a simple application. Sometimes, students misuse the T.C., for example, they try to use T.C. in two different universities for seeking admission which is against the rules. So, for duplicate (Second and third copy) T.C. it is mandatory to provide and challan of Rs. 10 and provide an affidavit for the same that the T.C. is lost. After that the Principal issue the T.C.

    Mark sheet of board exams is issued by respective boards. In M.P., it is very easy to issue second copy of mark sheet. To get a second copy, you can apply online and within 15 days, you will get the second copy of your mark sheet.

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