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    Figure of Eight invites good sleep at Night

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    At this age, I had been struggling to get sleep at night. I roll on my bed, yet I don't get into sleep soon. I hardly slept for four or five hours at night. Despite my regular 2 Km walk in the morning, sleeping was a great problem for me.

    One of my friends suggested that Figure of Eight is a good exercise for our body. Instead of walking for 2 Kms, I started making Figure of Eight (100 +) and walked only for one Kilometre. This exercise can be done at our home. It doesn't need huge space. We can do it within a room space of 10x8 feet.

    OMG! It is a wonderful exercise. Now I could sleep well. As I get on to the bed, I get into sleeping mode.

    Today morning, while I was making Figure of Eight, this thought came into my mind to share it with my fellow ISCian.

    Dear Friends, Try this Figure of Eight to invite good sleep and post your experience.
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    I am hearing for the first time about Figure of Eight for a good sleep. It would be good for us to know what it is or how to perform the exercise. Do you mean 8 exercises or the figure/shape of 8? As nothing is mentioned about the method or way of doing it, I am not getting it. Kindly expand your post with explanation on the subject for my or our understanding.

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    If a person works during the day and eats good food for the taste and stomach, he must get good sleep irrespective of any exercise for at least 8 hours. Sleep should be sound sleep and not just sleep. If any person could sleep without inducement of book reading, watching movies and then sleeping, having a puff before sleep or having a light walking before sleep is the induced sleep and not natural sleep. That means you are making the body tired to get into sleep mode and that is not called natural sleep. Any way for the first time I am coming across the figure of eight which is famous at the RTA when the new vehicle is learned. That test is given to see whether the person could ride by right and left side. Probably I presume by doing the eight exercise, the person get into sleep mode because of the switching sides.
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    It is walking over the lines of the figure of eight. Draw a big Eight (8) on the floor. It is like connecting two zeros (o) Each zero should be of 5 feet diameter. Start walking over the lines as you write by your hand without a break. You will be changing and moving in different directions while making a single 8.

    Attaching a sketch of Figure of Eight.

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    I have read about 'Eight walking' from Whatsapp posts.
    'Eight walking' is walking on the 8 shaped track or figure drawn by us. This is useful to walk inside enclosed spaces and open spaces of lesser area.
    One hast to draw an '8' on the ground. Then one has to start from one point in the figure at either end or complete one circuit and continue doing that. One can walk clockwise half time and counter clockwise the next half time. Instead of drawing 8shaped figure one can keep two chairs or stools at each end and considering them as the two apexes of the 8 shape, can walk along the imaginary 8 shaped track.
    I am not doing this nor am I convinced about its extra benefit more than walking from one room to another in one's own home. It may be easy to walk inside a room this way if the room is having things and walking close and parallel to all the four walls is not possible.

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    Good information from the author. Actually, the figure of 8 exercises is shown in a different way in a tube I have seen on youtube. Now the author has given how to do. That is good.
    I have no problem with getting sleep. I sleep for eight hours regularly. But this exercise appears to be good for people like us and will be good for inside walking. Let us try and see the result.
    Many of us will be going out walking. But for the last three months we missed that. So I think this is a good option and we can try this inside the house.
    Very good information from the author.

    always confident

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    This is an interesting information. Exercises generally help us in getting sleep and there are many prescribed for this purpose. How the figure of eight is going to help us is to be seen by practically doing it and seeing the difference in our sleep patterns. Different individuals have different sleep patterns and they take sleep motivation from different type of activities. It is not necessary that the particular activity which induces a person to sleep may be applicable to all but yes trying these methods is required before assessing their potential. For example some people read a book before sleeping and during that itself start to feel sleepy and sleep well. So, there are different sleep triggers for different persons.
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    Thank you SuN and other members for giving information about 'Eight walking' or Figure of Eight to get good sleep at night. I was aware of taking an "8" during our driving licence test as mentioned by Mohanji(#699278) but had not heard about this type of exercise for getting good sleep.

    It is commonly seen that when we walk or run in a circle, we feel giddy and the same can be the reason of getting sleep after doing this exercise for 10-15 minutes. I have never tried it but can be adopted or tried at times. Thank you for sharing the information.

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    Please don't run on Eight, only walk or jog. If you run, you are sure to get giddiness and fall. This exercise helps you to move in all directions with a tilt in your body.

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    It is entirely a new information for me. I usually walk in park or roadside in straight paths but never experienced anything like this. I think it is worth trying if it can induce sleep in a person.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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