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    How often you smile while working at ISC?

    Will you agree if I say that ISC is a serious site where laughing or smiling is not easy. To laugh or smile, the articles or threads or thread response should be such that it can make us smile or laugh. We are serious with our thread posts and thread responses.

    Why not ISC introduce a Fun and Joy section where members can freely post their jokes without any restriction. Laughing is good medicine to keep us in good health.

    I hope ISC WMs will consider my request and introduce a special section 'Fun chat' section.
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    Yes. This is to learn. When you learn you should be serious and concentrate on your learning process. That is why the chances of having fun or laugh while working in ISC is very difficult. But sometimes some jokes as thread are being posted by some members and when we read those jokes we may be getting a laugh. But such posts are very less.

    All the sections are very well defined scope and going beyond that scope is not possible. So we can't have much fun here. To have fun we may have to go to other sites. Anyhow you made a request to the webmaster of ISC to create a section for this subject and let is wait for his response. As per the latest post by the webmaster, the site is concentrating more on the education field and as such, it may be not possible now to create such a separate section. Anyhow, we will see the response from the concerned.

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    Mr. Rao,
    Education is not seriousness and seriousness is not education. Education should be the mixture of both seriousness and happiness. While we have seriousness at ISC, happiness is completely missing from ISC. We need to laugh, smile, worry and cry in our life. We should learn it from ISC, but is not available at ISC.

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    ISC is the education site and not fun and frolic site. In education there would be serious learning and serious writing and nothing associated with fun. Now and then one of the member used to share some jokes and that would be hilarious and good. Likewise members are at liberty to tell jokes and post some of them. But too many jokes would also spoil the very feature of this site. Nevertheless the author has been harping on fun and laughing activities, let him design and post the same for the members to enjoy and participate. By the way creativity in members are visible through their posts and fun also be one of the mode.
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    How often you smile while doing any official work and how often you smile doing daily chores? It absolutely depends on you when to smile and how to smile. It depends on how joyful you are. Even during discussing a serious topic, the teachers tell some jokes to the student. But you will not find those jokes told by the teacher inside the book of that particular topic. When working in an office, there also the colleagues can crack jokes or have fun among them. It's a part of life and available everywhere. No separate section is required for that. Since ISC is not a social networking or entertainment website there is no such section as 'Fun and Joy' as proposed by you. Liberty is given to the members to post funny threads if they wish so and by adhering to all the posting guidelines.

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    A good point raised by the author showing how necessary our humour is for us. Happiness and sense of humour both promote a healthy environment and a healthy body. And as it well said, 'A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body,' we can't ignore the fact. A person who is having a healthy mind may come up with something really good, enthusiastic and optimistic.
    I agree that a new category may add boosts to our creativity but at the same time I must say that instead of jokes if the category may be renamed as comedy genre including short fictions but original would be good.
    However I would also like to impose a question here," How many people do really post in entertainment, amusement etc sections ?"
    If you are posting a thread under such sections you are getting two or three responses that too not every time. Many-a-times people post by looking at the name of the person who has posted it. If a good author they reply if not they don't waste time in reading however better thread it would be.
    I simply, by all these, want to draw your attention to the fact that many categories are there which are not being utilized completely
    judicially and judiciously. In such circumstances if a new will be created it would be used for a month or two and then ?
    Leaving the question here for you to answer.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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    Even in schools and colleges, we have fun. Professors, lecturers and teachers keep the class engaged by sharing some jokes and funs. Otherwise, the whole session would be boring. ISC is a virtual educational site and should not stubbornly maintain seriousness in learning and sharing knowledge. We should laugh and smile to enjoy life at ISC.

    You are talking about funny threads. Remember, ISC Editors have a scissor in hand.

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    I do not think ISC is a laughing matter, to smile while reading content or submitting content.
    Yes I get to smile occasionally or feel a smile inside by reading the occasional jokes contributed by members, like Ramachandran Pattabhiraman.

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