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    Wish to know where WM Jose Mathew is contributing

    Dear ISC and Members,
    I am an ardent member of ISC who likes WebMaster Jose Mathew. He was very active and conducted many Active GDs in the past. He was missing for quite a lot of time. A few months back, I raised a thread asking the whereabouts of WM Mr Jose Mathew. Now I find his name on the Top Contributors list. I tried to find his contributions in ISC sections, but I could not.

    Can ISC or the editors or members tell us the section where he is present and contributing?
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    I have also seen his name in the list of top contributors. Then I remembered your thread to know about his activity. surprisingly you have come out with a thread on the doubt I have, Thank you for the same.
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    To the best of my knowledge Jose Mathews has been contributing in the job section and also India section updating and previously he also contributed to the articles.
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    There are many 'backbones' in ISC whhm we do not get to see much in forum section.
    But if you watch the top contributers area we can see many such names being diplayed. It was like that earlier also. Some remain behind the curtains and contribute well.
    Probabaly some of us who are mostly seen in the forum remain more vocal, but many others are more 'focal'.

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    As of now, WM Jose has earned 1040 points during the last 30 days and stands 8th on the top 20 list. Yet the section to which he is contributing is not seen. Is there any exclusive invisible section at ISC where he is contributing and scoring points? I think WMs or ME must be knowing the section he is working without disclosing his identity.
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    I really wonder to see No response to this thread from WMs or ME about the contributions of WM Jose Mathew whom I regard and respect. I want to read my Web Masters good contribution. Can anyone help me?
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