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    Oral cleaning before brushing is better

    A lot of people start brushing prior to cleaning the mouth and tongue. I think we must all use a floss to remove all the stuck food particles in between the teeth and the use a tongue cleaner to clean the tongue. While using the tongue cleaner, many people use it very harshly which ultimately hurts the tongue and blood bleeds. Be gentle while using the tongue cleaner. Remember to always rinse your mouth with clean warm water before and after use of the tongue cleaner. Take a pea-sized amount of toothpaste or toothpowder to brush the teeth. A Neem small stem is quite effective to clean the mouth. Rural people usually use a neem stem. A single stem can be used as a brush, floss and tongue cleaner.
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    As mentioned, we all brush our teeth but may not be cleaning our tongue or doing flossing as we are not aware. When we talk about brushing our teeth, we need to use the proper brush and paste. Use a fluoride toothpaste and a soft/medium-bristled toothbrush or you can even use manjan or charcoal made of rice husk, "Umikari" in Malayalam, mix some salt as using it to brush your teeth. Take about two minutes using a brush at an angle and brush the outside, inside and chewing surfaces of your teeth.

    Always clean your tongue with a toothbrush or tongue scraper/cleaner as hide bacteria. If you do not clean your tongue, you may have the problem of bad breath which is very annoying. Many of us have the habit of using the same brush for long but always keep in mind to change the brush every three months or when you notice the bristles flay or your brush becomes irregular for effective cleaning.

    Many of us are not into flossing but it is the same as using tooth-pick, pin or any stick to remove any particle stuck in between our teeth. Just remember that stick, pin or tooth-pick can damage your teeth but floss will help to remove the material easily. As long as you are doing all three i.e. Brushing, tongue cleaning and flossing, it doesn't matter if you clean, brush or floss first.

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    You said it right, but using a pea size toothpaste is a waste. I would strongly recommend a chana size tooth paste which will be 1/2 or 1/3 of the pea size which is more economical and practical. Let us not waste toothpaste.

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    Good suggestions from the author. It will be good if we use less quantity of toothpaste. I agree with that. A neem stick is only sufficient but no other paste is required for cleaning. Many people in villages were using neem stick but now even in villages also people started using paste and brush.
    I remember I read an article written by Vandana on this subject. Earlier there are some threads like, Why should I buy toothpaste, on this subject.
    In my childhood days, I used to use an ayurvedic tooth powder and no brush. Clean the teeth with toothpowder with
    a finger. We were using plastic tongue cleaners. Today many people are using steel tongue cleaners and that is not good. It will spoil the tongue and may lose its tasting sensation.

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    By the brushing of teeth means cleaning the teeth, the tongue and whole mouth including gargling. The tooth paste can only make the teeth while or remove the stains that were accumulated during the last nigh dinner. Some tooth paste has the mouth freshener and they also do the work of gargling. During our olden days our elders used to brush the teeth with charcoal or salt. And those villagers are having much time in the morning used to brush with neem sticks or miswak stikcs. These are available plenty in the villages and that is the reason being so their teeth were strong and healthy even on olden years.
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    The author is very attentive in case of health. However, in cinemas, artists take coffee before getting up from the bed. One call this, 'bed coffee'. Can any have the idea that why bed coffee preferred in such cinemas? Whatever habit one can impose in their life should have a purpose. Brushing teeth and cleaning the tongue is for oral health that can be known by everyone from child to elder. But, for some habits, there is no particular purpose or reason. For example, a child eats sugar without cleaning his mouth early in the morning. In addition, his pocket has sugar always. It is only the interest and likes to eat sugar. Here is no purpose. Such habits are more and more people. If they dig within themselves, they can find which type of habits they have and whether there is any purpose to them.
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    It is only a modern habit to use toothbrush and tooth paste. We had lived centuries without both.
    As mentioned by Varghese we were using 'charcoal powder' or Umikkari obtained by burning rice husk. Modern brushing is for the abrasiveness to remove plaque and the use of toothpaste is to give a smooth surface for the brush to move.
    Toothbrush is not at all compulsory. As said by other members, Neem stick is enough. It is an antibacterial, anti microbial and antiseptic. The use of 'Umkkari' mixed with a little common salt is sufficient for tooth cleaning. No bristles can function perfectly like our fingers. Toothbrush cannot enter in the narrow corners of our mouth.
    So whether one uses tooth brush and paste or any other material for brushing and cleaning teeth, it has to be followed by massaging gums by finger and also cleaning the back hidden areas of mouth y using finger, Using toothbrush harshly can lead to bleeding and slowly creating gaps between teeth. This again contributes to tooth decay.
    By default people wash their mouth with water and spit before brushing teeth. This helps wetting and makes paste froth and gives a feeling too.
    Tooth decays mostly happen due to the decaying of food materials trapped between the gaps of teeth. This can be avoided by properly washing teeth and mouth thoroughly, with water with powerful pulsating motion and using fingers, after every food intake.

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    A good post by the author to make us conscious about oral hygiene. Brushing is for the tooth and we must wash the whole mouth for an effective result. It's important to maintain good oral hygiene and we must look into it so that everything inside the mouth is cleaned. Use of neem stem is always good for our mouth but it may not be possible for the people in the city to find neem stem for brushing. Instead, we may use neem oil for good results. I think most of the toothpastes contain some amount of neem oil in them because of its benefits and it's always better to use natural resources for our hygiene.

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    I agree that cleaning the mouth by swishing or gargling is a better way to get good results from subsequent brushing. We used to use our fingers and some tooth powder to clean our teeth during our childhood. Later we were provided a brush to clean our teeth and not too use fingers. But being an old habit I still use my fingers to clean the gums and tongue. I do not feel satisfied till I swish and throw the water out in the sink.
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    Cleaning our teeth is similar to house keeping. We have to set aside some time to clean it thoroughly, touch all the corners through our brush so that it is neatly cleaned. We need to use just the brush without paste to clear the food particles before we brush. This will give better results.
    Consuming water regularly and gargling after each meal is a good habit to maintain oral health.
    It is always better to consume less quality of sweets and hard food which needs effort to be chewed.

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    Mr Rao,
    Your words - "We were using plastic tongue cleaners. Today many people are using steel tongue cleaners and that is not good. It will spoil the tongue and may lose its tasting sensation."

    I do not agree with you. There are harmless and beautifully designed tongue cleaners available in the market. They are long-lasting for many years, even decades. They don't get rust. They don't get eroded. They don't damage our tongue to spoil our taste buds. For the last 8 years, I am using only one steel tongue cleaner.

    When I was a child, I used only palm leaves to clean my tongue. There was no tongue cleaner then.

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    Like many of my age, I don't have a tongue cleaner. I don't use dental floss as well anymore. Maybe it is this adolescent carelessness that is prolonging itself in my adult life. As you say, I think we should clean the tongue gently first and the go for brushing and flossing. Flossing and brushing can be done in any order no? Dental floss are extremely strong. They can take good care of microbes inside. Brushing can remove off the bits of food and remaining germs.
    I use a toothbrush that has a groove behind it. It is used for tongue cleaning according to the brush. But that doesn't work. As you say, it is a bit harsh on my tongue and it hurts to clean with it. I might have to do some dental reforms soon.

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    Dental and gum health is very important and in fact it has to be told to the children right from the early age so that they get accustomed to cleaning of the teeth regularly. In our ancient way of life system it was prescribed to clean and swish the mouth after every time one takes some food or eatables, even fruits. It seems that cleaning after each food intake session is much more effective than the brushing which we generally do in the morning or evening or some people even do it both the times. Cleaning before brushing is also a good step so that the brushing would be more effective.
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