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    Good observation indicates a sharp mind

    Human beings are gifted with consciousness yet we often notice many people are lost while at the same time few people are alert even though they are busy in their work. People who travel alot miss many things to capture due to lack of observation skills. Dexterity are build up with persistence. Each and every big and small things consists of small minute negligible details. The more you dig, the deeper you go. For a person a small place might be his/her whole world but for other person who is new to that place might find it very strange and odd to adjust in that small place. The foremost person knows little unimportant thing about the small place due to the observation skill.
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    An alert mind can make good observations. When you are reading a book, if you are alert and focus on what you are reading, you will understand the subject well and you will enjoy the beauty of that writing. If we just go through the lines you can understand or you can not make any observation.
    When you visit a new place if you have the curiosity to know well about that place, you should be alert and observe around so that you will know more about that place. Talk to other people and get information about that place. Then you can understand well about that place.
    If you are not alert or your mind is not alert you many not be able to make any good observations even though you are wise. A wise person may be able to observe the things in a short time than the other person and if he is not alert he also can't make any observation.

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    I am having good observation skill and my eyes would be searching for other information even though I am talking to a person. And my observation includes reading the human through his actions. If a person comes charging toward us, either he would pick a quarrel or want to stress his way of understanding the things. Not only human being I am even close observer of animals and their behavior. Especially the dogs and cats are most intelligent and they behave in advancement before expect them to do so. And observing the small infants is the great process and we get lots of information observing the kids.
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    The author may be philosopher. For literature minds, if a hill can be depicted in different manners. For example, a person is on looking at the moon he depicts the moon in such a way that an old woman sits under a tree and tells the stories to the children. For another person, the same thing can be depicted as the moon has two eyes and with a nose. Actually, both depictions are untrue but according to perception of the minds, different people have their own thought in describing the incidents and facts. Here is only observation takes place in the minds of creative thinking people. Such people are guides to designing society. They can work the only purpose of welfare of the society.
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    Obsevation skill is unique in some persons. It is as if their antennas are very efficient and alwys tuned to different direction and recieve signals from all around. It is a sort of multitasking.
    I have seen this quality in women in genera and mothers in special. I have seen this quality in politicians also. The other section is teachers.
    While in women it is an inherent capacity, politicians have to cultivate it for their survival and leadership. Teachers build this quality as they have to see each and every student in the class to ensure discipline and attention and watch response to guage the effectiveness of teaching.

    I have seen this quality in many vehicle drivers. Their ears are tuned to identify any abnormal sound while their eys are focused on the road. Simultaneously they will be observing the landmarks and navigating as needed.

    While bservation is a skill it becomes an asset with a good analytical mind.
    Certain professionasl are trained for this. The police personnel are one main example. They have to get cue from the responses to the questions and alsoobseve the minute changes of body language and sound.of the people.
    However observation should not be at the risk of concentraion and it should not turn to be distraction.

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    Good observation skill is one such skill that many people do not possess. You need to be observant about what is happening around you because it will be able to help you to make decisions based on the situation. I think this skill may be acquired by practice but we should not be a silent observer. Good observation skill is required to go to the bottom of any issue and it indicates that a person with good observation skills likes to explore things. The more you observe more are the chances to analyze things. Analyzing things are always important because it is required for our progress. When we are unable to find a solution to a particular problem we ask others to help us. Often we take the help of a professional too. This is because a professional has an analytical approach towards the problem and this approach comes from closely observing the problems from different angles.

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    It is said that observations are the key to our future plans and actions. An intelligent and sharp person would have a deep observation while a gullible simpleton would assume everything as it appears on the surface. We learn a lot from hearing and speaking but at the same time we also learn a lot by merely observing things. Everyone is not having the expert observational skills. Only a few of us are gifted with that. Many times we attend some function or gathering and people ask whether we have observed such and such thing. Most of the time we draw a blank which means we have missed that crucial observation which was probably an important thing to note.
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    George Bernard Shaw said, " The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." The statement stands true as in life, everyone is a keen observer but it the type of observation differs. It has many factors that play a role as an observer.

    In a family, our parents are keen observers and any change in our behaviour, habit, mood, health, etc is easily noticed by them. As we grow, we too become the same and we too notice any minute change in our home, person, things, etc. A mother will be keeping a fine observation of every family member. A father will be more observant while out and even though he would be busy, anything that happens outside will be protected under his shelter, etc.

    In profession, a driver will be very attentive using his eyes, ears and mind. A doctor understands his patients through his talk and movements. A policeman/teacher understand even the slight change in our body language, eye contact, etc.

    Even a lover understand his counterpart very well and would observe every change. It is common for people to relax and be silent at times but that doesn't mean that he/she is not sharp. At times when one is not interested, he may not be observant and may miss things but it has nothing to do with sharpness or alertness.

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    People having sharp minds generally have good command on their faculties whether it is seeing, hearing, talking, visualising, observing etc. A sharp mind is able to do so many things simultaneously and quickly.
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    I read about Socrates that he as a boy would not mix with other boys as generally the boys of his age would do. He would keep himself reserved and ponder over each happenings around him. He would keep an eye on activities, conversion, thoughts, accepted dogmas, rituals of the people and this innate habit of observation made him a thoughtful person who could scale them on ratings rationally.

    Generally everyone has tendency of observing what is happening around him but some people have uncanny acumen and keen insight in this regard. They have ability to see deep inside and into the people or things what common people don't realize.

    Taking Interest in observation makes the people prudent and pragmatic. It enables them to judge their value as well as reality.

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