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    Magic words add value in our life

    Magic words are words such as - 'Thank You' , 'Sorry' , 'Excuse Me' , 'Please' , ' Welcome' and any sweet greet and gesture. These words add value in humans life. It gives warmth and shows care and affection for the other human beings. Being kind is not weakness. Rudeness shows lack of humanity. To make the world a better place, we must spread love and be kind to each other. These words hardly take a second or two second to say it to the other person. Hate increases distance between people and makes us unapproachable.
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    What you said is the culture emanated from the west. As per Indian culture, a simple smile or facial expression would meet all the requirement of Thank you, sorry, welcome etc.
    Also, such cultures are practised outside the family with strangers, not within a family.
    Just simply folding our hands and joining the palms with a head straight conveys a Thank you message. A head down conveys a welcome message. A head shake conveys a sorry message.

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    Your soft nature and soft speaking will definitely bring value and respect to an individual. The so-called magic words are used very frequently and easily. Now I think they lost the original value they have. Rudeness will definitely bring you a negative mark and people may not be like even talking to such rude persons.
    Speaking politely with the other person and not showing your supremacy unnecessarily will bring value to you and your talk. Try to behave well with other people and never hate anybody. If you feel the other person is not as per your expectations just ignore him but never talk bad about him with others and spread anything bad about him.
    Unnecessarily talking harshly and then saying sorry may not be liked by many people. Give respect and take respect should be the policy these days. We should remember that we are not here to judge somebody.

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    I am also vouching with the author that some pleasing words will not only add the value to the sentence and also gives soothing effect to our heart. For example some people have the habit of saying God bless you for our every good attempt and shown our performance report to them. Whether they say from their heart or no but that pleasing words give us much smoothness. Likewise when the newly wed couples bow to the elders, many given different kinds of the blessings. Some elders would say Seekrameva puthra Prapthirasthu. That means soon the boy baby be born. On hearing such soothing blessings the couples get over exited and they like such type of blessings from elders. Some may wish own house soon. And some may wish good and happier life in near future. All these words add pep to our life.
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    Right word with a right tone and body language will work wonders. So they are magic words.
    To be pardon forone's mistake, toexpess gratitude for a benefactor , to express sincere regret for something coitted unintentionally are by magic words andthey work like magic.
    Such worde reflect gracious response too.

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    Absolutely such words are always helpful and have a positive image in the mind of a person with whom you are speaking.

    But there are people who over use such words which may irritate others.


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    Do you like to touch anyone's heart? If yes, here are few words as our author suggests thank you, excuse me, sorry, please.
    We teach children the use of these polite words from their younger days and to follow them in their communication by practicing it in its practically sense.
    There are verbal and non verbal communication through which some words are understood by speech and some by just gestures.
    These magic words will grab the hearts of any individual when spoken in soft tone, in accordance with the situation. It will show the behaviour of the student as he grows up to be the best citizen of a country.

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    These magic words are used by people often and have a good impact on the recipient. What we speak and in which way we speak using what words is the key to our impression on a person. He would simply judge us by that only. These good gestures are to be maintained consistently as even a single mistske can offend the other person. Well behaved persons would make it a point as not to lose patience and behave in the most polite and respectful manner. That is how they are distinguishable from the general lot.
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    Words of courtesy and respect always bring good result. It is said that good manners and behaviour go a long way in establishing one's reputation in the society. This is of course a personal trait and some people are very particular in using these magic words.
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    Golden words are extremely necessary for amiability, brotherhood, building confidence in one another. They make social life more beautiful. Paying thanks to someone makes him happy, likewise saying sorry removes all the ill feelings of the heart if one has for another. However, sincerity is very important. It gives the enormous weight to these beautiful magic words.

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    Whatever the message conveyed in the content of the thread, that could be recollected a movie. In that movie, Chiranjeevi hugs a person with very compassion. The person is very much grateful to the character adopted by the actor Chiranjeevi. In the movie, the hero character advises the doctors that treatment given to patients would not likely as a passive activity, instead, it is likely to be a duty with compassion. So, magical words worth infinity because it gives so much hope to others who receive from the receiver. For example, a son is going to write a competitive exam. At that time, the father says, "All the best". This magical phrase seems to be very little but it's intense is limitless with emotion come from the heart of the father.
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