What if Sonu Sood played the role of Thanos?

We all have seen the superblastic hit 'Avengers' and the last part of avengers is still seen and enjoyed by almost all of us whenever we get the privilege to watch it.
Just imagine if we replace the characters of superheroes by Indian film stars what would be the effects?
If we replace the roles of intergalactic villain Thanos which is in reality played by Josh Brolin by Sonu Sood, Iron man by Salman Khan, Captain America by Varun Dhawan, Thor by John Abrahim, Spider- Man by Tiger Shroff, Gamora by Katrina Kaif, Nebula by Tapseee Pannuu , Hulk by Prabhas, Rocket by Rajpal Yadav, Groot by Nawazuddin Siddiquee, Doctor Strange by Ranbeer singh.

What do you think would be their catchphrases and most usual dialogues then?