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    If a thread gets posted twice, how to delete one?

    If due to networking error a single thread of forum gets posted twice what should be done in order to delete one of the two threads. However, out of the two I have only edited and corrected one and the other is still having mistakes, yet the two forums are visible in the section.

    I request you all to post answers and replies only in the thread with no error. I also request the editorial team to delete the other with errors in it.
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    A forum editor will always delete the second thread as soon as it is seen to be a duplicate. You can edit and correct mistakes if any in the first submitted one. It is advisable to always give the link to the thread about which you are submitting a query. I think you are talking about the Thanos one, and the duplicate was deleted right away.

    Note that if there is an issue of Net connectivity, it is suggested to check under new posts under the 'more' tab whether it did get submitted before again posting it.

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    If we find that there is duplication, we can use edit button and delete content of one of them, putting a note as 'Deleted due to duplication' or something like that. By this we can avoid duplication of content, and it may be noticed by an editor and deleted permanently. We can alsosend a PM to a forum editor/LE mentioning the dupication and/or the editing. That will make remedy easier and fast.

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    Sometimes it happens by mistake also. In such cases, we can remove the content after going into edit mode after clicking on the edit button. You can write there that content removed as it is posted for the second time by mistake. If we are not doing that the Editor will observe and remove the second one. There will not be any problem. The points allotted will also get deleted once the content is deleted.
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    With me it has happened many times. In such case I have edited the thread and deleted the content and written the duplicate thread and rest have left it for the editors to do. And in all cases editor has deleted the thread in few minutes.

    Or you may send the link of the thread to the editor requesting him/her to delete it.


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    Immediately after noticing that your thread has been duplicated, Instead of worrying about the deletion of the duplicate thread, you can edit it to post a new thread, provided you have the subject readily available with you. If you delay it, Editors will swing into action to delete your thread.
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    In such cases we generally remove the content from the duplicate post and in its place write something like - Deleted being a duplicate entry in forum section (it should be long enough to have more than 50 characters otherwise system would ask to make it like that). It is better to edit the heading also by replacing it with - To be deleted being duplicate. That makes it to be spotted easily by the concerned editor.
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    You can not delete a thread or post, once it is published. To delete such types of post you should submit a thread in the forum section with the link of the post you want to delete. The editors will delete the post at the time of review.

    Generally, (as Vandana Madam already told) these types of posts are deleted by editors when they find duplicate submission.

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    Monika, in addition to what Vandana ma'am has advised, I suggest you to simply post a response in the duplicate thread saying 'This thread is duplicate' or something of that sort so that editors if by chance they miss it, would notice and members can save their time from posting a response to a duplicate thread.

    Umesh, the method you suggested is possible but is not advisable.

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    Vandana ma'am thank you for your quick response. Since the day I joined ISC you have always provided me with great guidance and appreciation always. Thanks indeed.
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    Saji Ganesh sir, Thanks for your advice. I will always keep in mind.
    To Sun and Umesh sir I am glad you gave me amazing idea related to this. As being a writer there is never shortage of ideas to be put together in the form of a thread.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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