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    A suggestion to Tony sir - Can we get Dark theme for ISC?

    Tony Sir,
    I would like to know if it is possible to have Dark and Bright themes on the ISC website. As you might be aware, a number of online platforms like Google, Medium blogs, etc., provide users the option to switch between Dark and Bright themes. In fact, the covid19India tracker also has this feature. I have had this question in mind whenever I log in to ISC. Today as well, when I logged in I felt that the Dark theme feature will be great for ISC. I am pretty sure it will help to keep the reader's eyes cool. What are your comments on this? I would also like to hear from ISC members on this suggestion.
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    Syed Rizwan,

    Your suggestion has been forwarded to Tony Sir.

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    Considering the volume of work load we have, we won't be able to consider this request.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    The author's suggestion is welcomed because when the website is opened somehow a white theme is provided by the website. Therefore, constant work on it is somehow impossible. Eyes cannot bear to look the white them over time. Author may be suffered from such conditions. Anyway, it is requested to change the theme of this website.
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    It seems the author has been referring to night mode facility so that we can see the writing more legible and give coolness to the eyes. But this the educational site and there need not be tantrums and highlights as the content of the site matters and we the members are adhering to it with sincerity. Moreover as the webmaster cited that the volume of work is more and at present the present system of light mode is better. What I feel that the dark night mode would be best for those sites which need constant and total dedication throughout the day and we know the members would log in at their will and pleasure and stay for few minutes and sign off and in that case there cannot be much problem to the eyes and coolness. If anyone uses the computer for less period in a day, the light mode is the best way to go on and it is supported by the many users.
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