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    Should there be application fees for a teaching job?

    When contributing to our jobs' section, I sometimes come across recruitment advertisements, such as for the vacancy of an Asst. Professor that mention a fee for the application. Is this fee really necessary? As it is, we have so many vacant teaching positions and if somebody who is qualified for it is applying, it is really a good thing. Why should they be charged with an astronomical fee of Rs.500/-? Is an educational institute even allowed to charge such fees?
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    Teaching job also has good competition and many candidates apply for even one vacancy. How the institution will select the best candidate from so many applicants? They may need to conduct preliminary screening, conduct one or more interviews and then only they can select the best. All this needs some expenses. Application fees are meant for that. It also ensures that those who are genuinely interested in the job apply. If things are free, there will be many applications and many of them may not be serious contenders too. They may just drop out at any stage during the process and procedure. Application fee, even if it is a token small amount restricts this.

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    Teaching jobs in very famous and reputed institutions are very much in demand, Even though there are many teaching posts in many institutes, the remuneration they pay is not as per the university Grants commission scales and they pay very less. So even though people are working somewhere they will try to get into a good institute. Knowing this fact, many institutes started asking for a fee for accepting the application. Actually, some universities also asking for the application fee of Rs.500/= and without DD they will not consider the application.
    But as mentioned by the author, the fee for teaching posts need not be asked to be paid. There will not be any written test and the only interview will be there and no much expenses also to the institutes for conducting these interviews.
    But the institutes don't want to leave any chance in getting some income in some way or other.

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    I looked into the advertisement and found a particular term 'as per UGC norms' in the eligibility criteria. When colleges follow all the norms of UGC, I think the UGC should frame some guidelines, if it is not already there, regarding application fees for applicants too. To me, it seems something unusual to ask for an application fee from a job applicant. But since the competition is too high I think the applicants will not find it much difficult to shell out the application fee.

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    Yes, there is a fee obligation while filling up the application for the teaching lines. Because of intense competition, even if there is a vacancy for a single post, the application forms may exceed thousands showing how desperately the aspirants are trying for a job. This happens when there is a minimum amount of fee of Rs 500/- to be attached in the form of draft along with the application.
    Had there not been such criterias, the applications forms could have run to an unmanageable level. Processing of the applications takes both time and labour of the deputed staff for this purpose. Such an imposition of fee is to discourage the candidates not really interested for such jobs but aspirants have applied as the last option if they fail in other vacancies.

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    There are so many aspirants for a position in reputed companies, institutions, in this situation when most of them are loosing their present jobs.
    If any written exams are conducted, to meet the expenses a nominal fee is collected. The fees depends on the procedure of interview.
    Now a days for everything we are spending money which was never expected. The more systematically we saved, the more aptly we are forced to spend.

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    Nowadays application fee is everywhere for applying to any job and teaching is no exception. There was a time when application fee was not charged but the application form was sold for some good amount and xerox form was not allowed. Probably that was done to discourage people to just take a form and waste it afterwards by not applying or just applying because no expenses are associated with it. Whenever a fee is there a person becomes conscious of it and if he is really interested would apply for it. I remember people in Railway reservation counters using so many ticket reservation forms and wasting them as they were available in large quantities and were lying at some open place. Later it was restricted and was given from a counter and that also only one form to one person. Some control or rider is always required on these application forms of any kind whether offline or online and that is actually the application fee.
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    What I feel that invariably there are many takers for the teaching jobs irrespective of their experience are liking. Because it is the noble profession and one gets immense satisfaction in disseminating the knowledge and education. Probably to avoid more crowding of the application a fee has to be levied so that the experienced and those who really want the job would apply. What I advise that those who have the interest in teaching and having association with the same school or college should tell the management the intention to be the future teacher. One of my relative who was the student of famous college in Chennai has become the lecturer there and she is even continuing today. In that case the management need not call for teaching candidates and decide their own students as future teacher.
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    Generally, Private schools and colleges do not ask any fees for an application form but the Govt. schools and colleges ask fees for an application form. The name of this college suggests that it is a private college but sometimes Govt. colleges also have such types of names. For example the Govt. college, Manasa looks like a private college.

    So, generally private schools or colleges do not need any fees for job or application form.

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    Most of the places and in competitive exams, there is always an element of fees or application money and that is to be paid along with the application. It is so common that we just pay it and do not think why it was there.
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    Some of you have spoken about expenses for the processing of applications, others about trying to get good candidates. I feel that it can be the reverse, too, with such a high fee deterring a candidate from applying if it is the case that the salary offered is really low. I think that at least there should be some cap put on such a fee.
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