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    Are the old food abnd hygiene habits coming back?

    A couple of days ago, a friend of mine rang up from Pune. Yes, he belongs to Salem, but his parents have settled down for decades in that city. And on the advice of his aged mother who lives in her native village, he has started consuming fermented rice with curd. The cooked rice is soaked in water, and allowed to ferment the previous night. He would drain out the water, take the rice and then add curd to it. His wife had gone to Chennai and somehow managed to bring him the small mango pickle ( called vadu mangai in Tamil ) which is a good side dish for the curd rice in the morning. This age-old practice is still there in many parts of Tamil Nadu. It cools down the body and the fermented cooked rice has some antibodies that increase immunity. Or so, one is still told.

    Well, according to him, even his Maharashtrian neighbors are doing the same. Elsewhere, people are pouring fresh neem leaves into the water, boiling the same and washing their hands regularly. Decades ago, I had seen it in Kerala in some homes.

    Are we going back to old food and hygiene habits? There is nothing called right or wrong. Today, we need immunity of a very tall order. Perhaps there is some meaning in what our forefathers did.
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    We are still following the food habits suggested by our elders but present generation children have keen interest for fast foods. I try to prepare them at home by adding the best hygienic contents but just for a few recipes. Most of them cannot be made at home as we have less time to spend in the kitchen as more on our jobs. In olden days for Krishna Janmasthami my grandmother would prepare 108 types of sweets which is nearest to impossible for ladies in present situations.
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    When our grand mothers were serving us the Pazhaiya soru or the fermented rice soaked last night, we were taking it as unhygienic and not good for health. But invariably every home was having such kind of arrangement and we had also the same kind of curd rice. It not only given the satisfaction of eaten sumptuous but also gave the energy and strength to work the whole day. And now when the people are running out of immunity and strength they are after the curd rice created out of fermented process. This once again proves that without the knowledge and evidence our ancestors were following very good eating habits and when we go to the villages we still find such kind of food being eaten daily and we as the urban folks never give credence to such foods in the morning and go for fast foods which are harmful.
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    As is aptly said - Old is gold. Good food habits are always rewarding. Due to the compulsions of taste buds sometimes people turn to spicy and junk foods but we very well know that they have adverse effects on our health. Boiled and natural food is definitely having advantage over the uncooked or coloured or charred and burnt food. Some spices are good for the human body but all are not. Today there is need to boost our immune and increase the resistance for infections attacking our body. It is very much required that we should opt for age old established foods rather than venturing into the attractive street foods.
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    Pazhankanji, as it is called in Malayalam or congee in English was the breakfast of most houses in olden times in Kerala. As there were no refrigerators, and rice being eaten 3 times a day during those times, the leftover rice would be filled with water overnight and be eaten as breakfast with pickle or chutney. As this form of kanji is fermented, its nutrition value also shoots up. It has iron, potassium that controls blood pressure, as water is more, it helps retain water level in our body, improves digestion, removes ulcer and acidity, has anti-oxidants thus retaining youthful skin, contains calcium and magnesium that is good for our bones and during summer, it helps to lower our body temperature.

    This COVID pandemic has helped many families to go back to its roots and have healthy food cooked at home. It has made children and everyone at home know that home food is far better and healthy than outside junk food. Now, it is upto the parents to restore it and help their children and everyone in the family to have healthy food.

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    People are now realising that there is an inherent threat and danger in outside food as well as junk foods which diminish our resistance to fight with infections. So, it becomes necessary to switch to our old time food habits that our ancestors had and had a healthy life. The present pandemic threat has forced us for understanding this thing and awakening of that sort is now being seen all around.
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    Traditional habits are time tested. But now for many people, even to admit that our ancestors knew many things and they were right too, is a prestige issue. They feel it below their dignity to admit that. So they simply put up arguments of unscientific and scientific explanation.
    I can give many examples where the 'modern' is just a 'repacked and represented old' only

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    I always prefer traditional food. We hardly take any food sold in the market- say it's junk food or fast food or even food cooked in any restaurant. However. For changing the taste of tongue I can take the food from market as well.

    Hygiene is very important issue for a healthy life.
    Bathing with the water of Naeem leaves soaked overnight is found as a very effective remedy for skin diseases.

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