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    Virtual rallies will be used in future also?

    Now this is election rally time in Bihar and political parties are busy in their rallies . This time due to pandemic COVID-19 parties are organising online rallies and thousands of people are connected to the leaders.but how a poor class will know about these virtual rallies? Is this Virtual rally will be used in future also? Tell me some advantages and disadvantages of these virtual rallies?
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    Few days back I had already raised a post on same subject "In future elections will not have rallies ". Given the situation the leaders are getting more worried about their health and the parties cannot lose the leaders in the garb of virus infection. The social media is always active and every party and its leaders are having social media accounts and they can share the photos, videos of their past achievements and seek votes without fear. Virtual rallies may not be possible as the escalation of positive cases are on the rise and some stats have banned entry of people from one district to another and one state to another. If the parties are sincere and really done the work as promised , they need not worry about the votes as it would be forthcoming but without rallies the opposition parties cannot make any impact.
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    Due to the present pandemic situation the leaders and political parties have no other option except going for virtual speeches and virtual rallies. This trend would remain there till the present virus problem is contained or eradicated completely. We are going through a very tough time and in this situation calling a physical mass rally would be a suicidal act. The present situation demands social distancing as well isolation of a high order as there is no cure for this deadly virus so far. Once these virtual rallies become popular then it is natural that people would not like to go out in sun or rain and would enjoy or participate in these virtual rallies only.
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    These virtual rallies are much better in many respects. No much expenditure. No money transaction. No travel. In Election, rallies are organised by mobilising people by giving money. food, drink and arranging transport from their place of stay to the rally site and back. Even now also they may have to be provided with food, money and drink at least transport need not be organised. That way some expenses will come down.
    I feel it is better to continue the virtual meetings so that people need not travel unnecessarily and to some extent, pollution will also come down due to less consumption of oils for transportation. This will decrease the extent of travel to the leaders also and that expenditure also will come down. When there is no gathering the chances of quarrels among them and police duties during the rally will also come down. The police can attend some other work which will be a good saving to the government. Accidents also will come down as there is no travelling is involved.

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    I do not think virtual rallies will be used in future also as politician would like to make it big in front of the public. When a rally is arranged, they get funds and other expenses that can be used by them, the nominee, its working committee and the party get to know about the swing of votes. Many people just attend rallies for the sake of money or food but many are turned to their favour through speech, party members, the lure of money and power or as seen always in the name of religion or patriotism.

    AS we can see that virtual rallies are cost-effective, safe, less pollution, less tedious, etc but the vibe that one gets from a normal rally with a huge crowd gathered in a big ground with pluck-cards, party caps, flags, t-shirts, etc and everyone chanting the name of the party of leader gives energy and confidence to the politician standing for the election. Now, many educated or literate people may forswear such political/religious rallies. Now it is upto the politicians and the political party to which trend they will opt as both types i.e. normal or virtual rally has its advantage and disadvantages.

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    Nowadays many people are having mobile and also data in their mobile. Poor people who do not have this facility would easily peep in the mobiles of their fellow villagers or friends and it would not be difficult for them to become a part of such virtual rally.
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