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    Will the level of education in government schools ever be improved ?

    A government primary school teacher filed a petition in the court that all the political leaders who represent the people in the state assembly let them be directed to get their children admitted in government primary school so that the level of education in this sector may go up. But what happened with that teacher can be understood. It's said that he was punished for this dare by his higher authorities.

    Another aspect of this issue: When Tony Blair was the PM of Britain. His education minister had to resign himself for getting his child admitted in an expensive private school.

    Everyone is aware of the level of these schools, this is why most of the people get their children admitted in the best of the private school as per their capability and expenses-affordability.

    Can our educational scenario ever be changed in government primary schools ?
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    A new person came to a hotel and asked the waiter there, how will be the food in the hotel. The waiter replied, even though I am a waiter here, I will never heat here but I will go to the hotel next to this and eat there. By that time the new person might have understood the quality of food in that hotel.
    Education in government schools is like that. The teacher of the school is getting admitted to a private school. This is seen many times. The teacher daily travels from the nearby city to the school and he will admit his children in the city in a private school. The government school teacher will lose his energy in the travel and he will not have any strength to teach the children in the school.
    These days the salaries of the teachers are very good and they should think seriously about the role of a teacher and they should do justice to the payment they are receiving.

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    Govt institutions are generally affected by the lack of governance and lack of seriousness in the employees for performing the duties. In Govt organisations responsibility is common and punishments for defaulting are rare. On the other hand in private institutions people are afraid of losing their jobs in case they do mistakes and that is why they are always on their toes. This difference between these two are perrenial and may vary between different Govt time to time in power. The people working in Govt have a particular mind set and I do not think that it is going to change so easily.
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    I visited a government inter college situated in a village. The school building is well furnished, much better than many of the private school buildings. But all the classrooms, library, labs were closed. Only the main gate was opened. The person of the village who was with me took me to a room. There was a male private teacher and also 4 high school girl students who were sitting on the floor. He told me that no staff of this school ever came, however, a teacher came once in a month to pay him Rs 3000 as his salary. He opened another classroom for me, but there was also no furniture.
    What the higher authorities are doing in their offices is a questionable issue.

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    It is the fact that the government schools and colleges which are meant for giving free and best education are missing the sheen that was expected. According to the statistics the government is paying good salaries to the teachers but the occupation in each class is very less and thus the classes are combined and the teaching is done by teachers on rotation by availing leaves for personal use. The government provides free books for the students and even the mid day meals. All these sops were given only to attract the students to the government schools and colleges. Having seen this plight the TRS government has given the teachers the target to get more students admitted into the schools. The village elders are persuaded to send their wards to the school and get benefited through free education.
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    Govt has opened up so many schools in every nook and corner of the country especially where the private schools do not dare to venture because of the remoteness and poverty in the region. We only find some missionary schools in such remote places in addition to Govt schools. Now opening schools is one thing but to provide staff, furniture and maintenance to them is not an easy task as that needs a lot of efforts and implementation at lower levels.
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    Today, if the government schools are not having good standard or infrastructure, we the parents are the culprits. Even if a government school is nearby, we send our children to a far away private school paying high fees and boast about it.
    When we do not give importance to government run schools, they will lose their attention, ignored and slip to low quality in everything. The private institutions thus thrive on our apathy towards the government schools'.
    Some days ago I saw a video clip which showed the change happened in government schools in Delhi. Government school have good, permanent teachers. But they also get de-motivated as very few students come there to study.
    It should be made compulsory that all the government employees should send their children to government schools. No concessions and benefits should be given to those not studying in government schools.
    In Kerala government schools facilities, infrastructures and standard far better than private schools.

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    Yes, it is not a big problem to raise the education level of the primary govt. schools but we have to think seriously about this matter. The primary school are the base for children so we should try to give proper education from that level.

    The govt. schools have well qualified and trained teachers but the big problem is they have to do all the work except providing education. They have to do election work, population census, etc.

    The teacher should have to teach the students and the govt. should not force them to do other works, then the level of education will certainly increase. The govt. provide funds for the school building, for teachers training, books, etc, then why Govt. does not think about the level of education?

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    First of all, the opinion on government teachers should be altered because it is advised to anyone to research on the teaching styles of the government teacher at ground level before posting anything on websites. However, it becomes common for the public to think about government teachers are getting more salaries but their effort on education sector is less. There are three types of teachers. They are normal teachers, better teachers, and the best teachers. Can anyone say that whoever in high positions in society is studying in private schools? Socialization and psychological adjustments are learned in government schools. It is not mentioned to criticize private schools. They are doing hard work in improving their strategies. At the same time, in government sector, most of the students get reached a higher level. For every system, there are some constraints from any side. Now, discussing this subject becomes huge. This much content is enough for the readers. Finally, any government shows equal interest to all the people in the country or state. Therefore, it gives more facilities to students.
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    According to me, the government schools /Colleges are not sub standard on any ground and they more than the private schools/Colleges. What is the problem is public they themselves creates a scene that the government schools are poor in standard etc., without knowing the real fact. Many parents send their children to private schools in order to make them to stay away from them in the guise of learning multiple items like extra curriculum etc., and overcome their prestige they simply drag the government schools are as bad in standard. In a government school in central chennai I am seeing many north indian children are studying who are normally rich in financial standard.
    I went to one government hospital at Bhubaneswar for an enquiry and found the doctors sitting without any patients. I asked about the situation and for that one senior doctor told me that the city government hospital is meant for all class people and our estimation to this hospital average patients 50 to 60 daily in the morning but till this hour we have seen only eight patients. If this is the level how we can accuse the hospitals,schools, doctors, teachers etc., without going there. We can make complaint on them if found poor in working only when we go there but without eating the food how can we say that is not good or prepared good?

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    Delhi government has renovated the entire education system in the state that the lost image of government schools has been reinstated by their efforts. Last year their result in board examinations was better than private schools'. When US president visited Delhi, the first lady Melania Trump also visited one of the Delhi government school.
    Sadly, the schools which are run by MCD are still in poor condition.

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    Can someone tell me what is wrong with the standard or level of education in our government schools? Why do we discard generations who had excelled in different fields at a time when the government was the only agency running schools? Private schools are relatively new to the system. If one is to take into account the infrastructure and other facilities while assessing the standard of a school, it would be safe to conclude that private schools stand on an upper pedestal. But what about the well-qualified teachers in government schools and the quality of knowledge that is imparted?

    It is we who have degraded the government schools! By choosing private schools over government schools just as a matter of status symbol we have given the edge to private schools. People belonging to higher echelons of the society have passively aided the promotion of private schools as better centres of learning thus allowing them to grow up as mere business centres. But the fact is that as far as education in its true sense is concerned, government schools do rank higher when you consider their contribution in the making of a true and valuable Indian citizen.

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    Let us first talk the qualifications of the teachers employed in the government school, they are well qualified having even post graduation degrees to teach the pupils of standard eight. If you look at their performance at each stage, you would notice that they are superb in terms of their academic performance. One had to go rigid process of selection prior to joining to the government schools.
    However, their joining in such schools do not create any sensation while attending the class session because of low attendance of the pupils. Such a scenario ultimately create dissatisfaction among the newly recruited efficient teachers , though in terms of payment they are definitely comfortable than their peers joining in private schools.
    But the sad part is that these well efficient teachers are not being relied upon with some guardians opting for private schools for their wards. Even these private schools are aware of the trends highlighting their achievements. These schools invite the parents to attend the parents - teachers meetings in a regular basis to discuss the progress of the kids and their altitudes. Such get togetherness of the parents with the school authorities provides the opportunity to augment their bussiness but unfortunately such show bussiness is missing in the government schools.

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