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    Karnataka Goverment bans online classes for students till 5th grade

    Karnataka's primary and secondary education minister stated that students till 5th grade should not be having online classes. He also tells that the government has arrived at this decision after consulting with educational experts and medical health professionals. In the government statement regarding online classes, it was highlighted that schools charging fees for online classes will be penalized. For any Government's decision, there are both supports and contradiction.

    Supporters say that it is a wise decision. Because it controls children's screen time. It avoids children to get pressurized in addition to the pressure they face due to pandemic. True that Children already were restricted to socialize, playdates, their favourite extracurricular activities that include martial art classes, sports classes, dance classes etc. So when they are forced to concentrate only on studies, it may be considered as pressurizing only.

    Experts at the National Institute of Mental and Health and Neuroscience also recommend this decision as it helps the kids to get away from screen time and feel free from concentrating on the virtual class which they were not practised before. One additional and important factor is that all families are not affordable to this technology-based education, which may also result in a build-up complexity in kids.

    When a few education and medical experts support it, what makes a few others contradict this decision? Early education is important. Socializing at this age is also very important. Though Virtual classes are not the exact replacement of actual classes. they at least meet some common attributes of schooling. Seeing the teacher, seeing the friends, group discussion etc can be attained. Many parents tell that online classes keep some daily routine of kids in place. Kids do their assigned works with their own interest, in order to show it to their teachers in front of other class members. They worried these things will get disturbed if online classes were disturbed.

    True that children who are 4 or 5 years old may not sit and listen to classes for 30 or 40 minutes like webinar classes. But instead of watching rhymes and cartoons on TV, they can watch the shared screen of their teachers. Talking about the gadgets, Schools and NGO's may take initiative in reaching out to the families that cannot afford for the online classes. Public schools in the USA are providing Tabs and chrome books to their kids, provides free internet to the needy families. A country with high population may not help people like developed countries but schools and education-based NGOs should look out for the plans, as early education is also important.

    Parents who work from home or Homemakers can spend time on homeschooling, but parents who go to work or struggle in balancing work-life cannot do this homeschooling peacefully, so these kids need some online classes from teachers, they need to see the teachers at least virtually and interact with them.

    The people who contradict this decision also asks a question that what if the pandemic situation extend for a longer time? Working only on worksheets without making some interaction with teachers and fellow students will vanish their school life completely, isn't it?

    What do you think about this ban? Do you support or against this decision? If online classes are banned for these kids, what are the ways to do teaching to these kids?
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    I say this is a good and apt decision. What is the urgency for a child? 4 or 5 months may not make any difference. Already they are under pressure. They are not able to move out. No games. No entertainment. They are in the house only. So they may not find it attractive to hear the classes online on the screen. In fact, they may not think that the teacher is giving them a lesson.
    They can go to school after the Corona Virus problem is sorted out. Till such time, parents or grandparents can teach them some lessons in the house and allow them to play some indoor games like chess. They will have some recreation. If it is possible we can train them in music or drawing or dancing etc. This time will be utilised positively by these activities.
    Otherwise, if any tutor comes home, we can engage him/her for giving classes to the children in our house. Engaging them in different activities will be good for them.

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    Indian school children are used to virtual classes and they need to be connected with their teacher personally so that they study and improve their knowledge by asking questions and clarifications inside the class. This is true that the educational department in all the state are in catch 22 position as they are not able to give the definite solution to the start of academic year 2020-21. As per the original schedule the schools should be opened from 12th June ie tomorrow. But no state governments came with definite orders or suggestions and the schools which are losing their precious time to get into admissions are targeting online classes and want to collect the old pending dues. PM Modi should convene a meet on CM's in this regard and clarify the position on future course of action otherwise this academic year would be wasted.
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    Education is important to students. On the other hand, health is also important. During such a crisis, governments would not take a risk to start the coming academic year as per the schedule. Governments have to produce a supplement solution as a remedy to prevent the loss of the academic year. For that, it is needed to take suggestions from the experts, parents, teachers, educationists, and doctors. During this pandemic, health concern is more important so that health-related practical education is much needed. From the sources of news, it is known that the syllabus to be reduced to half depending upon the working days for the coming academic year. New education policy is also coming in force from next year. In this critical era, it waits that how the governments will trigger the teachers to teach their students whether online or offline. Online learning may cause much damage to student experience during the academic year. Emotional, social, and psychological maturity is fulfilled when correct education is provided. Such is possible only through the direct experience get from the classroom only.
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    The government has already informed that children below ten years and seniors above sixty are under heavy risks. Hence they should be within the house. Now since both parents are working professionals and there is none left to take care of the child. If they have the mobile in hand they may fall prey to bad habits like watching videos and playing games for long hours. Even if the children are supported by elders, there is a huge gap between the two and the child's suggestions duffer from that of the seniors hence leading to conflict environment.
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    Health is more important than education for children. I appreciate govt rule to ban online classes till 5th grade. Children up to 10 years need to be more cautious in health related issue. Because immunity system is weak in this age group. Many children's eyesight affected and started to wearing spectacles since online class started. Moreover, their overall development affected due to this virtual class. They are not having interest in indoor games and other activities. Everytime want to spent time on mobile/computer. As a result their psychological, social and emotional development may damage. We should provide healthy environment to children for their overall development. It is only possible through direct classroom teaching method. So, we should wait till every thing gets normal. Till then we should teach kids ourselves.

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    Now the Government of Karnataka has given permission for online classes limiting it to forty minutes class on alternate days from grade one to grade five.

    Government has understood the loss of education during this period and the repercussions of such lose too. It is sure that children of this age should avoid smartphones but education is also important, hence a short period of time is allocated for grabbing the knowledge with the support and guidance of parents.

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    The same things happened in Maharasthra and the online classes were banned from nursery till 2nd grade but after receiving the written consent from the respective parents, the inline classes were resumed in most of the schools. I am supporting the online schools as it is giving some fun time to kids who are anyways bored up of playing similar board games at home and watching the same cartoon daily. As per my son, he is enjoying a lot. He gets time to interact with his teachers and classmates, learns new things and then feels great while sharing the same with me. Anyways, by banning the online classes, you cannot reduce the screen time of your kids as they anyways watch television, play games on computers or mobiles, etc. sitting idle at home. So, online classes make them feel connected with the teachers, friends and of course studies.

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    In AP all Private schools started online classes for students but government schools are not conducting such classes. They were asked to see some topics shown on DD channels. If it is possible, it is good to engage the students in studies for little time so that they may not deviate from studies.

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