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    When it comes to formal why we stick to a few colors only?

    I have often seen and wondered about the different colors we see around ourselves. Each and every specific colour tells something about it. Where green depicts the prosperity, white peace, saffron valour, black shows radiance.
    Every color has an unspoken truth of its own. I wonder when it comes to dressing oneself we become choosy in terms of colors. If we are going to a party we usually prefer hot and bold colors and while going for a formal meeting or an official addressing we usually prefer beige, brown, blacks and whites. What's the logic behind giving preference to these colors?
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    Whether rich or poor every one wants to give the fashion statement through their dress sense and we need to appreciate some people who looks so gorgeous and awesome by wearing contrast colors even for the normal day wearing. Since the fashion Industry is developing on daily basis, the designs, the models, the patterns as liked by the people is having wider acceptance if a dressing statement is made in a movie or regular television serials. Invariably I have seen the ladies are very closely watching the modern dresses appearing on the movies and television and wants to ape the same combination. And there are some males and females who wants to make their own fashion statement and create a fan following for them. The social media is extensively used for this purpose to woo more fans towards them.
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    The author's information on color is very much useful to those who are having a profound interest in colors. For example, a beggar is having no certain color dress, instead, with his pale dress, he stands before us to beg the food or money by remembering his past deeds unknowingly. Can anyone think is it the fault of wearing his dress? Whatever the color of dress one wears he shall show humble and dignity with his behavior. Then, the color of his dress is forbidden. It is only to just the indication of the person which professional he related can represent the color. For example, one can identify an auto driver, bus driver using the color of his dress. The same thing also happens in case doctors, policemen, politicians, and lawyers.
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    In a meeting, you should attract people with your contributions. Your words will make you more attractive the colour of the dress or the style of the dress. If we go there with dark and bold colours we will get disturbed and we may not be concentrating on the matter. The same thing will happen to you also if somebody with such colour dress. So we should wear light colours and decent colours. The concentration of the participants should be on your words but not on the dress.
    But when you go for a get-together or function, their people will get attracted to the people with their dresses and beauty. There they will not be thinking about your education or job or knowledge. So there we should look attractive and we should be active there. Then you will get attracted more by the other people there.
    But anywhere more than your dress, your behaviour and your way of talking and matured behaviour will be better received than the dress I feel.

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    When it is a matter of fashion or functions or ceremonies then it makes sense to wear all sort of colours and designs to make the gathering a success and attractive to the participants. Colours make us happy and change our mood from sad to happy. Every individual has a different colour liking and it is entirely a personal choice and that is why the market is flooded with material of all sorts of colours and designs. Many shopkeepers lose their business because they do not have the choice colour of some of the customers. In official meetings or formal gatherings a simple and same light coloured dress is used to keep the things to appear not only graceful but also disciplined. That is accepted norm also.
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    In the formal meetings there are generally some guidelines for wearing dresses. Anyone who is not following that would be conspicuously spotted and it might turn as an embarrassment for him or others so people generally take care when they go for formal meetings.
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    According to me the colors are to attract the eyes. Whenever we see a dress in different color in a show room or in front of the shop our eyes starred there for a while whether we buy or not. When we see a person dressing in odd color in a bus stand our eyes are normally go there and if that color is odd according to us, we automatically mentally comments about the taste of that person. In one old Tamil cinema a famous actor wore a dress in uneven color and design for a song. Immediately in the audience there was comment as ,'why this dress for such a great actor?'.
    Similarly if we see in marriage halls many ladies wears many designed and coloured saris but if one found different every eyes starred at her and they approached her by asking where you bought this and what is the name for this sari etc.,
    To avoid such distractions, according to me, only many formal meetings people wear in white or plain colors.

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