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    Which are the States welcoming trains from other States?

    The Indian Railways are running several trains under the category of special trains. However, there is a good deal of confusion as to whether the trains are allowed to run only within the States with e-pass or the trains have also started running to other States? For example, with Hyderabad as the destination, how many trains from the other four South Indian States are allowed and are being run?

    And with what quarantine condition? For example, if one were to touch Bangalore or Hyderabad, what conditions apply? Till this minute, there is total confusion and those who know about the pucca answers may please clarify.

    Since we do not have the printed newspapers in this part of the country and have only the e-versions to some extent, there is a lack of authentic information.
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    At present the Railways are not running the full trains to full capacity. Till recently the trains were operating to cater to the needs of migrants and the stranded passengers and the main trains are yet to see the runs. There has been consistent no signals from various state governments and thus the railways are in the fix to operate trains regularly. For example the AP government is restricting the movement of people through the state, that means if the Chennal -Hyderabad train has to be operated it has to pass through the AP on any designated routes and those regular trains cannot avoid stops in AP. Likewise the Karnataka also said no to trains as of now as they do not want anybody to enter and go from the state and in that case the trains from Hyderabad to Bengaluru and other places in Karnataka is not possible.
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    While all are there in their own places, why should we run passenger trains between the states? What is the necessity or urgency to travel from state to state? All stranded people must have reached their home states by Shramik trains. There should be no local tourism, no pilgrimage, no goodwill visit until we contain COVID and resume normalcy.
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    The Indian Railway is running the special trains from different parts of the country to various destinations for the stranded migrants and others, including students. It is still operating based on demands by states that have people who want to return to their native places as well as states that want their natives struck in different places to be brought back home. The schedules are planned and coordinated by the railways in consultation with the centre and the states. The arrangements are the responsibility of the railways. These trains do not have regular stops and in all the stations where they have stops, proper testing and quarantine arrangements are pre-discussed and put in place before the arrival of the train. There might be some communication gaps or occasional differences, but as of now, as far as I know, there is no confusion and everything is running quite smoothly as planned.
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