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    Will it be tough time for all job seekers?

    Will it be tough time for all job seekers? nowadays economy is going down day by day due to corona impact. Now situation is very bad people start loosing existing jobs then how new peoples will get jobs.
    Can anyone advice what to do to get jobs . I think All sectors getting affected by this and its major challenge to retain peoples in job. Some companies even not able to give salary also. Lot of companies doing cost cutting and up to 70% salary cut so peoples are worry for his future.
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    True. The author expressed the present scenario in the market in true terms. Many small companies are closed down and the employees are on roads. They don't have any income and no help from the government. The virus has created more havoc than what we expected. These employees are in trouble.
    I have seen many companies in Hyderabad who are paying 50 % of the salary only. They say for the coming months also they can only 50% and the remaining will be paid after the situation improves. Even the government is paying 50% of salaries only.
    SHops are getting opened but no sales. So the earlier salesboys and sales girls are not fully employed. The owners say that there is no sale and hence they can't accommodate more people.
    Even IT companies like Infosys and TCS say that they will not pay special pay and no increment this year. This way almost all the employees are in trouble and they have no clue about their future.
    The best course of action is to think about self-employment with some business and once we stabilise in the business we can provide jobs to others also.

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    This is the tough time going for all the sectors and the purchasing power of the money has also been stalled. There has been virtual stop of economy rolling across the world and it takes time to settle and bring the functioning to some months. Just now people are coming out and face the consequences of their own likewise the companies are also slowly and studiedly would improve. As far as software jobs are concerned there has been massive cut in the jobs and improving is not yet seen. However I have seen one software company giving ad for recruiting new employees for its ongoing projects and many are seeking those jobs. The people need not worry as the acceleration of growth is being initiated and the markets are yet to get their lives back. So sooner or later the situation would improve for all.
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    Time is tough for new job seekers as you said is true. In youth, mainly graduates in professional courses are in despair condition. On the other hand, employees in public and private sectors are also in the vain face as they are not getting full salaries which fit for their monthly expenses. In fact, some companies simply deny the services of existed employees as the financial crisis is going on. A woman employee told that a laborer who gets two hundred to three hundred rupees for two hours work through the working schemes, but she unable to get only a 50% salary per month. She said that their work would be better. She is a government employee. So, in present position, new jobs are just like dreams and existing jobs are having no guarantee.
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    Yes, it is really a tough time for all the employees public sectors or otherwise. Since there is no revenue generation in most of the sectors due to no selling of the products being produced due to pandemic situation. The employers find it hard to disburse full salaries due to financial crunch. The employees are not happy either due to the salary curtailment to the extent of 50 percent sometimes from their employers. The employees have their own issues and their major expenses are on the education front because they need to pay tuition fees and other related expenses for at least two kids. The issues become more serious if they are studying in Management Schools, Medicals or in Private Enginnering colleges due to the huge fee structures. If there is continuation of such a situation for an indefinite period, the consequence would be disastrous in the long run.

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    Yes, it will be a tough time for all job seekers. The business of all sectors have stranded to a more extent, accommodating working personal is becoming difficult for them. Some Software companies if there is no projects for their employees keeping them a side on waiting benches. If they get work they again take them back. Private schools of good standard are paying 50 percent of salaries to the teachers till the schools get opened. Corporate and small private schools stopped their payment till the schools are opened. Some corporate schools removed dance and art class teachers till the schools are opened. Few days back I visited Hyderabad for health checkup where I found the business of the people become so normal and no one following the lockdown rules. Even though most of the business working, most of the small hotels and sweet shops were not opened. I have seen shops are also empty. Big hospitals in Hyderabad are running with renewed vigour and the hospitals are with full of people. But every one who are visiting the hospitals are compulsorily wearing masks and at every point hand sanitizers were made to use. So the running of hospitals have reached to normalcy with more protection.

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    Many people have lost their jobs and many are on the verge of losing it soon. It is the reality that has been dreadfully brought in by this pandemic. The whole world is witnessing the era of reduced industrial and manufacturing activities and it is going to cast a shadow on all the economic activities. The market is driven by the demand and ones people are jobless it is natural that demand would shrink and depressive conditions would emerge making things even worse than their present status. It is a challenging and herculean task for the Govt to revive the economy and put back the growth on the earlier path. Right now the Govt machinery is focussed to contain and control this virus outbreak for which we do not seem to have enough infrastructure in the medical and health arena. So the things related to job position and other occupations are not going to be easing up soon. In this turmoil only those people would survive who can search some work for them in the self employment mode. It is difficult as one has to toil hard but there is no point in waiting for a job position and better to search some work like supplying of household items to the housing complexes, providing household services in a safe and secure manner taking all precautions, working like a reseller in online stores, joining NGOs or charitable organisation for a meagre salary and many such engagements which we ignore and avoid during the normal times. This is an abnormal time and unemployment is to be tackled in an unconventional ways.
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    Yes this lockdown has affected the economy and buying power of the customers due to which the demand of the products have reduced. I work in an automobile sector and here too the demand has decreased. Very less orders we have in hand and forecast is also low so it has become difficult for the employer to keep employees and pay them. When the employers are finding it difficult to retain its present workforce so how can we expect recruitment of people. So I think unemployment will increase.

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    Will it be a tough time for all job seekers? Its already tough time. Various companies and schools, colleges started firing employees. COVID-19 has changed the world totally. Be it education, be it economics or be it health. All are getting equally affected when we talk about the effects of a pandemic. This time is so crucial for all the newcomers in the industry or who have just passed the degree. Where do they find the job? Even if industries are struggling to find the manpower, how can nation build new jobs during this situation?
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    Pandemic covid-19 has completely devastated us in all walks of life. Millions people lost their job due to this lock down. Many private sector are unable in paying salary to their employee. So they are removing their employee from job. Many corporate sector paying 50% salary to their employee because of low production. In such case it would not be possible to get any job for job seekers. Teacher are also getting less salary due to effect of corona virus. Business sector are also equally affected. These days, shops are opened but selling is not at all. Now-a-days, poverty and unemployment are on increase. If existing employee feeling difficult in survive then how can you expect about recruitment of new comer.

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    Already in our country we were having a big unemployment problem. Now this pandemic has made additional crores of people unemployed. As per internet survey sites (CMIE etc) the current employment is at a whopping 24%. That translates to about 30-35 crore unemployed people. Govt cannot employ so many people and it is only the private sector which can absorb them but till the virus threat is over there is no way out. We are in a very bad situation and engaging so many unemployed people and keeping them in positive and constructive territories is the biggest challenge today.
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    Indeed, coronavirus has economically affected the entire world.

    In India Government employees are facing reduction in salary. Obviously no increment is expected in near future also.

    In private sector the employees are losing jobs or facing reduction in salaries. However, our government has made an arrangement to cope with this problem by offering them loan so that they may be self reliant.

    All the governments of the affected countries are giving financial help to their citizens by their own ways and among them Germany has taken some extraordinary solid steps to help the people. The government asked all the business establishments including shopkeepers for providing the details of their respective employees. Now 60% to 87% salary is being provided by the government and the amount is being deposited in the employees' accounts every month directly. It's helped employees and employers as well. This step of government has protected the employees of private sector from becoming unemployed.

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