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    Why one could not get adsense earnings raised?

    Here is the experience of a candidate who uses Adsense on the ISC site. He participates in the forum actively and shares the information with others. He sees AdSense earnings daily through logging into it. A week before, he found that 1.42dollars worth nearly more than 20clicks in his AdSense page. After some days, he again found that 0.95dollars under "estimated earnings" in his AdSense page. Now, it is 0.64 dollars. After watching these variations in the AdSense page, he came to know that whatever clicks and earnings coming on daily basis are not true revenue. That is the experience he has got from Adsense during these days. It is known that such invalid clicks may disable the Adsense account. But, there is no certain mechanism to know from where such activity was done. However, he is in a cool manner doing his work in ISC.
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    K N Charyulu,

    There was already a discussion on this recently, about the variations that you have mentioned. Please go through that thread. I inquired with Tony Sir as well, and he said it is the same issue for everyone and has nothing to do with the placement of the ad units as was thought by me to be the cause. He stated that we just have to wait it out for things to get sorted out by Google at some point later in time.

    The bottom line is that none of us are going to be meeting the payout layout of $100 any time soon. Just keep contributing, especially articles, and stay positive.

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    Since the other thread that Vandana madam has referred to is somewhat old, I am replying here. A small suggestion, why can't we take some inputs from members, who have adsense account associated with not only ISC but also with their own websites. Are they facing the "invalid clicks" issue with their websites also? Or is it difficult to differentiate the invalid clicks? I am not sure as I am naive in this subject.

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    After exactly two years in this month I have crossed the thresh hold 100 dollars. To reach 100 dollars from 98 dollars it took 4 months. Even though I am getting 10 dollars like in a month, only one or less than one dollar is added to my account saying discrepancies. From last six months it is happening like that and in the present Covid-19 situation, the earnings become almost nill. From last few days I am getting little little earnings. From Forum we can't expect much and we can bet more earnings from articles, jobs and ask experts.

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    One has to write unique and useful articles to get views so to enhance the earnings through adsense.

    I have been registered on adsense from this site since 1.5 years but have got just 2.5$ in this period and I understand this is because I hardly write articles. One cannot expect from the forums to reach the threshold there.


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    I do agree that the most of the members to participate and discuss issues and matters but at the end of he day the adsense would be static or making little progress. By the way it is always advised to go for good creative article which can help the internet users and the adsense would be fetching for that kind of articles. By participating in the forum, the return is negligible as we are making very little detailed contribution as the response to the threads and thus the Google does not feel the impact of our writing and hence adsense is not forthcoming. I am contributing only in this forum section and know that the return is very less. But I am feeling little happy that I am getting the monthly share of revenue share bonus and that creates some satisfaction that my writings here are honored and respected no matter what amount I get.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As per my information and understanding, earlier this variation in Adsense earnings was not happening and though slowly but the earnings used to increase only. So, it can be inferred that since one or two years Adsense is following some new methodology of earning estimation by deducting those clicks which are made by the contributors while going to his page or other pages for simply seeing the content. I am not talking about the clicking on the advertisements by the contributor. That is of course was illegal earlier also and is illegal now also. So, in this new regime if that is the methodology Adsense is adopting then it would be applicable to all and we have to abide by their policy as we usually agree to their terms and conditions before having that account.
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    It is rather difficult to know in what ways,the earnings in the adscene can be improved. As it is related to click and more is the click, more there will be earnings. In that ways, earnings has been just like a gambling business. Under the present regime, I am sure that earnings are not related to your best contributions in almost all the forums, I would have to wait for more number of clicks of the visitors and this is beyond my control.
    The best way would be not to have much expectation from this platform but keep on contributing in the different sections of ISC suiting to mental stimulation.

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    Sometimes, I have seen some clicks in my adsense account and later got removed after half an hour. These could be accidental clicks or invalid clicks. But at the end of the month, removing almost all the clicks (earnings) as invalid clicks is too much. I think there is some problem. Let us wait for the response of members, who have adsense account linked to their own websites in addition to ISC.

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    May be by including our blogs with that of ISC and its sister sites and when the same ad appears in all the sites, the Google mean it duplicate ads and the clicks are removed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Where is there a will, there is a way. If we are patient and systematic we can make everything proper, practical and feasible.
    Initially when implementing new things they may not be perfect. By and by reviewing and getting feedback from the field necessary amendments and improvements can be made. That way the deficiencies and hiccups can be removed and the same can be perfected.
    As Mohan said, I was not bothering about ad sense income, as it was practically nil or negligible for me. The main reason is that I am not posting articles. Moreover I am almost illiterate in the technical side of these things. All things about ad placement, size, position, etc are totally Greek to me. So I do not tinker with anything and do not bother even to se. I have not installed the traffic stat counter also.
    But as I saw threads on this matter, after reading this thread, I logged into my ad sense account.
    Though I could not make much out of the reports, I found one thing similar to what Bhuvan said in #699440- almost entire earnings is removed a invalid clicks. I have not bothered to see earlier and I do not know what these things were earlier. Anyway if things go like things it may be another decade when I get my payment threshold.

    I have only ISC adsense account and do not have even a blog.

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    So all the people who are having Adsense account are facing the same problem. Why this is happening without our intentional activities is quite surprising. In the past this type of thing it never happened but why it is happening now is the question.

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    Hope large number of people and the various members who visit various sections of our site for valuable articles, ask expert, jobs, forum etc. may benefit us in increasing adsense earnings of the site.

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