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    Organization or disorganization- Choice matters

    Everything which revolves around us is based upon our own choice in life. People face consequences because of their own choices. Organization is defined as organizing things depending upon priority, accessibility and feasibility. Disorganization is defined as stacking things up in an disorderly manner without any specific label or tag. Many people prefer organised way of living which helps the individual himself/herself as well other individuals to find things easily with little effort. Many people prefer disorganised lifestyle which only the individual itself is solely responsible for searching any thing. If any other person searches, then he/she will require assistance and instructions.
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    One should be always organised. That will be the best. We should have everything in an organised way. If things are not organised properly we will not trace back the items which we require. Every time we will be losing our time in searching.
    If you go to the kitchen, the housewife will keep the items in such an organised way, she can take out what she wanted in a minute without losing time. She will reach exactly on dot to the material what she wanted. in the last moment only she will take out the salt bottle as she will adding the salt at the last moment to the dish.
    Even in offices also we will have many files. We should have an index and as per the index we have to arrange the files in the rack. Then you can easily take out the file.
    So if it is a choice as mentioned by the author, we should go for an organised life only but not unorganised.

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    If the parents do not teach the children to keep things in a proper way and observe some discipline in this regard for arranging the things in the house in order, then the children would become a disorganised lot and then throughout their live they would be having those traits in them wherever they dwell. So, we learn organisation skills from our parents and to some extent other people with whom we come into contacts. In absence of that the normal principle of entropy applies everywhere. It says that disorder always prevails and takes front seats in our lives until we train ourselves to organised way of living.
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    There cannot be disorganized things in our life and we hate it but invariably we do organize the things to happen on regular basis and for the reasons beyond our control the planning in organized way go out of hand and we get bombarded for disorganized event. For example if you are a cameraman and you are shooting for a mythological serial or the serial based on history of past era at a outside location. In that case even before director asking you to have the flaw less capturing of the event across, it is the duty of the cameraman to first verify the site and then go for the real take. Suppose the scene of the war has to be pictured then we cannot have the high tension overhead traction of electricity seen in the far end. Nor some buildings of modern era seen and captured in the camera and this is called bad organizing and planning.
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    Something that the author missed at the conclusion of the content of the thread. However, organizing things or programs may not be disturbed in any manner. In addition, others appreciate such ones. The most organizing person in our family is the mother. She arranges everything in the home in a systematic manner. She prepares the food as per timings stipulated to the children to reach the school within time and at the same time, the father also attends the office duties in a regular manner within the schedule. So, she is the trainer to everyone who wants to organize any institution. Disorganization can be shown at the child. While playing with toys, children spread away from the toys and play with them. There is no systematic process of playing with them. The same concept can be suited who undergone to disorganizing anything.
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    The effect of disorganisation is aptly evident from the saying 'looking for a needle in a haystack".
    Anything out of place is dirt. If everything is well organised the task is easy to be done. Otherwise it will be just clutter. We can see this in some offices, where the files and records are simply stacked or heaped. When we go there for something, they first go on searching the required file or book. That itself will take long time. Then it may be dusty and unclean. But if it would have been well organised by indexing and cataloguing and kept arranged neatly, the retrieval would have been faster and the work done easily. It will help everyone and increase productivity.
    Even in computer we do defragmentation manually or by the inbuilt system itself. That is one kind of organising the disorganised.

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