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    Fitness maybe a problem for returning to professional sports

    With many months of facilities not being available for training, sportspersons will require some preparatory weeks before going back to the professional field. A few soccer teams have returned to the field abroad, playing in empty stadiums, and West Indies too will be doing the same in Australia. However, whether they have tried to remain fit with at least some indoor exercises and maintained their diet regimens and a proper nutritional intake is surely a thought that may arise in the minds of their coaches! Let's see when our sportspersons, too, start their training and competitions.
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    This is really a challenging period for every sportsperson as they are out of action and out of sight. For the past three months the sportsperson could not find the right place to show their ability and in fact some cricketers are entertaining the fans with some videos of dances tuned from Telugu cinema and thus connected to the fans. But as said by the author, they need to keep fit and once the situation eases there would be series of competitions and challenges and thus they should keep fit. For the cricketers and other sports person they need to practice at the grounds and in some states the grounds are used as the covid isolation places and thus the sports seems to be in a catch 22 position. For example the Hyderabad Gachibowli stadium which has the facility for all sports has been taken over by the TS govt as isolation wards and thus big question on sports
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    Any discontinuity in the regular practice and warming of the players in the arena of sports is really a thing of great worry and during this pandemic it has taken place and must have affected the effectiveness and efficiency of the players in the particular sports. Now they have to find some via media to cover up these deficiencies and one of the options is practicing in isolation which is of course a boring and monotonous action but there does not seem any other alternative in the present scenario. Continuity of activities and participation in matches is the basic requirement for the progress of a sports person.
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    When we talk about warm-up or training, for any profession, if you are not in the act for some time, you may lose the track. Even if you are office staff, if you are not working for 6-10 months due to some issues or problems, you may lose the touch and will take time to cover it even though you were good at using software, formulas, etc.

    It doubles when it deals with physical activities like sports, wrestling, bodybuilding, gymnastics, etc, needs training on a daily basis and when we give rest for months, it reduces our stamina and power which is needed on the field. Sports need regular training of both body and skills.

    After a break of 2-3 months, it will be hard for the coaches to again build a routine and physics or professional players as many had a long break. As we have many coaches and trainers dedicated to a group of professional players, they will be able to bring them back to tack within short time as the season will start in a short while.

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    Yes. As there are no tournaments and even stadiums are not available for practice also sports personalities may require some practice sessions for restarting the games. It is a general complaint that all the people are gaining weight as there is no physical exercise and all are sitting in the house only. But some may be doing some exercises in their houses and maintaining their physique in control. But some may not be doing. All the sportspersons may be careful with their physique. So they may be doing workouts and might not have gained weight. Then they require only a few practice games in the stadiums before they take up the tournaments. Many of the players may be appearing in the advertisements and hence they may have to be careful about their personality and hence they may be doing exercises in the house itself. The cinema actors also may be facing the same issue. Now they should also get ready for their shootings as permission has already been given for shootings.
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    Regular workout and practice is the backbone of the performance in any sport and that is the only thing that progresses a sports person in that field. In absence of it the person would slowly lose his effectiveness and precision in the game.
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    Regular practice and exercise both are compulsory requirement for sportsperson.They can't perform better without it. If sportsperson don't practice in field then definitely will lose their capacity. Now-a-days, due to covid -19 stadium are being converted into hospital for treatment of patient. In such cases, sportsperson are unable to keep fit their body. Moreover, they are also not able to keep practicing in open ground. As there are no game and tournament being conducted so sports personality can be seen in making video and advertisement. But no option is available in this crisis period.

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    I have been reading reports in the newspapers about various sportspersons from wrestling to swimming, rifle shooting to athletics, requesting their State Govt. officials to open up the stadium or the indoor training facility as the case may be, so that they can get back to their fitness schedule.
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    It is necessary for sportsperson to practice regularly to keep their form and fitness. So they do at least some minimum practice or fitness exercise even when they are under rest.
    The present lockdown situation is definitely a dampener for regular sportspersons. But they have to find some ways to keep individual fitness .Many are reported to be doing individual exercises and yoga. Many of them have their own gyms at home or at least some fitness appliances.
    It has been demonstrated by many female sportsperson that they can come back with form and fitness even when they had to absent for months due to pregnancy and childcare.
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