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    Make the online classes more feasible

    The rich CBSE schools based in the metro cities and the comparatively rich matriculation schools in most parts of the country seem to have started the online classes. However, the biggest question is: what will happen to those in the rural areas, who do not have access to the internet at all, or even if they do, not operate at a good speed? This issue seems to have reached the Courts as well.

    Since education is a concurrent subject, let the States decide what is best for themselves; however, the effort of the concerned State Governments should be to bring the rural children to the nearest internet centers in the district headquarter towns, particularly in States where the infection is very less and under control.

    We cannot afford to have two sets of education patterns. Even after the schools reopen, the online classes are bound to continue, more so, if there is a single infection to any one child. One is told that this virus will be with us for a full eighteen months. If there will be a new normal, let us check out how this will pan out in school education and get ready. The trick is to make the online classes more feasible even in small towns. The "how" of this will be left to the State Government.
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    I totally agree with the author. The government must find a solution for rural students. Will online education be as effective as offline teaching? The government should come with certain guidelines or some common platform where people can discuss the prevailing problems in the COVID-19 in the education system. Also, how could a small child of std. 1 to 3 manage to learn online? Will it much effective?
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    Yesterday one of my relative's daughter who is studying in 6th class gone online to their school website and in the midst of the class there was disturbance from other students that there was net work issue and thus not connected. Immediately that class was scuttled and asked to stand by for the another period in offing. Remember the classes started at 9 am and it goes through and ends at 1 pm without the customary break for the child. And these kinds of glitches even from one child side would spoil the class of others. And there is no communication to support to clarify the doubts and all done through the email addressing system. The children are getting more fed up that they are happy with the virtual schools as they would get some break after two periods and here there is no break and the classes go on irrespective of students attention.
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    Online classes are not recommended for primary and secondary students. Even though, now the position judges to take online classes by teachers from institutions. It is just like 'learning from home'. Till now, no one expects this type of situation occurs in the educational field. It is a challenge to be faced by the governments about how to plan the coming academic year to give many benefits to the students. It is answerless question in the present situation. However, it is a must to able the students related to all aspects to learn the syllabus stipulated in the coming academic year. On the other hand, health status of children to be taken very carefully during pandemic situation. By balancing both education and health of the children, governments have to prepare an action plan without disturbing the academic year. How will it be possible is in the hands of the people from which the governments have to take the suggestions.
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    Taking the example of Kerala, the government started the online classes through government controlled educational TV channel. The same was also made available in the internet also. Then there was feedback that some students did not have TV, internet or smart phones. The local schools were asked to intervene and make suitable arrangements for such students. Government declared that the telecast will be remain experimental for some more time and will start regular online classes only after remedying those problems. Charity organisations, individuals, residence associations, students' organisations, even some MPs and MLAs etc stepped in and arranged TVs, smart phones etc from collections and donations and gave to needy students.
    Within a few days such complaints have started tapering and are expected to be solved fully within short time.
    The schools are told to have Whatsapp group for each class in their school for assignments and follow up and monitoring. That also has started. The feedback is good.
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    I think the author is right that there should not be two patterns of the education system. I know it's not affordable for the government school students to go for the online classes. In that case government should start at the least the learning classes on TV/Radio . They should fix some specific times for the classes at least say 1 hour per class so that they may be able to learn something during this period because opening schools at this stage will be dangerous and the virus can spread.

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    True. Many village schools are not having internet facility and how they can arrange online classes for them. The Visionary EX. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh sincerely made an attempt to fo this by giving OFC connections to all the villages also and that will give all the required connections. TV connection and Internet Connection. Many villages were given this. But schools are not having this facility. But after the government changed this project has been stopped.
    Now all the State governments should create an internet facility so that the students take connection and study from their home by taking online classes. A lot of efforts are required for educating the village people to get familiarised with online teaching and study. Then only we can go in this aspect forward. But it will definitely take time and not an easy task. I heard that the Karnataka State government has not allowed online classes to the students studying in primary classes/

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