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    Forgive the fool but do not ignore the intelligent

    In our lives we come in contact with different people either in our own family and relations, in society or in the workplaces. We make many friends also during that process. We also talk casually with many people with whom we come in contact for some personal or official work. During those interactions many people might be telling us something which might be important for us or not but we have also to consider who is telling that to us and in which context. Is that person simply telling something just because he wanted to interact with us or he had something hidden behind that communication. This sometimes becomes important as if we ignore the matter that the particular person wanted to convey us, we might miss something of concern and importance. So, we should not measure everyone with the same yardstick. We have to see who the person is and what are his credentials and accordingly try to listen and understand what he wanted to convey. Many people practice this and ignore the ordinary conversations but give value and thought to what some intelligent people had uttered to them. Do you think that it is a good approach? Please share your views.
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    The person who is passing the comment is really very important. Many times we will be having discussions on various topics with other people. Some people come out with their mind without any bad intentions. But some intelligent people may be having something inside but maybe taking something different. That may be to misguide us and see that we will not be in the race with them. So we should be careful about such things.
    That is why people say you should hear the views of all the person, But we should study them and take the decision which is more useful to us. Sometimes the words uttered by a normal person may give more insights.
    An intelligent man maybe understanding the subject in a better way than a fool. So the intelligent man words need to be taken seriously and studied and then can be implemented. You may ignore the words of a fool. But sometimes they may be also useful for us. Just think for a moment about his comments also.

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    By the way who are we to brand some one as intelligent and some one as as fool. It is in fact a big weakness within us passed by others and continued by us. All of us have one quality or the other and that incites the very quality of discussion and arguments. Just because some one made a heart touching comment relevant to the subject it does not mean he is the master of the discussion. A person may make a poor comment because he might have gone through the ordeal or experience and that made him to react badly and we should also give credence to the constructive criticism. We should have the guts to ask the person to further clarify the poor comment. In that way he also gets the chance to give the reasoning and example as to what made him to say so. But never ignore the words of anyone whether fool or intelligent.
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    Most of the time, people deceived by tactical words by the persons who show interest in attracting the people. From such people, learning anything is less than our own wisdom. The intelligent people always preach to fellow beings to the welfare of them. But, it would become a frustration to the beings from whom they receiving the good thoughts. When things become worst then such people realize the past utterances. But, what is the use when the complete destruction happens? So think before doing an action. Whatever, morals preached by elders that are to be taken as convictions therefore there is a guarantee that nothing would turn to bad if any adverse conditions will arise in the future.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    Whether the peron giving suggestionto us is intelligent or not, we should be intelligent enough to undersad the solution and to analyse whether it wil solve our problem. If that is a good solution we have to accept and implement it, otherwise we have to reject it,irrespective of who gives the opinion.

    any times those who do not appear to be intelligent may have some very practical native intelligence . Manytimes a mason can solve a problem with his experience and practical wisdom,where the Engineer may be breaking his head.

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    We interact with various people in our daily life. Some of them impress us by their good manners or cheerful conduct or excellent conversion skills or any other quality but on the other side some of them don't leave any impact on us. Practically, sometimes, we're proven wrong in assessment of people. Reason is that the criterion of assessing the people itself is flawed, which is why a sophisticated person who's literally a sophist leaves a great impact on us whereas an excellent person who's happy in his simplicity but being devoid of sophisticated manners is taken as a fool.

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