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    Create the habit of listening and writing fast to your child

    As the future is going to be classes through television, classes through online and classes through the radio, the listening power of your child has to be enhanced and also make your child ready to write fast during listening the class and that would only help to jot down important points. Because there is no virtual class and there is no clarification made once the class is over. Ask your child to keep the head phones on and write the points in short forms so that she can review the same after the online classes are over and that is only way to keep your child awake and ahead in this competition of online education.
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    Certainly, coming era is on the online platform. There is no doubt at all. But, actual class is more effective than the virtual class. Now, the private schools are doing the job through WhatsApp by creating the group allocated to the subject teacher. Daily giving assignments to the students, the class teacher is assessing the capabilities of students. Once the student complete the assignment, he has to send that through WhatsApp for the purpose of evaluation. Recently, Karnataka has decided not to conduct online classes up to the fifth class. So, governments also may not give preference to online classes. It may become fashion to conduct online classes to private educational institutions like entering cell phones in the field of telecommunication.
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    There will be always new solutions to any new problems too. here are and will be facilities to record and replay the online classes.
    However it is always better to listen with concentration andnote down relvant points then and there.That way it will be useful later in other real time practical situations of life. This is actually practise now and may be lost in the more technical times.

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    I think when the online teaching becomes regular, all the students will be sent notes through emails and they can take prints of that mails or they may send as PDF through Whatsapp also. They can open those files and read them. These materials will be sent before the class and the teacher can read those notes and get ready for the class. If any doubts are there they can get them clarified also. I feel the students should concentrate on hearing the lesson and understand. If they start writing they can't hear properly. So I propose that they should concentrate on hearing.
    Anyhow quickly writing can also be practised and no harm in that. These days people are forgetting the writing habit. So if they concentrate on writing it will be good. They should make the habits of hearing properly, writing quickly and reading as much as possible. Even when we attend the class and hear also we may have to note the important points. That notes only will be useful afterwards for our reference.

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    In the new situation it is implied that children should be more attentive and should be able to receive and grasp what is being told by the teacher. At the same time the teacher should also be very alert and observe whether children are attending or not and must interact with them one by one to see whether they are serious or not. Teacher should ask questions to all the students one by one to ascertain their concentration and inclination in the lesson. So, from both sides more efforts would be needed. Parents would also be required to be more vigilant as they have to check the equipments / gadgets the children using as well as monitor the child's progress.
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    Yes, almost all children are nowadays meddling with mobile, laptops as the schools are not get opened. Some private schools are only running online classes to their students. Many students are before computer and with mobiles either playing or meddling. Instead as told by the author the parents should take initiative to get their children to learn new things related to their lessons through the computer and mobiles. There are governments released ebooks and text books online which can be downloaded. By downloading the books of forthcoming classes the parents can make their children to study at least for two hours. For this parents should approach their children amicably, by sitting with them patiently, they have to make them understand the situation of schools and necessity of learning in the home-lock period. They should never show their power as a parent on any situation.

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