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    Coaxing a child to eat is quite a task

    A friend sent a video of a little girl eating the rice and curds served to her. She was eating it by herself, taking a little handful at a time and putting it in her mouth, and only once a tiny bit fell on the front of her dress. In the middle of this video, a hand holding a spoonful of the food can be seen, trying to feed her. The little girl immediately turns her head away, adamant that she will take the food herself.

    It was a really cute video and it got me thinking about the number of times we have heard about parents finding it difficult to get their kid to eat even a morsel of food put before them. The little girl in the video on the other hand seemed to be one of those exceptions!
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    My granddaughter who is 2 years old is very adamant to eat. Her mother or her grandmother has to spend about 60n to 90 minutes for her eating. She likes fruits. So if there is a fruit with the food, she will complete the eating quickly. So either banana pieces are mango pieces are added to the rice with curd and then she eats it very fast. She eats any fruit without any problem. But she is more liking banana. mango and watermelon.
    Now she started taking food on her own. She will sit in a chair before the dining table with me. She will have her plate and her mother will keep making small balls and keep them in a spoon and my granddaughter will eat herself from that spoon. This process has become quick and she is completing eating very fast.
    But sometimes if the curry is not liked by her, she will not eat easily and a lot of efforts are required to see that she will eat.

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    Both my daughter and son never had such issues. We never struggled to feed them. My daughter learned to eat on her own without dropping any food part. I used to appreciate her eating style. I was unfortunate to take a video as there was no mobile phones available then. I could have taken a photo and displayed it here.
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    Invariably I have seen that the new parents are unable to convince the child to eat and the way they try hard to eat the food makes me laugh also. Because for our children we never bothered about offering food through coaxing methods. From the age of one we used to put a plate in front of the child and asked to eat on their own. They not only get habituated to eat and also eat neatly. By the way when the child is offered food even the family members should eat with them because the child apes what the mother and father does. Therefore the new parents should understand this that every child wants to do things on their own and if you offer good food and tasty food to the likes of the child, she or he would eat with great satisfaction and even ask more if the food is good and awesome.
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    In those days the parents and grandparent spent more time for feeding the child and they used to tell stories, diverting their attractions etc., are their talents to feed the children. Nowadays as parents have no time to feed the children they make the child to get feed through servants. They also feed the children without patience. In one of my friend's house, wife of my friend complaints me that her 10 year old daughter do not taking breakfast daily. On enquiry it becomes clear that they, the husband and wife used to take only oats porridge, as they are diabetic and ask this girl also to take the porridge without sugar etc., This girl do not like the porridge that too without sugar. Later my wife suggested her to prepare some light tiffin like idli or dosa for the girl and without knowing what is available in the kitchen the child will ask for breakfast?. Then the mother realized her mistake and prepares some tiffin in the mornings and the baby also taking freely.

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    If the child interests to do an activity, then he definitely does that without the help of others. A four years girl who completed her toilet just clean her with his hands. When she came out then her mother saw it and again she cleaned her daughter's back. Here is one point to be insisted that if the child is liked to believe her work on his own accord without the help of others, then she won't allow anyone to engage in her action. This can be seen at the age of four years. It certainly appears when she reaches school age. One thing is that the child learns by following the activities done by fellow beings of the same age. On other hand, the child learns from the elders who instruct her to do the activity in a better manner.
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    Children are interested in eating those food items which their younger tongues feel to relish. My child eats only when she feels hungry but she will ask for milk instead of food. We have to understand the psychology and the behaviour of children which differs from each other.
    One important aspect is when her stomach is full, she says stop and that's final. We cannot feed one spoon extra after her decision. Sometimes if the bowels movements are not good and children have indigestion, they may not eat properly. Consuming water is a game for them wherein they spill most of the water and consume only the last sip. Each individual should drink enough water for maintaining a healthy body.
    It is really wonderful to hear the discipline of child according to the author. It differs from child to child based in the environment and cultures which are imbibed in their growth scenarios.

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    It is general complaint by many mothers that their chid does not eat well, or refuse to eat.
    However we never faced this problem form our son. Even when the child had not even started to stand on his legs, he used to eat a small banana by biting on it little by little. We were hesitant first and were sacred. But our doctor (the paediatrician) was insisting and encouraged us on this and slowly we also got courage.
    Children like to be adults. They do not want a separate food from that their parents eat. Our son used to put his hand into his mother's plate when we sat for our meals. Hence we had to conduct the "annapraasanam"(ceremony for initiating a child to eat cooked rice) as early as possible. After that we used to give him also a plate and put all the items in small quantities in his plate also. But he used to get doubt if there is slight change in colour or texture of some item in his plate from that in our plates and insists for that from our plates.
    When children are allowed to sit with us for taking food, they will start eating happily. They feel elated in that. We have to just guide and help them like giving a cushion on the dining chair, prevent food from falling down etc. They will easily learn these things and will be ease at eating by themselves. They get bored by the stereotype (colourless, odourless, tasteless) foods we give them and yearn for the different varieties they s on our plates. Instead of the insipid foods w should allow them to taste different tastes. If so they will not have any problem in eating and will have a good habit of eating food. They should be allowed to feel the aroma of food cooed at home and allow them to taste also. That will enthuse them.

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    One of the tried and tested methods of making a kid eat was to sit near the window and point out a crow or sparrow, pretend to call it to eat, and move the hand holding the food out quickly to the kid's mouth, saying eat quickly otherwise the bird will eat it.

    Indeed, as some of you have mentioned, parents are often impatient for the child to hurry up so that they can get to their next household chore or some task of the day and if they are in a rush to head out to work, then they'll just give up and not bother at all.

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    I remember my childhood days dating back 60 years, my mother used to tell me different stories related to Ramayana or Mahabharata while trying to feed me. Sometimes she was making tiny balls containing rice soaked with some curries and pulse naming these balls tiger, lion, Zebra, deer, elephant and offered me to eat the different animals being named as animals. She at least possessed the presence of mind to tackle critical situations. Sometimes, closeness is required to make a child eat and handing over such a task to be done by the servant would not solve the issues. In fact, little kids are quite sensitive and see how they are treated by their parents.

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    It is a regular practice that parents shows the outside views to feed the child. We have to engage them with the activities which they like to play so that it will be helpful for us to feed them. Most of the children like fruits like mangoes, bananas, pomegranate and green seedless grapes but we have to check on seasons for the availability and it's impact on the body except for bananas which is available all through the year.
    Cartoons like Chota Bheem can also be shown to help us fill their belly.

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    Children always copy their parents. My 2 years old daughter takes the food with me while sitting in my lap. A bite is shredded into tiny pieces and she takes each of them. Often, she does very cute acts. Sometimes, when she pees on the floor, she goes and brings the small wiper and ask her mother for water in her glass, then she drops it on the floor and tries to wipe it away.

    Children learn from what they observe around them. All our activities leave a long lasting impression on the mind of our children, so all the pros and cons should be kept in mind before doing anything before them. I still remember an incident- I was standing with 4 people in a hotel lobby, one of them was smoking cigarette, all of sudden he saw his 7 years old child running towards the gate, he passed by us while running apace but it frightened him out of his wits, he chucked the packet towards me and hid half smoked cigarette in his loose fist.

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    Sometimes it becomes a difficult task specially in affluent families as the children resist to eat and the parents or the care takers have a tough time negotiating that. I have seen cases when with each step of a story or poem the child would oblige to swallow a spoon full of food.
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    It just reminded me of my childhood as my mother narrates whenever I get angry on my child. She always taunts me that I was the only child she had to care for feeding. I was very choosy and ate only what I liked, it was very worrying for my mother and father to feed me. As the youngest and the only son, I was acred by everyone and would even get the best of everything but would only eat if content with smell, colour, taste and looks. Most of the things in the plate was transferred to my sisters and they would always wait for it as the best was always served on my fathers and my plate.

    Now coming to my daughter's habit, my mother always tells me that she is the best out of all 8 grandchildren she has. She eats whatever is fed to her, she likes to eat on her own, she likes fruits, vegetables, non-veg, etc. If she wants more, she would ask her or my wife to put more. Though some food would fall out she would complete what was served on her plate. The post reminds me of my nephew and niece as they had to be Coaxed every time and we had to spend hours to make them eat.

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    I agree that in every household this is a problem faced by the parents or grandparents. Every one tries to find out some novel way to feed them simply to find out that soon they (the tiny tots) want a change in those method. No one likes the monotony even the kids. My brother and his wife both were working and were always tied up and had little time so they always wanted to feed the kids quickly and then go for their respective jobs. The mother devised a novel method telling them stories of birds who came with a spoon of food in their beak and requested the child to eat. Hearing this the child would accept food. So one by one birds came and child obliged. This method worked for quid long till the kids grew up .
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