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    Do you think promoting degree students without examinations is good?

    We have all gone through the thread Telangana government decided .
    The Telangana government has decided to promote all the tenth class students to the next class without any examination.

    Now taking this as an advantage some graduate students started online agitation to implement the same strategy to graduate students also. This is started by 2nd year Engineering students of some colleges in Telangana. Now it will go to the next level also for Post Graduation also.

    I feel it is not good to promote graduate students to the next year without examinations. What are the views of other members on this?
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    Even I don't think this is a good move. Every year is interrelated to the next year and if the student is promoted to next year he/she won't be able to learn the basics of that year unless he/she studies. I understand that due to covid 19 it's a good move but somewhere its not good for the student studying in any grade.

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    I don't think it is wrong to promote the students to their next higher class due to the presence of COVID in our land. Let the students be happy this year. While there are many institutions where students get their certificate without attending the classes, passing of regular students without examination is fully justified. This year is a favourable year to the student community. We can have a simple entrance examination for admission to the next higher classes and grade them accordingly.
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    Education should not become the playing toy in the hands of ruling party and the leaders feel that by obliging the students demand to make them pass without writing single exam, they feel they done the favor and that would turn into votes during next elections. In fact the TS has done wrong thing as the state indirectly damaged the future of free passed candidates as they progress to higher studies and when comes to the seeking of jobs the mark sheet thus produced for verification may not be considered valid as the companies needs genuine candidates and not those who passed at the will of the govt. And now the Engineering and graduate students seeking same kind of favor is something cannot be understood. That means the interest on studies dwindled and people want to have the degree or certificates at the throw of hats. The merit and sincere studied students work gone waste.
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    Mohan and Rao,
    Please understand that we are in a stage of fear of death due to virus infection. At this juncture, asking the millions of students to sit and write exam is not prudent. It is not possible to conduct online examination for the students of entire India. All states should forgo the examination this year.We do not know how long this deadly virus will live in our country. This year should be considered as a special year, and we should not put the students into risk on the name of examination. " All Passed " should be the slogan for this year. To check the eligibility of a student, we should find some other method, not the annual examination.

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    When somebody is going to die, it will not make any difference for that person whether he passed and failed. The problem here is more people will come out with certificates and start telling we have no jobs. So only people who have the ability to pass should only be promoted through an examination.
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    Making all pass in Tenth Standard by many Governments is commended by many public as well political people. But according to me the decision of such governments is not wrong as many students cannot appear for examinations due to travelling, infection fear, social distancing etc., Moreover the examinations also cannot be postponed further and further as it will decrease the effort of the students as they do not know when the examination is going to happen. Some educationalists opines that the decision of such governments cannot be wrong as it will not affect the students to the feared extent as they are going to study subjects entirely new in their higher secondary level. But it is different in college level as it determine their planning for job and many students intend to go for a job rather than further education. In their case if they appear interview without proper knowledge, it will affect their future.

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    Actually, promoting students to next level is welcomed because quality stuff is not exited from the institution. It is common for any course. But, now the position is different. There are no chances to be given to students to have the exams as the physical distance becomes very critical and virus problems spread very quickly. Therefore, it is obvious to the governments to promote students without any exams. The same situation is now prevailing to higher studies up to the PG level. After PG, a student goes behind in searching for jobs where actual knowledge and skill are definitely tested by the authorities of the company or government. So, only giving emblem to students is missing now. But, actual cognition level of students would be tested at the time of recruitment.
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