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    Seriousness to any approach would get best results

    When we are going to attempt any new task or the matter, the approach should be serious and with good planning. If the seriousness comes from within the thoughts would be positive and motion towards the achieving the task would be reachable at short period. No doubt there would be negative energy and enemy people would thwart your attempt saying that it is impossible and waste of time. But the guts and courage and the self confidence alone would take us to the zenith of the problem and solve the same with ease.
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    True. When you go for work, if you are serious about doing that work and if you are sincere, you will be the winner. If you take the task lightly and if you are not serious, then the result may go waste also. We can't achieve it.
    When you study, you should be serious about the study and you have to concentrate on the studies, then only you will learn the subject. Even though you are having an open book in your hands and your eyes are seeing them but if you are not applying your mind and if you are not serious to understand the subject nothing will get into your mind.
    This is the main difference between the winner and loser. A loser will not be serious about the task in his hands. He can't prioritise his works. Half here and half there he will be doing. But a winner will think about the task on hand only.
    Guru Drona asked his students Pandavas and Kauravas to shoot a bird on the tree. Before shooting he asked each one of them, what they are seeing. Only Arjuna answered that he is seeing only the eye of the bird which he has to shoot. All others replied differently. Then Drona said that Arjuna is only having the required level of concentration and that is why he will be the best shooter.

    always confident

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    Yes, in Tamil there is a saying as 'Muyarchi udayaar igazhchi adayaar' which means effort will succeed. Our Spiritual Guru used to tell one example for doing meditation that mere reading a cookery book we cannot solve our hungry but we have to do according to the book and eat. Similarly mere seeing a railway timetable we cannot reach a place but only when we go to the railway station, buy ticket, and travel in the train as seen in the Time table. Similarly we should do according to our plan and real interest and seriousness in getting the work done should be there.

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