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    Vengeance politics is bad to the democracy

    In last 24 hours the AP Government under Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has made two big arrests of leaders of opposition parties citing scams. The first one being Achhan Naidu for his involvement as the Minister during TDP regime and made scandal on ESI medicine procurement to the tune of 150 crores and the second being the arrest of J C Diwakar Reddy for the irregularities in running his private buses which were seized. All this comes in series and that proves that Jagan is towing the vengeance politics without giving the accused the time to prove their case.
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    Vengeance and vendetta are not good in any situation and politics is no exception. In fact when used in politics they adversely affect the progress of the country as all energies would be lost in taking revenge only. This is unfortunate but is happening in the political arena and we have witnessed it earlier also and it is not a new thing. Actually, this is the time to unite and cooperate and work towards the common goal and not waste time in these things. If India has to emerge as an international power how would we achieve that goal when we are bogged down by this vengeance politics.
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    Vengeance and vendetta weaken the administrative machinery and the phase of uncertainties develops within the mind frame of the people regarding the maladministration prevailing over there. The progress of different activities halts and all the positive energies would divert to take revenge. Then there will be recurrence of such activities. There will be no more administrative control and an atmosphere of panic would prevail among the ex ministers and staff regarding their trapping in some scandals during their period of functioning.The end result would be disastrous taking away the peace of minds of the citizens.
    Hence the government should avoid such a situation promoting Vengeance and Vendetta for achieving constructive results.

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    It is definitely vengeance only. Jagan Reddy doesn't want any good leader in the State who will counter his misdeeds. Yerram Naidu is a leader with no negative remarks on him. Even his name was not there in the suspected list. But his influence is high in his district and he is the leader who will counter B.Satyanarayana. So they tried to get him to YSR are congress. He refused and hence he was arrested.
    Regarding Divaker Reddy's case also there are many doubts. He was one person who is opposing Jagan Reddy tooth and nail. In Rayala Seema he is a big asset to TDP. Jagan Reddy is having doubt that if he continues in the present his influence will go further up. So he was arrested.
    The present Andhra Government is the worst government I have seen and if you see the court's verdict on many of his actions will give us his true colours. I think the Central government should intervene and the government should be removed and order for fresh elections. Otherwise, the State will go to dogs.

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    Showing enmity on personal level due to political vendetta is not unprecedented but it's on rampant in the modern age. Misuse of Power by the ruling party against the opposition parties or those individuals who are opposing the ruling party is against the democratic norms and values.

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    Both the political parties, TDP and YSRCP are the same. Chandra Babu Naidu uses his media power to tarnish the image of the present government and YSRCP is using its muscle power to tarnish the image of TDP. Since Jagan Reddy decided to pull all the MLAs of TDP, he started different operations. TDP did the same thing in the previous regime, where it pulled 23 MLAs from YSRCP. And the BJP and Janasena combine are looking for an opportunity. They somehow want the end of TDP. Without the end of TDP, they cannot survive because TDP will use almost all the Telugu channels (except one) to destroy the image of BJP and Janasena.

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