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    How can we justify the actions of such people

    The lockdown/ Corona issue is not for a single or group of persons but for the whole universe. But people of some places act as if the lockdown and such related issues affected them only and they are the only persons losing their daily life. They waste their products as if it is due to someone's action.

    In many markets, the sellers could be seen throwing out the vegetables and fruits on the road as there was no person to buy and in some places because they did not want to sell at a lower rate.

    Last week, I saw that a vegetable vendor had left all his drumsticks on the roadside thus wasting it. Instead, he could have kept the drumsticks in the sack itself and just left a note that anyone in need could take them freely.

    In one city of Tamilnadu, milk vendors were seen pouring the milk on the roads to denote their loss. Is it the correct way? Instead, they could have supplied the same free of cost to homes or orphanages.
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    People are getting into frustration mode these days as the things are not working up to their satisfaction. Earlier there were few vegetable vendors and they are regulars to house visits and the week day markets are also having same vendors dictating terms to us. The lock down period has changed many persons and those who lost the jobs started selling fruits and vegetables and they does not know the demand and supply and which area is more popular for what type of vegetable and fruits sell. Having failed in their review they got into loss and thus leave the produce on the road as taking them back would incur further expenses. One person is coming early in the morning at 6 am with vegetables.It is fresh and reasonable but his timing is not right. I told him to come at 7 am and above but he says he has other commitments and in that case how his vegetables would be sold.
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    Many a times we face situations which are extremely adverse in nature. Sometimes we even feel that there's no way to be out of such circumstances. But then we should realize that we can be stuck for once but not forever.
    Things can be worst but there's always a way infact more to deal with them.
    Showing frustrated and exaggerated actions like the incidents our respected author has narrated in his thread can simply be categorized under acceptance of failure and acquiring pessimism which is not only lethal but also the worst thought ever to come.
    Instead of showing such things one should try to deal with the situations.
    The vendor could have thought of dome attractive sales skills like free drumsticks with every purchase of 2kg onions or any other vegetable. This couldn't have only enhanced his sale but also his customers.
    The milkmen instead of pouring milk down the drains could have sold it to sweetmeat sellers who need them on a daily basis.
    Needs lead to inventions but only when we realize that we are capable of it. A person before feeling down and becoming pessimistic should realize why he is different from animals. That way he could realize his potential and may create wonders.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    There is no need to justify their actions rather we should caution those vendors who are acting in such a way. One or two customers may not be that effective but if a group of customers (by effectively following social distancing norms in place ) tell those vendors not to waste things and give things to the needy then the situation can be changed. The present situation has made many of us frustrated but being frustrated is not a solution. It can give rise to more frustration. The present situation was not experienced by anybody earlier but instead of finding a way out of it being angry at somebody or something will not help to improve the situation. Wasting essential items will definitely increase the price of those items and those who are seeing that others are wasting essential items must act of their own to stop it.

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    Is the photo reflecting a recent incident and is it related to the lockdown? Can we know the date of the attached photo?

    Whatever the case may be, the photo shows motorists passing by. It would have been nice if at least one of them had stopped, made inquiries about the reason for the wastage and, as Sankalan stated, made the suggestion on how the surplus could be used.

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    It seems to be very ugly to see such things that a person is for others not for himself. But, the content in the thread is fact and it happens in every state. If any needy people who want such things they would take them. Instead of business, it becomes a service to the people. Our elders also said, " Service to man is service to God". Only worshipping God by limiting Him to the temple is not acceptable even by God also. If such persons remain those things who feel as they are wasting at a particular place is a welcome action. It teaches a lesson to youngers. But, the situation is contrary. Such persons have to learn moral values first and to learn to quiet despair. This lockdown period does not permit the people to come outside and buy various things that are needed for them. There is financial crisis during this period. So, all people do not lose their self-confidence.
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    We are all in difficult times. Many people are not able to get food and facing difficult times. These days wasting resources is very bad. If you have excess food, don't waste it. Try to pass it on to somebody so that some people will get benefitted. That should be the attitude. You may be having money and that money can by your food but that money can't create food. This point we should not forget.
    Many people lost their jobs and many are not getting their full salaries. For them, it is a really tough time and they will not get any help from the government as they are not economically backward as per the official records. If somebody is wasting we can tell them not to waste and give it free of cost to the needy. If we have money and we can afford we can purchase at a lower price and give it to the people who are in need. That will help the vendor to some extent and the poor people in getting their food.

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    Yes, selling a product would depend upon time and the choice of people apart from its freshness. The vendors should identify the areas where there is huge demand of some products and it would be better to add such items in his selling lists.
    Prior to lockdown, the vendors were aware of different locations where they could dispose off their vegetables. Even the names of the customers were known to them. But with the change of time in the wake of spread of COVID 19, many new vendors are seen and they are not aware of the demands of a particular locality. This results in poor off take of the vegetables apart from its wastage due to its retention for a prolonged time. Despite their hard labour, they cannot meet their daily expenses due to poor planning.

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    Feeling of helplessness and frustration drive people really to crazy heights. They lose the sense of balance and ration.
    Sometimes these kinds of actions may be instigated by someone. Sometimes it may be mere attention grabbing action. Now people resort to theatrics and dramatic actions knowing well that there are umpteen TV channels live telecasting and also social media channels doing the same job.
    Our bias depends on which side we are. If we are consumer we despise such acts. But if we are also producers like them we tend to support their actions.
    Personally I am always against destructive and damaging acts whatever be the reason behind that.

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    Most probably, selling vegetables wasn't their job earlier and this lockdown has caused all type of business and work standstill but a few and vending vegetable is one them which're allowed.

    But definitely flinging the unsold vegetables on the spot or leaving their vegetables unmanned show their hopelessness and depression due to their joblessness.

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    A few people have reached to the extreme ends and lost patience. We all know that milk once boiled, kept aside to make curd, butter and ghee -thus keeping it in good condition for more days. If these people would have made an effort, they would be gaining than loosing.
    During good times we were giving useful tips for buying vegetables but now we should inform them not to waste and utilise it in a different manner.
    Citizens should be cautious and guide others who are performing such acts. As the census of migrants is an important data similarly the produce grown by the farmers or the methods of earning their livelihood should be disclosed and kept in records. This helps in understanding the problems faced by them.

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