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    There is a good demand for technical content writing

    Many new companies are started during the recent times and the new entrepreneurs are having the fear of their idea being hijacked and copied by others and thus want to copy right their findings and also write technical content writing for the products thus produced and protect them from the illegal copying and making the same prototype. I came across this interesting revelation from a young entrepreneur who seek overseas investment and at the time fear hijacking his ideas by others. So he wanted to video document every event that undergone during the making of the product and patent them.
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    It is a new or old idea that technical content writing. On the internet, many times, come across about freelance writing. It is maybe related to freelance writing. The purpose behind the writing of the above content in the thread is not understood. Even though those who are trained as a freelancer, this thread may trigger to giving such thoughts and in turn it gives some revenue potential to them. Adsense revenue sharing sites are also just like content writing sites. ISC site also provides revenue share bonus in addition to cash credits. It is just like giving rewards to content writing. But, it does not hire any candidate as it opens to anyone who can write on this platform irrespective of his skill in the English language. This site is just like a trainer to enter into technical content writing.
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    I heard many people saying this. Even I received on or two SMS messages asking to contact them if we have any interest. But I have not taken them seriously. But while going through the internet I am not seeing any such advertisements or posts. Technical writing is a multidimensional issue. There are many subjects in which we require some specialised knowledge in the concerned subject. Then only we can understand the requirement and we can write. Patent writing is an art and it requires many inputs and we should know the formats.
    I have written 3 or 4 patents during my career and they got approved and I am also one of the authors in those patents. Only subject matter experts in that particular subject can write the patent in a field. Anyhow it is good that the demand for such people is increasing and these days more people are also available in the market and this will be a piece of good news for such people.

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    Until a patent is received there is always a risk of losing the right. Patenting also has categories one has to take care of these matters as there can be disputes later. Video recordings can come to the support at certain times.
    Technical content writing is another matter and has demand always as such people with competence and expertise both on subject and platform are less.

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    By having the technical content writer at their disposal the new company can ensure all safety precautions and also the patenting issues.
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    I think even content writing itself is a big task and when we talk of technical content writing it must have the core competence of a person in that area and then only he would be able to deliver a good work. There must be good demand for such high end work in the business and industrial areas and if some new ideas are generated then the creator would like to patent it so that no one can copy it just like that.
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    Technical content writing is quite different than that of the usual writing or content writing or creative writing. Generally it is attempted by those professional writers who have a strength in some particular stream like engineering, science, business, commerce, IT etc. So a technical content writer has to have the subject matter expertise also. Most of the time these technical content writers would be creating good quality handouts, reference guides, user manuals, instruction booklets, company white paper, technical document pertaining to their core area and any such other documents. To that extent their job is a responsible one and they have to get input and material from many other workers or executives in the organisation to amalgamate in their writing. They also have to understand the needs and aspirations of the customers of the company so that their write ups are fully effective for the understanding of the customers as well as other business entities who have business relationships with them. Good technical content writers are definitely in demand today in the industry.
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