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    Is the content shown in cartoons these days good for children?

    We all had watched cartoons when we were kids. Undoubtedly we enjoyed a lot watching duck tales, Bob- the builder and many other cartoons. But at the same time we also learn a lot of things watching them like the spirit of teamwork, cooperation, helping and sharing, truth speaking qualities and many others.
    But these days, when we look to the cartoon network and the serials they are highlighting we find that almost all the channels and series either are using abusive languages, slangs or are highlighting the love scenes which are accompanied by kissing, smooches, flirts and not the true essence of love.
    The kids when they see all these things they try to find and search for similar things in their lives. They are also learning weird words and slangs by watching them.

    In such scenario is it good to give the control of television in the hands of child and let him watch whatever he is willing to ?
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    I still like watching cartoons but I am not aware that nowadays cartoons are shown in that way. Tom & Jerry series is always among my favourite ones and if I come across such series while surfing the channels I enjoy it for some time. It's most easy for the children to pick up anything that they see and parents have a great responsibility to raise their children in a good way. The parents are in a dilemma nowadays because in many families both the parents are working and the kids stay in the home with the babysitter. They have a plenty of time and can do whatever they feel like. Spending a lot of time on mobile gadgets, which many kids are habituated to nowadays, is not at all advisable and watching the television for a long time is also not good. With technological advancement, a lot of options are available to the parents to monitor the activities of the kids at home. While parents can lock certain programmes, which are not suitable for children, on television they can also keep a tab on what kind of activities the kids are engaged to when they are alone. It's absolutely the parents' choice about how to raise their children. If they find something not suitable for young viewers they can restrict them and here I would like to mention one thing. After reaching a certain age the parents must not hide anything from the children. The curiosity about sex, relationship, love etc are very natural during adolescence and they must make the children understand about such things without being shy. Young minds always need proper guidance and the parents must take the initiative at a proper time.

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    I have never seen cartoons on TV. But recently we started watching cartoons on Youtube as it is good entertainment for my 2 years old granddaughter. My daughter-in-law will be selecting the videos which are good for the kid. They are good cartoons videos on this channel which are really good for kids.
    The parents should see which cartoon is good for the child and allow the child to see such videos only. If we don't do that and if we allow the kids to see anything they like will have many unwanted repercussions on their life. Showing content which is not required at that age should not be shown to them. Basically, this is the responsibility of the elders in the house to see that their kids will not watch such cartoons onTV. Such cartoons will have a lot of negative impact on the mentality of the kids.

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    It depends on which cartoon we see. There are lots of cartoons being shown on TV which use abusive language as the author mentioned. In our days it was not the case. My kids are not fond of watching cartoons except Doremon or Chota bheem. I don't find anything vulgar in it

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    We are watching cartoons scenes on television and YouTube videos but could not find anything which would drag the children to learn weird words. My children also watch so many videos related to cartoons and stories which are educational.
    We have an option to choose our channels, when personalised we can have a control on them. Using internet can sometimes be a boon and sometimes a bane.Activities of children should be supervised by guardians.

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    #699575 #
    With the term weird language I even meant words like 'apun' , bhidu etc which I heard in oggy and the cockroaches and many others. With values I even meant weird feelings like revenge which is even seen in Ninja, Doremon etc.
    These shouldn't be inculcated in the children

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    At any time there were matters suitable for adults, suitable for children and suitable for the whole family to view together. Discretion and prudence is needed to differentiate these and allow children only contents suitable to them as per their age,
    I was easy in earlier days. As the sources were either books and magazines or movies or dramas which may have adult matter in them, children could be kept away from them or we could easily insulate them. Children also could not so easily have access to them. Children wren not allowed to an 'A' rated movie.
    However after the advent of TVs things were brought home and it was easy for children to access them. This got more complicated after the popularity of hand held devices and internet. If a child wants to view such adult cartoons and any adult content, it is not so difficult now. They may not access them in front of parents, but they can if they really want and will for that.
    The best way is to make them aware of the pitfalls and create good habits like team play games, good social interaction etc. We should give them good illustrated books with moral stories like in old days suitable to their age, and cultivate reading habit also. They should be made to involve in healthy and productive activities involving entertainment and enlightenment.

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    What I feel that the cartoons should be for entertainment of kids and elders and it should not contain the characters and message that may spoil the very mood of the children and elders. I am also the lover of cartoons and I like Tom and Jerry characters. But in that what I felt that the Tom was always portrayed as fit for nothing and Jerry the most intelligent rat. So what kind of signal these cartoons would send the children. That means even when we grow up and we are bound to be careful with small people like Jerry. Never I saw Tom winning over the Jerry and that is knack of Disney to keep us laughing.
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    With time not only the presentations of cartoon programs but all other programs also change. It is said that change is the order of the day. Producers would always go for changes to attract more and more viewers for a particular TV show whether it is cartoon network or news channel. Human emotions have been a driving force in theatre and drama and same has been translated everywhere in all streams of audiovisual presentations. At the same time it is also true that overuse of abusive language and obscene words is not desirable in the cartoons specially meant for the children. For film industry there is a censor board to check and control these things but I am not sure whether there is any such agency for TV shows also.
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    Viewing cartoons channels by the kids is not harmful provided they select series like Tom and Jerry and like serials. It would add their thinking process and may help in expanding their mental horizon. But the parents should see that they are not violating their schedule by changing the channels to see something which could be detrimental for their mental growth. Kids remain interested for a varieties of things and would like to know more from any other sources. Hence we should be vigilant while they are glueing initially and once their attitude is known to their parents. They may be allowed to view their cartoons channels.

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