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    How to deleted a forum post?


    Can anyone please tell me how can I delete a forum post or comment posted by me on
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    Send the link to the admin and ask them to delete it. I don't find any other way to do it.

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    You can click on the edit button and then remove the entire comment made by you and simply type deleted and the press the submit button. Then your comment will not be there but only deleted may appear.
    The matter in the thread raised by you can be deleted in the same way. But in the index, your thread title will appear when you click on that the thread will open and the reader can see only the word deleted.
    If you want to remove it completely, you have to raise a separate thread asking the editors to delete the thread and you can give a link to that post in this new thread.

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    You cannot delete a forum post or comment as such but if you have access to the edit button then you can simply erase your post and in that place write something like 'not relevant so deleted by the author'. That is all. Otherwise give a request as explained by Sanjeev in his response above.
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    I have deleted the post and written deleted in place of my post.
    I hope this is not against policy.

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    You should be sure of your thread title and the summary post or the response before clicking the submit button. Once you submit a thread, the thread cannot be deleted but can be edited to correct the mistakes. Generally, when a post or response is duplicated , we need to delete the duplicate post or response. Otherwise, there is no need to delete an already posted thread or thread response. Anyway, you can delete the content and substitute it with a word "Deleted". Further, the Editors will take care of your thread or thread response.

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    I have also done this when some errors crept in my post or by mistake I had submitted a duplicate post.
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    You are not supposed to delete the submitted forum post as it was reviewed and passed. However you have the right to edit the forum before submitting as the final and therefore read before submitting.
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    Forum posts are never reviewed and passed. It gets indexed as we press the submit button. Though there is a New submission section, that section is not active.Nothing goes to New submission section like the article section.

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    Sun, They are reviewed and deleted if the editor finds them not adhering the guidelines.

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    Sachin, please refer to and comprehend the guidelines in this guideline thread and this one which includes an answer to your query.

    The responses above have partly answered your query in the sense that you may erase the contents you have posted and type out 'deleted' or 'posted by mistake' etc and press the submit button in case the content was posted by mistake but (but) once responses have been posted to your thread or response related to your response have been posted, it would be unethical to remove your contents, wholly or partly.

    In case you want a thread you have posted to be deleted completely, you may either raise a thread requesting the editors, citing reasons, for necessary action or may contact a forum editor through a private message (through the link provided in the profile of the editor).

    All said and done, it would be best, as rightly suggested by Sun, to make sure that your contents are correct as per your requirement, and the requirements of this site, and only then press the submit button. Posting a thread or response and deleting the same on your own will not be considered to be an acceptable practice.

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    Sun, forum threads and responses are posted and indexed as soon as they are published but they are definitely reviewed for necessary action if any, subsequently.
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    I fully agree. But Forum Editors take their own time to review the forum posts. By that time, many would have responded to that thread. This is the reason that most of the deleted threads will have few responses to the post. It is like admitting a patient in a hospital as an emergency case, and doctor shifts the patient to ICU / Mortuary after quite a lot of time.
    Here, the patient is the Thread. Hospital is the Forum Section. The doctor is the Editor. ICU is the Pending section and Mortuary is the Delete section.

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    Sachin, has your query been answered?

    Sun, just for clarification, there is a difference I believe. Editing by an author before the submission is like correcting an answer by a student before submitting the same to the teacher and editing by an editor is like the teacher correcting the paper.

    Coming to your analogy, again, isn't there a difference between a patient needing urgent medical attention being brought late to the hospital and the doctor taking time to shift him to the ICU? The patient himself or his relatives or friends would be (are expected) aware of the medical condition of the patient and they should shift him immediately to the hospital while the doctor might have to go through the medical records and might have to conduct some tests to diagnose the problem and then make a decision. And in some cases, where a speciality doctor is not available, the doctor in the casualty might have to call for him and that delay also need to be anticipated.

    So, let it be that way. Better, I feel.

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    Consider it in this way. It is an area where only one hospital (ISC)is available. Patients(Threads) have no other alternatives other than getting treated by the sole hospital(Forum). And there are no specialists(Editors) except only one doctor (Editor) who needs to take care of all the patients. I would blame the hospital admin authorities for not having sufficient doctors to handle the patients to render timely treatment.

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