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    We need an order to be a human!

    I was discussing a particular situation with a person and he was pleading that there was no government order for making it that way. There is no point in going into the details of that discussion but I am surprised at the particular term 'government order'. I am leaving the government here but let's think only about the term 'order' and how efficient we are to carry any such order. In almost every department, be it government or private, there is an authority who issues orders and the persons involved in those departments strictly follow those orders. The orders may be regarding the entry of persons or maybe adhering to a new schedule, transfer of a worker, etc. Orders can be general or specific to a particular aspect but the thing is the persons involved need to follow those orders. In many places, there are people who carry out their activities only if there is an order and do not act if there is no order. Obviously there is a reason for not carrying out anything when there is no order because disciplinary proceedings may be started against the person acting without any order. Even there are people who do not take initiative to do certain things to others knowing full well that the person requesting such action is in distress. They try to overlook such things by saying there is no order from the higher authorities to carry out such acts which can be easily done on humanitarian grounds in which the higher authorities should hardly object. They are so used to follow only the orders that they forget that they are humans. Let there be an order everywhere to be a human being first. If only then they behave like a human being – I wonder!
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    When people do not want to do a particular thing then they make excuses like that. They would say how can they do it if there is no such order. Suppose in a state the virus situation worsens then can the state administration say that there is no order from the top for lockdown and we would not be invoking that. If they say so then it is simply shirking away from the responsibilities. Sometimes we have to use our common sense and prudence to take a decision rather to wait for an order. So, when there is no will for doing a particular thing or undertaking a responsibility then such patterns are revealed in human beings. Suppose the enemy attacks on our borders then or army would wait for an order from Delhi or simply answer the attack with full force. Let us not make order as the thing of mockery.
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    Already there is an order from God to all of us to be human. That is why we are called human beings. If it is a matter related to the office there will be a code of conduct which is to be followed by all. There is no exception. If it is regarding our conduct in public matters, we have to follow the rules and regulations that are in force and within that only we have to conduct ourselves.
    But to be good to others, help others when they are in need and try helping people who are in problems to the maximum possible extent, I think we need not require any order. But to help somebody we can't steal from somebody. I have seen many people who will come out with some or the other excuse to avoid helping others. Such people may say such words only.
    But when we ask somebody to do some illegal things they can say they have no orders for doing that. Within the limits of law and order to be human definitely, no order is required from government or anybody else.

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    Why an order has been insisted because that particular rule thus imposed must be made known to the people and they need to follow it. For example no mask no material is the order issued by the central and state government and that is strictly followed by the shop owners across the country. And the orders should be detailed and specific to the subject. Some orders have confusing features and that would confuse the authorities and people. For example two wheeler cannot take the pillion as the companion but if the person is from the same family or the sibling they can use the doubles facility.
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    It happens when people don't want to act they make excuses that they are not ordered to do it by the higher authorities. It's really harsh that they even don't follow humanity stating that they are not allowed to do it.

    In the past, I read the news that a boy going on a bike had an accident near the UP border and both the police of Delhi and UP denied to lodge a complaint and didn't take the responsibility of that boy who immediately wanted the medical treatment and ultimately died on the spot. Had they helped this boy on a humanitarian basis he might have been saved.

    Especially the government employees do have such attitude. They don't even bothered to help the people saying that it's not their work and they don't know who's going to help them. Many times we face such problems in the government offices. They should understand that helping people will always give them blessings it's not going to harm them.


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    Sometimes, orders may be modified according to the situation. At the starting of lockdown, no one comes outside of their houses. If it is compulsory then only one member of the family has to come outside to fulfill the daily requirements. But, now the order is changed in such a way that those who come outside they must wear mask otherwise they should be charged penalty or thousand rupees. As per the variations in the order delivered from the state and central governments, the activities of the people are also altered. Some constraints impose on the governments to do like to give orders to the people. In the same way, for government officials also the same thing would be applied. Sometimes, some relaxations are also given to the government servants.
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    It all depends on which side of the counter we are. It is always easy to be wise after the event. A government servant (or any employee) has to follow the rules and guidelines implemented in that organisation. A government servant can work only as per law. What he sees as humane and kindness may lead to some adverse reaction from some other side, and he may be taken to task. Or it can lead to some bad consequence. So to discharge his duties without his own interpretation, he has to follow and work as per 'order' only.

    There are certain officials vested with certain discretionary powers. So they can do something based on the situation and necessity using their discretion.

    Usually the last person in the queue feel disappointed when the counter window is closed on time. He may request or 'humane' consideration. But as there will be many like him, the servant at the counter cannot show any lenience. This same person wild shouts if the person comes one minute late. So these are all relative.

    What every employee can practice is to be civil, polite and decent in responding with even negative answers. The employee has to show empathy and should do the maximum he can without violating norms. Sometimes strictness and discipline may appear as rudeness to many. The customer also has to have empathy and understanding.
    There are a lot many people working in government offices who work sincerely, with empathy and with maximum and extra efficiency sacrificing their own personal life too. This Corona situation you can see many such.

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