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    The education system will change after lockdown?

    2020 will be remembered for decades only because of this pandemic Covid-19. But will the education system is going to be changed? This question is confusing student. Now the students of 2020-21 session are confused that how Boards and universities will take exam. The weightage of syllabus should be decreased. Or the exam pattern should change also. It should be or not?
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    My kids study in 7th standard and at present, they are being given the online classes and the exam pattern is changed for monthly tests. As of now, they have MCQs of all the subjects unlike they used to have before the pandemic. And I feel at least in this session the pattern will be like this.

    I am not sure if the same is being followed by all the schools and for all the classes. Let's see what happens but that's for sure things are going to change with the pandemic.


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    Grammar in all the languages are the major concepts which has to be covered. Maths, Science and Social are the subjects wherein students have to have a clear picture of facts and through experiments. They may not be in a position to digest the contents through online classes so effectively. Post covidteachers have to face a lot of challenges. Through online courses teachers as well as students will suffer health issues after one complete academic year when they reach the regular classes at schools.
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    This is a temporary phase and there are many questions which are not having answers. Only time can tell the answers to those questions. Online education will be on raise and conventional classroom teaching may be coming down. Even after this pandemic Covid-19, this trend will continue and slowly we will see a combination of classroom teaching and online teaching. Coming to the syllabus and examination pattern there may be a change or may not be. Comin to a clear understanding at this moment will be very difficult. ANyhow, changes are inevitable over a period of time. I am seeing a big difference in the present system and the system in the 1970s and 1980s. Like this, we may see a change in the coming days.
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    Keep it in mind that this pandemic is not permanent lasting. For any the syllabus will change, it will help to compensate the students due to worrying mind of this deadly pandemic disease. We are waiting for vaccine. Once vaccine comes, everything becomes normal and it depends upon the Board of Educational bodies whether the syllabus will again change or not.

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    The twentieth year of the last few centuries been worst! People of that era would have experienced the same things but with a span of time everything settled down to normalise.
    Similarly would be this year 2020 that has been affected by COVID 19 pandemic.
    The author of this thread has raised the most popular question of the year 2020, what will become of the education system. Students are confused about what will happen, how will the exam conducted and what system would get them accessed to be promoted to the next class, etc.
    This year I don't think schools would open. This session 2020-21 will be studying from home. It will be difficult for the language teachers to cope through online classes as Sharada has rightly mentioned in reply (#699576). Now, everything will be through the online system. The only thing which will be most affected will be, making of new friends when new session begins.

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    Due to the current situation everything will be through the online system.

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