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    Educational credentials without skills have little meaning

    Every one pursues studies and acquires educational qualifications of all types and during that process a lot of knowledge accumulation and learnings take place. Some people who have no interest in academics and consider studies as a big burden on mind generally discontinue the educational pursuits soon sometimes after completing class 12 or even graduation and then try to make their career in other areas like drama / theatre, singing, business, joining an ordinary job of any type for their livelihood in some organisation etc. Once they divert to such territories from the main course educational pursuits then they soon realise that there are some skills to be developed or learned if they want to do their job successfully or make a career out of nowhere. Many times skills are more important than the formal education. Knowing something is knowledge but how to transform it in real life or business situations to solve a problem or issue requires skills. Members may like to give their views on it.
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    Education is the basic requirement for any job and the skills are to be required while working and those skills will give good chances to the person to progress in the career. These skills can be acquired with the work he is doing are using some time to acquire these skills by doing some additional certificate courses. If a candidate is not getting himself acquainted with the recent developments in skills and the subject so that he can progress in the career. SImply working for long years may not make you get the required skills. You may have to get additional training to get these skills. But they will have a very good impact on your career.
    Some skills you will get only on the job. No institute can give you those skills. These skills are very important to an individual to progress in the career. There is no formal teaching which can give you the knowledge you can acquire through on job training

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    Unfortunately our education is based on bookish knowledge and some theory but when it comes to practical the education cannot assure you the on doing knowledge. For example if a chemical extraction of rice bran oil lesson is being taught in the Engineering class then the practical knowledge for the student is necessary. Through the lab tests the lecturers may convinced the students but my boy insisted to have the personal visit to the rice bran oil company situated in Hyderabad. He took the recommendation letter for project study from the principal and even I accompanied him to the factory, We saw the process of the same and my boy wrote the paper on that. What I mean to say that unless and until the students see the real happening they cannot get fully convinced and some skill has to be imparted to understand fully.
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    Education has its value definitely, whether the person becomes skilled or not. Even a failed person will have learned at least something if not all of what he was taught. He also will have a certain amount of basic knowledge. Those who had passed qualifying exams are those who passed the given minimum threshold and got qualified for that. Hence we cannot count them a zero. They are a better few from their lot.
    When there is more competition for something and the selection is only a few, there needs some elimination. The educational qualification serves as the first such parameter to shortlist some. Then from them, the best at that time is selected. Skill can be achieved with exposure, experience, and orientation.

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