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    Parents should not give up on educational needs of children

    Salaries are being cut, even in existing profit-making companies. There is a big lack of demand and the immediate area where the cost reduction can be done is on supervisory salaries and a total freeze on recruitment at the workmen level.

    There is a big impact on farm incomes as well. There is a lack of demand everywhere and only the good monsoon predicted now may bring some cheers to the farmers. The net result is that the parents are now borrowing money from banks in the form of jewel loans, where they can just pay the interest and keep paying the loan whenever they can. More so, in the co-operative banks.

    This pressure on parents is understandable. I have counseled at least a few parents who now feel the pinch, where the wife is not employed and the children are in the senior classes. The online classes have imposed a fresh cost -- the cost of internet services on parents. Yet, the only option is to find some avenue where the ladies can make some money. One such option is to go in for food-related items. With summer on and no big signs of the rains coming, many families have started manufacturing papads at home and selling them to the slightly richer families.

    Such options of making some extra money to tide over the present crash crunch is an urgent imperative. Parents should not give up any investment in the educational needs of children, pan-India.
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    Absolutely things have changed after the COVID 19 spread. The price of everything has increased. Even daily consumable products have become costly.

    A few days back I went to the hair parlour to get my son's hair cut. They have increased the rate too. When I asked why they have increased the rates they said Sir we have to buy sanitizers also these days from where we will buy it if we don't increase the rates.

    Fees of the schools in Delhi has reduced due to government intervention until everything gets well. I myself have paid 75% of the fess which I used to pay in the past. I understand it's difficult for us to pay the high school fees when there are huge salary cuts. But education is very important for a child to get so we must try our best to provide him/her at any cost. Things will get better with the time.


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    Many people lost their jobs and many private companies are paying only half the salary only. They are facing a very tough time. People who are having good pay packets can manage if they are getting half salary only. But people who are getting Rs.25K or 30K as full salary, with half of that how they will manage. In cities like Hyderabad house rent itself will be somewhere between Rs.6K to Rs.11K.
    Small companies where there is no work asked their employs to get out. They are on the roads. Rates are increased. Online teaching for students is started in cities and big towns. But villages are not ready for that. Internet cost is one expense and they have to provide a computer or a laptop or smartphone for the students to read. All these require money and really, people are stuck without understanding what to do.

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    Who said that the educational needs of the children are being paused or neglected by the parents in the present crisis. In fact every parent is making provision for the education and future requirements of the child even forgoing their personal needs and requirements. One of the parent who used to send her child for the international school by paying 30,000 for the bus, has now shifted her house near to the school so that the transport money could be saved. This way the parents are taking action to combat the challenges posed in recent times and no parent is taking chance in case of children education.
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