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    Is it the right time to make uniform syllabus across the nation?

    We have been hearing that the Government is trying to make the syllabus uniform across the nation. But it did not materialise yet. Presently, different schools are following different books of their own publications. During this Corona virus time, we don't know how to open the schools and conducting online classes may not be feasible for all the schools. At this juncture, why can't the Government make a uniform syllabus in English and vernacular languages across the nation and ask the state governments to teach through DD channels both in English and vernacular languages? Schools may just take a nominal fee for the enrolment of the students so that students are attached to a particular school during this Corona time. Governments may ask the electricity grids not to make any power cuts during the classes.
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    It is a good idea to take uniform syllabus all over the country. Then there should not be separate boards like State boards, CBSE etc. All schools should have the same syllabus and all students should read the same syllabus. The medium of instruction can be English or the local language and the choice can be left to the students and the parents.
    Then examination all should be of the same pattern and the qualifying criteria should also be uniform for all the students. But first of all, it should be started to primary school students and after that every year one additional class is to be introduced in the same stream.
    Now as there are no classes and all teachers are having time work on, they can be asked for making the syllabus and finally, a team can be made to review and finalise the syllabus. HRD Ministry in the Central government should take a lead and implement the same at the earliest and implement and see the result.

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    Most of the schools would have selected their textbooks and raised the orders to their publishers. Hence the government can create a user friendly questionnaire so that all the state and central syllabus students can submit their replies through online mode. Kerala state has adopted an online mode similarly the classes can be done through media's support.
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    A good and innovative thought that can be considered for state syllabus but cannot force other boards to follow. CBSE and ICSE already have a uniform syllabus and they follow it everywhere. It is just the state boards that have to have a uniform syllabus.

    Now when we talk about the uniform syllabus, there are many points that need to be tackled before taking a final decision. Some of the common concerns are:
    a) Every state has its language and when we have 29 states and 9 union territories and having English the only language as compulsory and the 2nd and 3rd language varies, which language can they finalise?
    b) Every state has its own history and teaches its students about is and just an outline about other states. How will the centre decide about the history of the country or each state in the uniform syllabus?
    c) Every state has its own geographical importance and changes that is taught to its students. How can the centre decide on teaching about every state under common syllabus?
    d) Every state has its own civics and members in the cabinet. How can a common syllabus cover 29 states and 9 union territories?
    e) We had so many leaders, kings, rulers, poets, scientists, sports personalities, writers, teachers, etc whos texts are in the syllabus and taught to the students of that state giving importance to local writes and personalities. How can the centre decide on this?

    We either have to compromise on certain issues, things and languages to come up or even think of common syllabus in every state for the children in their respective classes. Unless an answer is found the above points, common syllabus for state is out of context.

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    Good set of points raised by you. Regarding your queries, here are my suggestions.
    a)The first language (mother tongue) syllabus is to be decided by that particular state State only. The English and Hindi or Sanskrit language syllabus is to be uniform across the nation. The same Hindi, Sanskrit or English text books can be used as first or second or third language books depending on the state.
    b)History, Geography and Civics syllabus is uniform for CBSE and ICSE boards and students of different states study those subjects irrespective of which state they live in and are competing with state board students in competitive exams. So, there is no issue in studying a uniform syllabus.
    e)The particular state specific subjects can be included in the 1st language (Non-detail) book. Interested students can study that book.

    Since, we already have uniform syllabus boards (CBSE and ISCE) across the nation, I think there will not be a problem for the state boards to follow the syllabus of CBSE board (as the government is of the opinion of bringing in CBSE syllabus across the nation).

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    This is a requirement long due but due to many reasons and vested interests could not be materialised. There should be no doubt a uniform syllabus across the country. Let all the children be exposed to the same syllabus and then there would not be any observation from the selection committees or campus recruiting authorities to distinguish between the colleges. This should had been done decades ago but could not be done but the present Govt which is being now well known for implementing many revolutionary ideas would be implementing it soon. If citizens support this move Govt would be able to do it easily.
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