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    Is it an individual's decision or a team's decision?

    This thread questioning ISC's action is a genuine one. I have seen many threads are sent to the delete section. I wish to know whether the decision to send a thread to the Delete section is one individual's decision or a team's decision. I strongly feel that at present, one single individual is deciding the quality of the thread. What I sincerely recommend is that it should be decided by a group of Editors.
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    I feel only one Editor only will take a decision regarding this. Not only this the article approval, Ask Experts answers editing and awarding CC to special forums or replies to the thread will also be decided by only one editor. This the policy of the ISC and I think members may not have any say in deciding this. I think the contest awards and other awards will be decided by a jury which will have more than one editor in the jury.
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    Yes it is the fact that many threads are sent to the delete section without citing reason but it is said that the similar kind of content already raised will not be acceptable and hence would be deleted. But the decision should not vest with the single editor. Some threads may look similar but convey other content and message to which our members would be ready to respond differently. The relation between the members and editors must be cordial and not like the Tom and Jerry relation. By the way it take thought to raise the thread and author feels that more responses would be coming and when the thread is deleted, that gives the biggest jolt of being insulted and the member feels to sulk in future raising the thread. What I suggest that instead of deleting let the editor modify the thread to suit the ISC guidelines and that would keep the good relations of the members.
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    It is not welcomed to delete the threads even in forum section. Editors say that forum threads on the same content would not be allowed. For example, a person in ISC wrote the content in the thread on the Covid-19 issue. That thread was deleted by the editor. In addition, it is reported that the written thread is on the same topic. Here is one point is to be remembered that no person provides same headings to thread. Next, the person would like to write in a different angle to provoke the thought in other members on the same topic. For that, he uses a different mechanism in his writings. So, that is to be acknowledged by the editors to boost the experience in the forum thread. Most of the members met in forum thread may not write to score the points for revenue share bonuses. Instead, they are trying to improve their language and vocabulary. So, it is suggested to editors that the forum content in the thread is plagiarized then the content is to be deleted, otherwise the content is to be modified according to the standards of ISC.
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    I was always of the stand that anything to function needs smooth compliance. Hence I refrained from even doubting, leave alone alleging and accusing bias or injustice on the editorial side. I had always given the delegated authority its respect and acceptance. It was because of that strong sense that I have never ever questioned any decision of the editorial (member or team) or WMs even though a few times I had felt disadvantaged on some or other matter.

    When from various threads I see that there is some disenchantment from members on one or other matter and the same gets repeated, I feel it is time to pause and look about it. The responses above also indicate such feeling directly or in a hidden way.

    In my career I was taught that to accept and give one need not hesitate or review, because there is no loss for the other person. But to reject, one should think twice. Rejection, return and refusal can lead to some kind of loss to the other person. It can give rise to complaints and disenchantment and negative advertisement. Hence our system mandated a second layer of authority to review such cases. That means if something applied for is rejected or refused, then that has to be put up to a higher authority and concurrence obtained for rejection.

    I think if possible such a system be implemented in ISC, at least experimentally. In short, there need an appellate layer in ISC.

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    Why I raised this thread? I had raised a thread after going through a scientist's report on the effect of Solar eclipse over the earth. As a scientist, he has hoped to see some changes in the present virus present on the earth. I shared the same information in the ISC forums for discussion and opinion of our intelligent members. It was termed as poor quality thread and sent to the delete section.

    Is it a topic unfit for discussion? In which way it is a poor quality thread? I think it was a consoling thread while the world suffers. There can be a sudden magical effect against Corona. Who knows? The Eclipse could kill the virus and provide great relief.

    The Editor should have modified the thread or sent it to the Pending section to get the opinion of other editors.

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    I agree with you. If there can be 20+ threads on the subject "Blackboard" in the forum section, what restricts a few members thread on the same topic with different titles and summary. For a contest, ISC can allow it, but in practice, ISC won't allow it. Is it not a double standard?

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    When ISC is not giving credence nor giving cash credits to every forum posts or threads, then what makes them to delete the matter. And if the matter seems to be duplicate or already trending , the author who just posted does not have the iota of its trending and thus punished for no fault. Moreover we are all giving our valuable time to this site and that must be respected and if the thread is deleted or removed the insult is taken to heart and why should we waste the time. The editors also have the liberty to change the heading or content little bit and allow to be trending instead of totally deleting.
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    The post highlights bitter experience or rejections or even say insult as mentioned by members. It is known that members spend time to make a thread and post it in the forum for members to discuss or provide feedback. Some contents may be similar, some with added notes, some having the same subject but from a different angle and some new. As there are different ways of presenting the same story, so also a thread can be presented in many ways and it would be appreciating if the editor of the concerned forum either send PM to the member about the thread, what it lag, any correction if required, the reason for deletion, etc. This would help the member to know the reason for pending or deletion of the post and change accordingly. When we say, "Learn to Earn, Earn to learn", it means we need to know what and where a member lag and then only he/she be able to correct their mistake and move forward.

    When the editor is going through the post and doesn't find it fit for the forum, he/she knows the reason for it and you have the right to delete if it does not fit the standard of the site but atleast send a PM to the member highlighting where he/she straggled so as to improve. This will help them to be cautious, change and even improve. It is well-known that ISC has its quality and standard but even members are required to maintain the site at its top position.

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    I think posts of many members are being deleted due to various reasons as per the issues of compliance with ISC rules and policies and editors are given this responsibility of allowing or disallowing a thread. They must be using their prudence and judgement in the matter. So, any member who is posting a thread which is either not in line of the ISC policies or is duplicate in nature or contains some offending and aggressive material or is in the nature of mocking someone then it has to be deleted by the authorised person. Now when a person (editor) is engaged in such a responsible work it can happen at times that out of the 20 threads which deserve deletion he might miss one or two of that lot but we should not make it a precedence that why my thread was deleted and not his. These are small matters. I am a neutral person and do not take sides with the editors or members but my approach in the matter is that if I see that one of my post is deleted then I find out why it was deleted and believe me without talking or writing to editors I find it invariably and find the reason also and then I post another one sometimes on the same topic in a congenial way or some other topic and that post gets through. So, I do not think that if a few posts are deleted, it is an issue. We can churn out as many posts as we desire and post them so there is nothing a big deal in this. Actually by telling the editors that they are unnecessarily deleting our posts we are not only making ourselves spotted but also making the editors also conscious about this and next time they would see our post more thoroughly of course without any bias. Let us simply forget about the deleted posts and submit some new interesting posts.
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    Umesh, Not only you, but many of us also will take the decision of the Editor as correct and we will try to understand why it is deleted and we will be silent. But members like Sun and Mohan may be asking these questions as they are here from long. They also will not react always. They react only some times when they feel that there is nothing wrong in their post.
    An examiner may be valuing many answer papers. He may be doing a mistake in valuing a candidate's paper. In such a case, the candidate can go for revaluation. It can not be taken as a complaint against the valuing teacher. It is for justice to the candidate. Sometimes revaluation will not give any advantage to the candidate but he will have the satisfaction that he is not deceived.
    The same here also he is trying to make his point. We all know that finally, the Editor will be always right.

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    And 24 hours has been passed since the author has posted this thread and not a single editor came in for discussion and this proves that our rants are in line and we have the right to know the reasons for the deletion. Please never say the threads are similar or lacks the ability to attract the response. I bet what ever thread appears here, there is at least one member who has the guts to respond and that would set the bell ringing for others to do so. Do not make this forum more strict and only experienced members are using it wisely and do not create a hurdle for our progress to learn and earn which is our right.
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    I am sure whether it's a decision of an individual or a team it is done according to the guidelines. Yes, after spending a lot of time on a thread if it is deleted it hurts but a bit of analysis may help to understand the issue. I am writing this reply after reading your comments @ #699668. There you have mentioned that the thread which is deleted was related to the thought of one scientist who hoped that some changes will be there on the COVID-19 situation as a result of the Solar Eclipse. Well, it was only a hope and I am sure not much science was there. Do you think the serious issue of COVID-19 which we are facing now will be resolved by sharing some hopes? Along with that 'hope,' somebody will refer to some religious scriptures too to support their views. It is better not to just hope but to share some real scientific breakthrough to stop the pandemic the world is facing. There is no point in applying a balm to a serious wound.

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    We are not here to discuss only the reality and facts. We can also discuss the future with hopes and visions, and predictions. ISC says -" This is a general discussion forum site which includes technology forum, political discussions, travel, education and sports forums, religious forum, entertainment forum, and so on. You are welcome to the best forum to actively participate in our forum discussions, share your thoughts, express your views or silently watch what others talk.

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    For kind reference and comprehension of all those who are interested-









    (Note- This list is not exhaustive)

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    The subject is "Deletion of threads" in various forms on various occasions. This thread is to know whether it is one individual editor's decision to delete or an editorial team to delete. This thread is entirely different from the earlier threads.

    Good, you have taken pain to search the good old past threads. But they don't answer my query raised in this thread. One man army is always dangerous.

    While the whole world is discussing about the Eclipse and its impact on Corona, why should ISC Editor (A single Editor) have a different opinion on the topic. Is it indecent, absurd, vulgar, meaningless, what?

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    I think if reason of deletion of any thread or post is also explained simulationsly instead of explaining it after the reaction of the members against deletion of their post or thread will be welcomed by all the members of ISC.

    Even teachers are also liable to explain the reason of their action to the students if the matter is related to them. Do the members of ISC not deserve to be considered as more than the students ?

    I hope this suggestion of mine will be entertained.

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    I don't think it's a big deal if any post or thread is deleted or locked by the staff. Also it's not necessary that this decision should be taken by the team after collective analysis of the thread or post as this process will be time consuming. Individual decision concerning deletion of threads is as important and respectable as the decision of the team.

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    Yes. It is not a big deal if a thread is deleted or locked. I don't mind a thread getting locked, but not getting deleted without any valid reason. Simply saying that the thread is of poor quality is not good.

    ISC should let the threads of most senior members. They should not treat the senior diamond and platinum members like ordinary members. Senior members don't post meaningless threads with indecent, abusive, absurd or vulgar language. There should be some consideration. If at all their thread get deleted, the reason for deletion should be informed with due justification.

    Let ISC respect the seniority of members. It is like kicking the ladder after reaching the height.

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    This thread was locked by the editor and now unlocked. Why? I think the Editor is undecided and confused as to what to do with this thread. He has not responded in detail whether deletion is decided by one editor or a group of editors. Forum is a section filled with activities, and should have more editors. The decision to delete a thread should be decided by a group of editors. Presently Forum is ruled by one single Editor with no one to check or question. Genuine threads are being deleted. The system needs change.
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    The thread was locked by me but I decided to re-open it later for clarity after checking the threads in the deleted category.

    There were no "genuine" threads there. The system does not need to change as forum editors are following the guidelines given to them. It is, frankly, members like you who need to change, since you have been an active forum participant for many years and by now know what is what. A prime example is the one you are objecting to having been deleted. Should we really be propounding wild theories such as a solar eclipse killing the virus?! To put it bluntly, that is rubbish. It is akin to the ridiculous theories during the early lockdown days that group clapping and lighting diyas would make the virus go away. That thread was deleted. Yet you come up again with the topic. Look again at the Grammarly thread. It was deleted and yet you come up with a second thread. Don't you think there should be some respect for the editing work? Why are there forum editors? They are there for a reason, isn't it, to ensure a vibrant forum with good topics for discussion that are within the guidelines issued? How many times are you going to raise such threads to object?

    I also recall repeatedly requesting you not to target Saji Ganesh (yes, I will take his name directly since it is obvious that it is he you are always referring to). Yet, you do so, in a very unfair manner, trying to constantly convey that he is a nobody. He is the Lead Editor of the forum, he does have authority like any of the other forum editors, to delete threads or appreciate through cc, etc.

    It would also be good if you don't raise questions like the title of this thread. It is not necessary to know every little aspect of the work behind the scene.

    And yes, in the role of ME I am the appellate layer of ISC. That is why I have responded here, though fully aware that you have never accepted anything I have stated on earlier occasions. You see, I care about doing my best to maintain harmony between all of us and also stop the bad vibes that emanate from threads like this which creates a wholly wrong impression of what forum editors do.

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