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    Do you think on going conditions in India causing depression among people?

    As we all know both India and many other nations around the world are facing tough conditions due to COVID pandemic. People are damaging both economically and mentally, even social relationships to had made a new turn as one not able to meet others same like past. These kind of conditions causing depression among people and take some non-forgivable steps namely suicide. What do you think , really conditions are that much tough, if yes what could be done for one to overcome such state and be normal
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    Certainly the lives has changed and we are forced to move with lots of self imposed curbs and also of the rules posed by the govt. Previously we used to visit the places, visit the people and the Sundays used to be memorable with get together and parties. And now we are forced to stay at our home and with our children. Even children are getting depressed as they are not allowed to playing out and not allowed to meet their friends. How long one would talk over the phone and get to know about each others. The personal touch with others lost, the partying out and going long drive has become the past experience, the children miss their garden plays and out door activities, the elders miss the morning walk, some chatting with like minded people not possible now and all these changes are not digestible to the new era people.
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    I agree that people are getting depressed. But it is not only in India. All over the world, it is like that. All the people are very much about the ongoing COVID pandemic. Many people are losing their jobs and that is making them very much worried and that is taking them to depressed. Nobody knows how it comes when it comes and how it behaves. With all these uncertainties day by day the cases are rising and people are dying. So all are worried.
    But some people without understanding the seriousness of the problem going on to the roads without following the precautions putting their lives as well as other's lives in danger. I don't know whether they will give importance to their lives or not. The behaviour of such people also causing a lot of depression. But we should come out of that depression with to have a better life in the coming days. Getting into depression will do more harm and we will get into a negative mood. So we should be optimistic and positive in our thoughts. That will take us out of all difficulties.

    always confident

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    Even in normal situation, many people were suffering from depression and were taking extreme steps in their lives. With the virus threat the situation is further deteriorated and has put a big question mark on the employment opportunities and livelihood of the people at large. As per the reports, by some agencies in internet, today in India about 30 to 35% people are unemployed. This is a very big figure for a country whose population is around 130 crores. How these people are going to be helped for getting a job is a big challenge for the Govt and even after the virus threat ends it is going to be a herculean task to revive the economy and engage these people in constructive territories.
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    As we have studied in Psychology that different people have different triggers for setting of depression in their personalities. Depression is an unwanted entity but unfortunately when it enters a person then it becomes difficult to get rid of it. The present situation is also acting like a strong trigger for many of us to go in depression. Occupying oneself creatively and keeping oneself somehow engaged is the only way to tackle with this challenge though that also is not an easy schedule to adopt while remaining confined to the house. We can only hope that the present grave situation dissolves away to give way to good times.
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    No doubt at present whole world is in crisis due to covid-19 pandemic. In such cases, it is very difficult to live happily where all around negativity is there. people are not only suffering mental problem as well as economic backwardness. Day-by-day condition is going to be worse. No of corona affected person is on increase and as a result of it people are dying more. Most of the people feeling psychological stress due to pandemic. They are compel to stay at home. Every age group is restricted up to boundary wall of house. Whether be young or old, all are getting depressed due to lack of activity. Even kids are being more irritating due to lack of outdoor games. Depression can be seen in higher society also especially in cinema field, it is going to be more horrible. Many actor and actress did suicide in last two month. Yesterday a famous actor of bollywood 'sushant singh Rajput's suicide news gave big shock to our country. As per media, depression was main reason behind it. Moreover, many famous personality tweeted on social media about their depression. Deepika padukon is one of them. So, we should be creative and innovative in crisis period so as to stress may reduce. We all need to have patience and optimistic till everything becomes normal.

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    Even China is depressed and worried now. Beijing is experiencing the virus thread now. As of now, there are over 90 cases reported. It is a new beginning in China.
    It is hoped that the virus effect would come down after the Solar Eclipse on 21 June. Let us wait and watch. Eclipse has some magical effect that might put an end to the virus.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes. This is a tough time for India and for the rest of the world people also. The job crisis and fear of COVID-19 causes anxiety among the people and that causes panic in relationship, jobs, and mind also.
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    There is one more thing to the problem of depression in human beings. Many people are sensitive and too sentimental. They would think about every statement made by others in deeply and sometimes found out some meaning in that which the person who made it never intended. So flight of the mind of sensitive people takes them to unwanted meanings behind speeches and scions and this is a worrisome thing about them. Any person who goes deeply in some issue even if the issue does not require or deserves to get so much attention, sometimes caught in the web of depression. Once it sets in then it becomes difficult to come out of it as it becomes a comfort and secluded zone of dwelling for that sensitive individual. Now the present pandemic is adding fuel to fire and has added isolation and joblessness and is taking a toll of people especially the people who were already suffering with depression due to merely personal or social reasons.
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    Depression isn't just a name but has started affecting the world like a pandemic in fact more.
    A pandemic in its initial stages affects every 20th person, then every 7th person and then the whole community. But depression starts with the community level. It doesn't affect a single person at a time rather the whole group of friends.
    Talking about its effectiveness, usually the youngersters are most affected by it. At the teens age it starts and is fully fledged developed in an adult person from 20 to 37 years of age. During the 30's it is in its final stage.
    Have you ever wondered why aged people, our parents and ancestors were not the sufferers of depression?

    The most important reason behind this was that they were always indulged in work unlike the present and upcoming generations.
    The present generations are undoubtedly working hard for their career and success but they are stuck to a single thing. They work like an ox of an animal but they have narrowed their work spirits. A person in the morning is going to his job, working immensely hard and coming back to his home he thinks about the next days target. He forgets about his family and other interests. He doesn't devote time to his kids, his love. In such cases if he loses the job he would certainly lose his love for his life.
    If he had devoted some time to writing, painting, playing he would have some spirit and innovation left in his mind to overcome the stress and start a new business with new versions of him.
    I think a person who writes, paints, plays or pursues his interest has lower chances of falling into the pit of depression. Hence, these should be inculcated.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Yes, everything has changed due to coronavirus effect. People have constraint themselves and social life has come to still. But that's okay things will change but till then it's better to follow the routine which people are following these days.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    There were tough times earlier also. Even otherwise individuals face tough times on various situations. Even now there are people in various countries facing tough situations of various kinds.
    However as the major section of present population did not face very tough situations as a community or country, they do not have any readymade solutions to remedy the difficulty. At the same time most of the present generations have experienced relative comfort and convenience and habituated to indulgence in their own ways of pleasure and happiness that even a temporary denial or hindrance to them make them panic. The reason is that present population has a very low level of tolerance in anything. To say technically, we are not properly " toughened and seasoned'. A metal has to undergo tempering to be strong and sturdy to withstand variations. Similarly humans also have to undergo tempering and toughening to withstand stress and strain of difficult situations

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    Depression is not a new thing and existed even then. If one says that depression did not affect the people in the past, it may be wrong as during old age or during our grandparents or great-grandparents time, they had many issues like caste, creed, hunger, sati, religious differences, dowry, etc and they had to fight even more. Even the small children had to work for a living. The children would get-up early in the morning, help in house chore, go to school, finish his even work and then go to play, etc. They were always busy with work or surrounded by people like family, friends, etc.

    Now, we have become a nuclear family, we think only about ourselves. As mentioned by members, we have become narrow-minded, and even feel suffocation when any guest comes in or stays for a day. The helping mentality has gone and we just want to be us.

    Just imagine of the exp[atriates who are working in other countries, they are away from their family, do not know the local language, new methods, technology, etc. They are toiling hard for the family, alone but find solace in the evening when they talk to their family, their parents, wife, children, friends, etc. They have a common routine, get up early, go to work, come back, do the chores, phone, watch TV/Mobile, go to sleep. Don't you think they should be more depressed than the one's staying with their family?

    The main point of depression is how we are prepared to face challenges, situations, etc. Being a nuclear family, everything is provided without a 'No' or rejection or explanation. When we grow up getting every facility, how can we be prepared to face failure, challenges of life, a rejection, etc? How can one understand that when one door closes, there are still other doors waiting to be opened but we need to search for it and knock it? Hope the new generation parents teach their children the value of life, failure, rejection and also teach them the hard lesson of life that nothing comes easy. This is the only way to bring down depression and suicidal rates.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Certainly, I agree with the author that the depression among the people is increasing day by day due to the present situation. Many people have lost their jobs. Many people have not received their salary and the salary is due for 3-4 months. The business is almost none for the last 32 months. There is no hope for the salaried person for the future. Labours have migrated to their respective villages and there are no jobs for them. Govt. of every state is trying best to solve the problem but not succeeded so far.

    So, every person is thinking about the future of his family and is worried about the present scenario.

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    The spread of COVID 19 has affected us not only in the economic as a result of lay off the employees from the different sectors but has affected us mentally even with the undue stress for which we don't have any emerging solutions. The worst part is the uncertainty in relation to restoration of normal timing.
    Working from home is not the best alternative for most of the employees especially the employees working in IT industries. In the working environment face to face relationship has some distinct advantages such as highlighting the different merits in case of shifting some working modalities and immediate approval of the bosses in taking up an appropriate decision can be implemented in no time where as in absence of such environments, a little irritation develops and some may fall in the grip of depression.
    Even the kids don't feel better due to their confinement. Sometimes they are disciplined by their parents with the frequent remarks such as silly. stupid, careless etc which put them under severe strain.

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    Noe in Chennai again the lockdown is imposed. All activities will come down to a standstill. The condition of the people is very bad. How people get their livelihood? What way do they manage their expenses? There are are some news that all over India there will be lockdown again. If it really happens, how the economy of the country will be? Many people can't have food to eat and no money to manage anything. Already many people lost their jobs and many more may come out now if the lockdown is introduced again. The condition is very depressing.
    Why people are not taking care of their health? They are causing anxiety to all the people. People should follow all the precautions and go out only when it is necessary and we should put others at risk. Social distance is to be followed. Then only the cases will come down. The lives will go to worst from bad if again lockdown is declared and many people die because of no food.

    always confident

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