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    How I can submit practice test ?

    Hello Sir,
    Last week, I join the Indiastudychannel. I am currently working in the Exams section to download the previous question paper. Now in the Exams section I try to work on a practical test, but I don't know how to work in this section. So please guide me.
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    Shishir, welcome to ISC! Please refer to this thread on posting limits in India Study Channel. The Practice Test section is no longer open and hence you won't be able to submit contents in that section. Being a new member, I suggest you read the comprehensive guide to new members and also the links therein to understand the site better.
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    Shishir, welcome to ISC and as already suggested by the Lead Editor you must go through the policies and guidelines to understand the subtleties of this site. Please note that this is a big site and there are many sections and each has its own uniqueness. Once you start working you will slowly learn the things. In case you find any difficulty, please raise a specific post in forum section and the editors or members would be happy to guide you and help you. One more thing I want to tell you is that this is a site where there are many learning opportunities like taking part in contests which are frequently organised here, asking questions or answering the questions, writing articles etc. Many members have sharpened the writing skills here and I always mention this to the interested new members. Have a nice time in ISC and start your creative journey.
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    Shishir welcome to ISC as a new member and the practice test questions are already posted to the brim and any new member cannot add the same. Still if you have any other doubts please share here to clarify.
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