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    Do you recommend conducting cricket matches now?

    Since 4 months there are no cricket matches and people are seeing old matches on TVs only. This Corona Virus brought all games and sports to a standstill. No activity in that area.
    Now the Indian government has relaxed many lockdown conditions and normal conditions are being brought back.
    The Virus is still active and cases are increasing day by day and deaths are also increasing. We don't know how long this condition will continue.
    Now there are discussions about conducting cricket matches and IPL tournament. They say these matches can be conducted in the studios without spectators. But players, supporting staff and stadium maintaining staff should be there. If anyone of them is getting affected with Corona, what will happen to all the others? How to maintain social distance and other precautions? I feel it is not safe to have these matches at this point in time? What are the views of other members?
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    I don't think it's a right time to conduct cricket matches or any sport meet. Still the coronavirus is active and it's not easy to maintain social distance in sports tournaments.

    In IPL players come from other countries and states to play and in such a condition it is possible that it may spread from one person to another, therefore, it is better to take precautions.


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    It is not the time ripe to play cricket. All the rich are selfish to make more and more wealth while the world suffers and fears their health. While we are not conducting any examination for the students, what is the need for the players to play games? Can't we keep the sports away till we drive the corona away from our land? The cricket players should think of helping the people suffering from Corona rather than thinking to play sports at this time of crisis.
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    Though I am also a ardent cricket fan and would like to see best cricket always but not at the cost of risking lives. The players are secured and they even have the insurance cover for the life but for the ardent fans they are exposed to unknown virus and that may even take their lives. By the way the very purpose of imposing lock down across the country for so many days was to avoid the spread of the virus and also contain the deaths and if cricket games are resumed again, there are every chance of spike in the positive cases not only for the players and also for the entire ground staff and the fans. Therefore I am fully against holding any cricket match as of now. In case the government and board want to conduct matches because the players may loose the touch, let them play so without audience and we shall watch from the homes.
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    The present situation is not conducive to organise any such sports activity. We cannot afford any gathering or interaction of that sort in the present pandemic outburst. Even if they are planning to do it if anything adverse happens then it would bring a bad name to the organisers. I agree that this is a big setback to the cricket community in our county as it was the most loved and attended activity. Let us hope in a few months time if the virus is contained and then slowly eradicated then these sports activities might be restored to their earlier glory.
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