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    It is not easy to understand the psychology of a person

    When we interact with people and observe their behaviour then many of us, most of the times, predict or speculate about their nature and psychology. This is something we do in a haste and our estimations or conclusions might not be true. To analyse a person in detail and to find out the motive behind his gestures or actions is not an easy task. Expert psychologists might be able to decipher such riddles. So, we should not judge a person just like that based on a few incidences where we come in contact with him or her. It requires a longer association and wider interaction to understand the psychology of a person. What do you think about this?
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    To read the psychology of a person we need to behave with them. we need to travel with them and we need to share our experiences and moments of life with them. As they reciprocate their views, we could able to gauge the exact way of their physiological balance. What I have observed that some people try to behave strangely with those who are not much interest to them but yet to continue the friendship and relation. In that case they may not open up as expected and our estimation would be going wrong. Moreover the psychological behavior of the person may be based on certain issues, certain matters or on some persons and they are not always bad. Therefore we should not generalize and arrive at the conclusion on seeing the behavior on single occasion. A person always changes when the situation amicable to him.
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    True. It is never easy to understand the psychology of the other person. Even though we will be spending a lot of time with the other person we can't understand his nature correctly.
    I was having an uncle (My father's cousin brother). When we see him or when we talk to him, we feel that he is a perfect gentleman. He respects everybody and he never talks loud with anybody. All the relations who are close to him also though that he is very gentle. But his true nature came out when he quarrelled with his parent's for property. He even beat his parents as they have given some part of their property to his sisters also. Once people have seen this, everybody lost the good opinion they had on that particular person.
    Only people who have seen many people in their lives and who have good knowledge about human behaviour only can understand the psychology of the other persons.

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    If you come across a man behaving in a gentle way, not speaking loudly and is not rude while dealing with the people. His patience and soft spokenness would indicate his gentlemanliness. However, his true nature may be otherwise also and the same can be assessed if you could collect the entire details of his behaviour in the different places and timings. Hence to know the true nature of a man, you would require a long association to now the different faces he is having in the different times.

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    Just by having some little interaction with someone does not make us capable of determining his nature or behaviour. Human nature is the most complex thing on the Earth and it requires much intelligence, patience and skills to decipher it completely. Some psychologists claim that they can find out the true nature of a person by talking to him or by taking some sort of psychological test. I do not how true and authentic that claim is but in my thinking, only by a large exposure and long association probably we can make something about someone but that also might prove wrong as such cases have happened around us and are quite baffling.
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    You are right. That's why "first impression is the best impression" is true because people often associate behavior with character. Character of a person is like climate of a region. Behavior of a person could be tantamount to weather experienced by a region. Weather changes a lot. For an instance, once I was in a beach with my friends. My friend was talking to me about a serious thing while all I could think about was going to washroom. My friend thought I'm uninterested in her thoughts and called me names.
    This is where emotional intelligence comes into play. You must be subjective in thinking. You should imagine why the other person feels or does that way. Psychology isn't particularly tough, if you learn to master your "self". If you know yourself inside out, you can easily feel and understand the person you are talking to.

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    Psychology of a person is very difficult to understand as it keeps on changing with time, condition, circumstances and situation. A person at a time may be very happy from outside but is in deep pain inside. A person may be very sad outside but would be happy to be in that situation. It is very difficult to unset the psychology of a person by just 2-5 or a causal meet with them. Psychology can be understood only after understanding them with very aspects. His behaviour, his likes and dislikes, his anger, his love, his curiosity, his fear, his strength, his weakness, etc. A person would be able to share his thoughts, feelings, etc only to the person he/she trusts and would make him/her comfortable. There are many who may be physically present but mentally absent, some may be laughing or smiling but crying inside, some gets angry fast or short-tempered but is very caring, some may not show his love but is very protective and possessive, some may be distracted but knows everything that is happening in front of him. We can just say that "Appearances are often misleading" and need time to understand before judging anyone by 1-2 incidents.
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    I would like to add here that why there was a need of inventing machines like lie detector and other such truth finding mechanisms and techniques in psychology if it was so easy to know the mind of a person talking to us but thinking something else. Sometimes even these techniques fail because a conscious offender would train his mind in such a way that the most advanced and academic methods also not able to read his mind. I personally believe that it is not possible to know about a person fully as he would always be behind some hidden screen and his real motives would be obscured.
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    While I agree that it is not easy to understand the psychology of a person, I don't think it is something that changes with situations, people or circumstances. I think psychology is a basic trait and remains so. We need to differentiate between behaviour and psychology. Though behaviour is basically prompted by the inherent psychology of a person, it is something which a person can manage. But psychology is different. It cannot be managed. Let us take the example of a person who is argumentative by nature. He will carry on arguing irrespective of the results and whether he is right or wrong. But he may relent when he finds that the person on the other side is also unrelenting. This can be termed as the behaviour of the person. But psychology relates to the tendency of the person to keep on arguing irrespective of the reaction of the other side and the level to which he may rise or fall in his effort to establish his point. He might change his emotional and reactive patterns and may even go to the extent of quarrelling just to establish that he is right. This mentality of not relenting is a psychological trait.

    I understand that the author has been a student of psychology and may be able to explain the concept better. But I don't think it is very difficult to understand the psychology of a person because it is a set pattern in which an individual behaves and reacts; yes, it will take time and depends on the period and nature of the interaction you have with that person.

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    Are you interested in learning how to understand a psychology of a person?Once a person masters the subject psychology and practice it through collecting information from a group of people working in various sectors, caste or creed will give a final idea on guaging them.
    They master over the art. One of my friend was a psychology teacher who would explain our behaviours through our signatures.

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    Human mind is a subject even modern science could not understand or prove. It still remains as abstract and seen mostly in the realms of literature and philosophy.
    As per our ancient knowledge, mind is categorised as a Jnaanendriya.(sense of knowledge). It is an 'antarindriya"or an inner sense. Hence it is not understood by the person himself and others. Human mind remains unfathomable.
    Eventhogh Psychological studies try to understand the human mind by its behavioural patterns, and based on that try to give some behavioural prediction, it still eludes full comprehension and remains as mystery or unexplainable.

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    From reading the above responses it is coming out that the inherent psychology of a person is determined by his genetic codes as well as the upbringing in which he grew up. If it is so then there is little that can be done in the matter as those attributes would force him to behave in a particular manner and only by controlling himself he might sometimes resort to the forced apparent good behaviour in a particular situation. His basic psychological nature would remain as it is. This is somewhat a worrisome thing because if the basic psychology is so strong then we have little chances in getting the individual reformed or changed and in such cases some criminal minded people would be a continuous threat to the society and its surroundings.
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