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    Why our ancestors advised us not to take food during the period of Eclipse?

    Eclipse is a natural phenomenon that takes place frequently. It happens whenever the Sun, Moon and Earth come on a straight line. There are Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse.

    It is a belief that Eclipse affects the human body. We are advised not to venture out and also not to consume food while the Eclipse is ON. Pregnant ladies are advised to stay home. After the Eclipse, we need to take a bath.

    Why Why Why? What is the logic behind such restrictions during Eclipse?
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    In Indian mythology there are many such things which do not have any explanation. The ancient scholars and saints made some observations and told it to the people who simply followed it. They were written by them in our scriptures also and now we often read it there. There are so many things and some of them are correct also but there is no method to check the genuinely of all of them. Anyway, the modern science also says that during the time of eclipse because of the scattering of light and peculiar juxtaposition of planetary bodies, there are some radiations which are radiated (during the eclipse time) and could affect the food items and other eatables. So many actions and indulgences are prohibited during this time as a safeguard measure. Some rational people dismiss such explanations outrightly and say that there is no proof behind such statements and these are all myths of one or other sort.
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    During the eclipse, the radiations that are coming from the Moon/Sun will have some hazardous radiations. They may have more IR/ UV radiations which are not a part of the light that is required for our vision. They will be below or the higher side of the visible range of light. These radiations will have very bad effects on the human body. So going out during this eclipse is not advisable. If we are not eating we may be weak we may not be inclined to go out during this time. That may be the reason why our elders advised us not to eat any food during the eclipse. The pregnant lady should be more careful because of the bad effects of these radiations only. This may be science behind this restriction. These rules were framed in olden days. Those days there is no current. During the eclipse, the light will not be there and it will be dark outside. So they used to stop everything during that darkness. Even though we have lights these days we follow those customs as we have good faith in our elders.
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    Our elders do not advise us without any reason in any topic. The movement of planets and their placements do make changes in the universe. In those days there was minimum possibilities of publishing anything in paper or otherwise instead they did the same through advises and the matters do not exhibit publicly are indicated indirectly to their sons and daughters. All such information are spread and followed by our immediate elders and they advise us to follow the same. Some immediate elders do have some knowledge scientifically on such advises and if the same is applicable to explain only explained and others are indirectly told.
    Your question is also like this. Due to the gravitation and vibration happened during the eclipse our human body will get affected and our full stomach level will get suffered and digestion power will get diminished so that the food is not to be taken for certain hours. As they are telling time also for not taking anything and from this we should understand that there are some meaning.
    Similarly no ladies with pregnancy should move out during the eclipse is also correct and I myself have seen cases got suffered by violating this.
    We can see the necessity of following such advises by simple test. On the eclipse day/time we can see no dogs move on the road no birds fly or make sound on the sky. But 'learned' man and woman asking questions and questions.

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    Our ancestors have advised many rituals to us as a precaution. These rituals and restrictions have deep roots and logic in Vedic science. to understand the logic sometimes we may have to analyse the topic with ayurvedic theory or sometimes we may find the answers in spiritual theory or geographic or even in physics sometimes.

    As Dr.Srinivasa Rao rightly said above, During the eclipse, the radiations that are coming from the Moon/Sun will have some hazardous radiations. It is widely accepted that these radiation have dangerous effect on the eyes. If the eclipse is seen with naked eyes, the person may even become blind due to these rays' effect. Hence, to avoid such hazardous rays effect on our body some things are banned in the eclipse period.

    Pregnant ladies are advised to be careful for some extra time before and after the eclipse to avoid the hazardous effect on the womb. This time is termed as "Grahan Pradosh Kaal" in the Hindu Calender detailing.

    Those who do not believe in the mighty Hindu Science book "Rigveda" can also try to see some practical aspects related to the suggested rituals or banned things in eclipse period. Such as, in old times there was no electricity, so during the eclipse period it is obviously dark everywhere. So, it is advised that, pregnant women should not handle scissors or knives in the "Grahan Pradosh kal" i.e. eclipse effective period.

    Some rituals have roots in medical science too. Such as, One should not eat non-veg food in the eclipse period. In the dark atmosphere and with dangerous radiations spread in air, non-veg food is most perishable risky food. So, logically, it is best to avoid it during eclipse.

    Some Rituals have spiritual logic behind it. Eclipses occur on Full Moon (Poornima) or No Moon (Amaavas). Poornima and amaavas days, due to positioning of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, the spiritual energy flow is stronger than any other day. Hence, these days are especially good for spiritual meditations. Hence our ancestors have advised to be at home and worship your choice of God during eclipse.

    I have tried to give some examples with logic behind rituals. If you look closely, you can find many other points supporting my view.

    Thanks for reading.

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