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    What is the outcome of lockdown 5.0?

    India has undergone several phases of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is mixed responses from people with regard to lockdowns imposed by the Indian government. After initial lockdowns, people thought India is in a better position in the world in combating the pandemic. But at present, we see now the number of cases dramatically increasing and that is horrifying us. Do you think that lockdown 5.0 brought benefits to us? Do you think that we need one more strict lockdown to break the chain of the spread of coronavirus? Do you think people followed lockdown 5.0 seriously? Will there be another lockdown and are you expecting it from the government?
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    The main idea of lockdown was to contain the spread of infection and to some extent Govt was successful in it's thinking and perception about this problem. So, what actually happened is we simply delayed the spread of infection and it became slow though it was in an increasing trend only. If another lockdown is imposed it would again help us in containing it that is slowing it. The idea behind successive lock downs is only to contain it and during that process if it loses it's lethality due to various natural mysterious reasons of mutations and increased human immune, we win in this tug of war. The negative things in this series of lockdowns is the deterioration of economy, loss of jobs, decrease in manufacturing, increase in poverty and many other adverse things which are ruining the lives of people. So we are in a bad situation. One side is devil and other side is deep sea.
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    Our lockdown would have been very successful, had we acted little earlier in the month of February, giving time for all the migrants to return to their native places if they wanted. But we failed. After lockdown three, we opened the liquor shops. Another advantage for Corona to sustain. After lockdown 5, we all are set free. Corona too became free to move very freely. The government is interested and more worried about the economy than the lives of citizens.

    I don't think any further lockdown would help us to drive away Corona. Slow and steady wins the race. We have overtaken other nations. We will win the race to receive the Corona Cup.

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    The same question was asked to me personally by a friend and what I replied to him that you and your family my self and my family are alive and that is the outcome of five lock downs proposed by the government. On the one hand there was immense pressure to maintain the economy and the money flow and on the other side to contain the situation. What I feel that the lock down should not have been the full for the state and it should have subjected to the families to whom the virus got affected. For example now the affected person home is barricaded and even the next home person is free to move now. If the same way the first lock down was done, there would have been good running of economy and people would also have seen the containment of 14 days inside house and they would have restrained themselves.
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    I am not finding any fault with the government. They acted in the correct way. If you see the deaths that are occurred due to Corona are less and not comparable to other Nation's figures. Our country population is very high and the population density is very high. That is why we are seeing the number of cases increasing. How long people can survive without any income and how long the government can feed the public free of cost. So all the activities should be started and they should go on. So the government should give some relaxations. But we should be careful and we should act sensibly. They might have relaxed some conditions but they never asked us to behave as we like. We should take our own care. Otherwise, there will not be any use. The government has to do a balancing act. They should take care of the people as well as the economy also.
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    Now Coronavirus is free to move everywhere. I don't think if this deadly virus is going to be restrained by any lockdown.

    Now the situation is too grim for all to protect from its infection. We had better keep ourselves at a proper distance while interacting with the people whether known or unknown to us.

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    I don't think the government did the good to act and did the lockdown. But it was we could not make it successful. There is a need of the strict lockdown again but that seems to be impossible now because the economy is going down. People don't have money. People are facing job cuts. Businessmen have no orders as there is no or fewer demands.

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    The step of the government to contain the spread of the corona virus with the clamping of lockdown really worked but there were some unpredictable situations which gave a boost of the numbers of affected persons affected with this deadly disease. In the month of March, Jamatis were found loitering in the different pockets of the countries with their deliberate attempt to multiply the virus and then we could see the disgruntled labours returning back to their own states with their families on foot due to their starvation problem. This fuelled the spread. This issue was to resolved prudently with the joint efforts of the state government and the employers retaining the employees. Taking care of their foods for at least a fortnight with the enforcement of confinement for the said period could have contained its intensity. Of course, the planning was made but the ways how the same were tackled speaks of our poor planning.

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